Purdue Incoming Freshman Tips

Coming to a new school can be scary for anyone! Especially a big campus like Purdue. There are so many things that freshmen should know before studying here. I’m coming up on my fourth year here and I’ve written five of what I think are the best tips for incoming students!

Purdue Student Organizations

Go to the beginning of the year event, the B-Involved Fair, which advertises all of the Purdue organizations. Joining clubs and organizations on campus can really help make friends when you’re first starting here. This year it will be Saturday August 19 at the France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center!


The B-Involved Fair hosts my club, the Feminist Action Coalition for Today (FACT) each year! It’s always so much fun and it has clubs for every interest and passion.

Purdue App


Download the Purdue app, which has information on dining courts, has directions/maps to campus, and a lot more! You can check out which dining court to grab lunch at, when your bus will arrive, and tons of useful information.

Residence Hall Tips

If you live in a residence hall, keep your door open! Especially during the first few weeks, it gives people an opportunity to see and talk with you. Plus, it helps cool down the building if there’s no A/C!


I lived in Meredith Hall my first year at Purdue! It felt like a really close-knit community and everyone kept their doors open in order to meet other students!

Computer Labs

Learn where the computer labs are on campus. They’re a great, quiet place to get work done. It’s also helpful to know where they are for when you are printing notes and assignments.IMG_2232


Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.25.19 AM

Get to know the CityBus system! Hopping on the bus to get around campus can make student life so much easier. It can be a little confusing at first – but utilizing the bus system is a vital part of freshman year!

I hope that these tips will help new students here at Purdue. Getting involved on campus, learning your way around, gathering information about the dining courts and more, and making friends – these things are what college is all about! Enjoy your time here and Boiler Up!

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Welcome Purdue Students! Purdue Student Blog

Purdue Bell Tower

The Lafayette-West Lafayette CVB welcomes Purdue students back to the community!  We are excited for this 2012-2013 school year and to announce we will be working with the Tourism Association of Purdue to showcase a “student” view on what is cool and fun to do in the area.  This group will be heading to local shops, restaurants, attractions and more to really experience what life is like if you embrace the places around you.  We will be introducing their blogs throughout the school year, so do not miss out!

Left to right: T.A.P Carly, social chair; MaryKate, Vice President; Julia, President

The President of the Tourism Association of Purdue shares their story and goals for the year:

“The Tourism Association of Purdue is getting a makeover this year. This is a rebuilding year, with the group starting out with only three members. We encourage people from every major to join our group. The focus of this year will be on local tourism, and showing Purdue what there is to do in our two great cities. There will also be an influence on teaching that tourism is more than just travel, but encompasses a broad range of subcategories including restaurants to infrastructure.
The group will focus on recruitment very strongly and are really hoping to build our numbers and this organization. We will be working on this blog as a group. This will involve us going to different places around West Lafayette and Lafayette and then taking turns blogging about our experiences. We will also be fundraising so that we can have money for these outings and potentially a bigger trip to another city at the end of the year. The growth of the group could also mean more trips to more places for the returning members. This should be a great incentive to join. Another incentive is that there are leadership roles available and the ability to grow in the group. Our other focus this year will be working in the community and volunteering as much as possible, especially at festivals and events such as that.
One idea I really hope to succeed with this year is working with the people who put on The Amazing Race in Lafayette. I feel that this would be very beneficial and fun for our group. Hopefully, this will help give the group motivation to start its own Purdue Amazing Race in the future, while continuing to work with this local race as well. It works well with the tourism aspect of our group and I think it has great potential!
T.A.P. is going to be a great group to be involved in, and I hope many people become interested and want to join!!”