10 Tips for Purdue Students during the Winter Months

10960527_1053783377980516_1827287570131289780_oWe all know college in the winter time can be full of struggles. Trying not to freeze to death walking in the below freezing temperatures, falling on the icy sidewalks, and trying to get a spot on the jammed packed city bus are only some of the daily winter struggles. If you’re not used to Indiana winters, this list could come in very handy for you. I came up with 10 tips that will help you have a happier, stress free, and warmer winter.

1. Set earlier alarm(s)

Let’s be honest, in the winter it’s much harder to get out of bed. You’re almost certain to push snooze on the first (and maybe second alarm). This can potentially make you late for class and/or be in an extreme panic filled hurry. So set your alarms earlier and set a few extra just in case. This will give you wiggle room to move slow and take your time getting out of your warm and cozy bed. If you’re a super overachiever and manage to get up early enough, you can hit the gym first thing in the morning. That will be sure to warm you up.

2. Get the City Bus app

City Bus offers a free bus tracking app where you can see exactly where your desired bus is at on campus. With the app, you can wait for the bus inside a building on campus until you absolutely must go outside.

3. Use the underground tunnels

Did you know Purdue is full of underground tunnels. Stay warm as you navigate from class to class using these special tunnels!

4. Who cares how you look, dress warm. 

Okay, some winter gloves aren’t cute, but neither is having ice cold hands. Wear thick socks and plenty of layers.

5. Put your phone in your bag during your walk to class.

Do you really need your phone while you walk from Mechanical Engineering to Class of 1950? Keep your hands in your pockets or throw on some warm gloves while you walk. There’s really nothing worse than showing up with hands so numb you can’t even write your name on your quiz.

Greyhouse Coffee20156. Coffee Coffee Coffee

Greyhouse is going to be your best friend in the winter time. Waking up a few minutes early to get your morning coffee is totally worth it. Not only does it keep you awake, but your coffee is a great hand warmer for the walk to class!

7. Have chap stick ready at all times!

Don’t forget your chap stick! Buy a value pack of chap sticks and keep a stick in your book bag and in every coat pocket you can. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips in the winter.

8. Don’t Forget your tissues.. 

Nothing is more embarrassing that a runny nose with no option other than wiping your snot on your brand new $280 Michael Kors Parka. Grab some mini packets of tissues to keep right next to your chap stick.

belltowerstudents9. Always have a walking buddy

Walking from class to class in the ice cold can be a bit unbearable, but it’s not AS bad if you have a walking buddy to chat with on the way. This is also a great way to make friends while keeping your mind off of the fact that you can’t feel your face.

10. Avoid studying at home

It’s winter time, you’re cold and tired. Your bed is the worst study spot during these Indiana winter months as you will probably fall asleep! Study at the Union or Hicks instead. You’ll be more motivated, focused, and able to stay awake which makes it much more likely to be productive.

Being a college student on a large campus in the winter isn’t always easy. These easy tips can help make your winter that much easier. Don’t worry, spring break will be here before we know it! Boiler Up!

Emily, Purdue University Student and Visitor Information Specialist, shares this blog.

Fall Time on Campus! Greyhouse Coffee

What a busy time on campus!  Fall is absolutely beautiful and the life around West Lafayette booms!  This week my local destination is Purdue University and the wonderful escapes I’ve had!  I’m in a very exciting graduate program called Atlantis in the College of Technology which promotes relations from multiple counties and sends the students to the United States, Spain and Ireland for two years to receive two masters’ degrees in sustainable technology.  The international students make the most of the year they have at Purdue and explore as much as they can.  I can’t wait to share campus with new students both international and from other states!

In the fall, I make Greyhouse Coffee Shop a regular part of my week.  I used to work at Greyhouse, and even though I left the job due to research needs two years ago, I feel like part of the Greyhouse family!  There is a perfect-sized menu with so many favorite dishes and drinks!  Greyhouse offers crepes, espresso drinks, coffee, gelato, pastries and retail.  I love going to Greyhouse on a late-night walk through campus and getting a little cup of gelato, or studying there during the day and ordering a London Fog (sweetened Earl Grey tea with milk).  If I’m in the mood for an entire meal, I go for my favorite crepe which is available all day!  I love a breakfast crepe with spinach, mozzarella cheese and specialty sausage.

Greyhouse makes a point to order their ingredients from local suppliers.  Their coffee comes from all over the world, but with much more care and research than most people know!  They make sure that the prices are fair trade or even better than fair trade.  When I worked at Greyhouse, the coffee was from small farms in Rwanda.  Greyhouse started working with these small places abroad to see first-hand where the beans came from, the process to produce them, and how they can form a symbiotic relationship.

I could rave about my favorite coffee shop on campus for pages and pages, but I know I should be short and to the point!  For great quality, loving customer service and an atmosphere unmatched on campus, come study or relax at Greyhouse!

(Thank you, Julia B. for sharing your Purdue University Student experience!)