10 Tips for Purdue Students during the Winter Months

10960527_1053783377980516_1827287570131289780_oWe all know college in the winter time can be full of struggles. Trying not to freeze to death walking in the below freezing temperatures, falling on the icy sidewalks, and trying to get a spot on the jammed packed city bus are only some of the daily winter struggles. If you’re not used to Indiana winters, this list could come in very handy for you. I came up with 10 tips that will help you have a happier, stress free, and warmer winter.

1. Set earlier alarm(s)

Let’s be honest, in the winter it’s much harder to get out of bed. You’re almost certain to push snooze on the first (and maybe second alarm). This can potentially make you late for class and/or be in an extreme panic filled hurry. So set your alarms earlier and set a few extra just in case. This will give you wiggle room to move slow and take your time getting out of your warm and cozy bed. If you’re a super overachiever and manage to get up early enough, you can hit the gym first thing in the morning. That will be sure to warm you up.

2. Get the City Bus app

City Bus offers a free bus tracking app where you can see exactly where your desired bus is at on campus. With the app, you can wait for the bus inside a building on campus until you absolutely must go outside.

3. Use the underground tunnels

Did you know Purdue is full of underground tunnels. Stay warm as you navigate from class to class using these special tunnels!

4. Who cares how you look, dress warm. 

Okay, some winter gloves aren’t cute, but neither is having ice cold hands. Wear thick socks and plenty of layers.

5. Put your phone in your bag during your walk to class.

Do you really need your phone while you walk from Mechanical Engineering to Class of 1950? Keep your hands in your pockets or throw on some warm gloves while you walk. There’s really nothing worse than showing up with hands so numb you can’t even write your name on your quiz.

Greyhouse Coffee20156. Coffee Coffee Coffee

Greyhouse is going to be your best friend in the winter time. Waking up a few minutes early to get your morning coffee is totally worth it. Not only does it keep you awake, but your coffee is a great hand warmer for the walk to class!

7. Have chap stick ready at all times!

Don’t forget your chap stick! Buy a value pack of chap sticks and keep a stick in your book bag and in every coat pocket you can. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips in the winter.

8. Don’t Forget your tissues.. 

Nothing is more embarrassing that a runny nose with no option other than wiping your snot on your brand new $280 Michael Kors Parka. Grab some mini packets of tissues to keep right next to your chap stick.

belltowerstudents9. Always have a walking buddy

Walking from class to class in the ice cold can be a bit unbearable, but it’s not AS bad if you have a walking buddy to chat with on the way. This is also a great way to make friends while keeping your mind off of the fact that you can’t feel your face.

10. Avoid studying at home

It’s winter time, you’re cold and tired. Your bed is the worst study spot during these Indiana winter months as you will probably fall asleep! Study at the Union or Hicks instead. You’ll be more motivated, focused, and able to stay awake which makes it much more likely to be productive.

Being a college student on a large campus in the winter isn’t always easy. These easy tips can help make your winter that much easier. Don’t worry, spring break will be here before we know it! Boiler Up!

Emily, Purdue University Student and Visitor Information Specialist, shares this blog.

Weekend Update: Lafayette Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Lafayette-West Lafayette Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in or near Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Enjoy this chilly, snowy winter with a classic story celebrating the magic of winter 24993321_10155191954328366_93715817519684138_nand dreams. Lafayette Ballet presents The Nutcracker, the complete ballet for the 29th year. Featuring the talented cast of 40 talented dancers, guest artists, amazing costumes and sets, and the glorious Tchaikovsky score. Showtimes are on January 6th at 2pm and 7:30pm as well as January 7th at 2pm. Tickets are available at 628 Main St. Lafayette or via phone at 765 – 423 – 1633. See our very own Lafayette Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Queen, Clara, and more!

Looking for a unique way to spend this weekend? Warm up with some exciting sword fighting! Amtgard is a sort of sword fighting reenactment, where people of all ages (with parental approval for minors) can come out and have a good time. There’s fighting and fancy outfits, tournaments, crafting, and occasionally feasting all for free. These reenactments occur every weekend at Tapawingo Park! More information can be found on their website.

For more information about these events and other special “happenings” in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.

Five Free Things to Do this Winter in Lafayette-West Lafayette!

Winter in Lafayette is a beautiful snowy landscape! You definitely need to take some time to do these five free things available this season!

1. Christmas tree at the Purdue Memorial Union

IMG_3622Did you know that Purdue is home to the largest Christmas tree in Indiana? The beautifully decorated tree stands in the Great Hall of the Purdue Memorial Union. It magically appears in early December and remains for the holiday season!

2. Holiday Luminaria

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.05.31 PMEach year the community gathers on Ninth Street hill to celebrate the holiday season. The week of Christmas, starting at 6:00 pm the candles are lit and generally will last well into the early morning. Started in 1986, features lighting of the luminaria that line the entire hill with over 500 luminaria (little paper bags with candles)!

3. Sledding on the hill at Purdue’s Slayter Center or Murdock Park


Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors even in the winter? There are two great places to go sledding here in Lafayette-West Lafayette! Slayter Hill is on Purdue’s campus and brings hundreds of students to sled each time it snows. Murdock Park even has a snow machine that helps supplement our own snowfalls!

4. Living Nativity Scene at Faith Church East

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.01.02 PMLiving Nativity Scene  has been a winter favorite in Lafayette since 1990! It is a collection of life-size scenes which reenact the biblical account of creation. You can either drive through or walk through the scenes while listening to the audio accompaniment.  Marvel in the cast of hundreds that put on this production each year!

5. Ice skating


Spend a beautiful, chilly winter day at the Wabash Landing at the Riverside Skating Rink! There is open skating starting in late November to early March. Skating with friends and family is great way to take advantage of the colder weather! The rink has great views of the Wabash River, and access to all of the other shops and restaurants on the Landing!

This blog was shared by Visitor Information Specialist intern, Samantha Martin!



It’s a Winter Wonderland in Lafayette-West Lafayette

It’s a Winter Wonderland in Lafayette-West Lafayette! Enjoy these beautiful, snow filled photos of areas all over our 2 beautiful cities. It may be chilly out (negative 2 below 0 is a bit cold!), but these sites are not to be missed! And it looks like the weather is warming up…the high today is 15 degrees! Grab your coat, muffler, and scarf and explore the wonders of winter.

1330313006_20120226_IMG_0651 v1 OGP1330265615_20120226_Frost at Evonik wildlife habitat areaSONY DSCRiehle Plaza Winter Night 2011Pepper-Allison DeschainePuppy in Snow LiSONY DSCSONY DSCSleeping Squirrel-Mark D. BasseagleentranceCheck out all the wonderful winter activities, attractions, things to do, etc. on our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.

Dawson’s School House of Chili

Happening Now!  Right now, the talk around town is about this cold, wintry weather, and the best place to warm up is with a hearty meal at Dawson’s School House of Chili located on Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana.  There is nothing like a big bowl of chili to make the winter blues go away and after a visit to Dawson’s you will be restored and ready to embrace this chilly weather!

Vegetarian, Cincinnati, Tailgate, Old School, White Chicken, California, and Spicy; these are the many chili options available at Dawson’s.  As an American culture, I can say I do not know anyone who does not like chili.  It is a winter staple, if not a year-round one.  (Personally, sometimes in the middle of summer I crave a big bowl of chili.)  We all have our own personal way we like our chili.  I grew up in northern Indiana, and my mother and aunts made chili with ground beef, hot kidney beans, tomato sauce, onions, peppers and lots of seasonings.  I have friends from the Cincinnati area and they put their chili on top of a bed of spaghetti.  I have tried it, and it just doesn’t feel right, ha!

The best part about Dawson’s is the many chili choices.  You can also mix the different chili options they offer.  Their vegetarian chili is a favorite of Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette President, Jo.  She loves it because of the options to make the chili spicier. My top choice in the winter is their Spicy chili, which is their traditional chili with ground beef, chili peppers, black beans, tomatoes, garlic, and spices.  It warms my blood!  I also order a side peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  It may be an Indiana thing, but if you have a bowl of chili, nothing is better than a PB&J sandwich to compliment it!  Dawson’s chili is flavorful, delicious, and I would recommend ordering it on top a hot dog or plate of nachos!

Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy.  For more information about this restaurant and others in the area, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com

Happy Winter! Holiday Cheer in Lafayette-West Lafayette

Purdue is even more beautiful with a bit of snow everywhere!

Happy winter!  Today marks the first official day of winter and we think it is a time to celebrate!  The holidays  are also upon us and with that said; a host of fun activities are ready to be explored!  Cooler weather will bring fun winter activities for the whole family.  We think a great way to showcase all of the winter fun in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is through a host of photos.  Enjoy!

What is better than heading to Riverside Skating Rink for an afternoon of drinking hot chocolate and ice-skating!?

Please share with us your favorite winter activity!

Have you ever ridden on a romantic carriage ride?


Dharma at Wolf Park Howls in the winter snow!


Our city is so beautiful!


Boiler Up! Purdue basketball!