Spring Break Staycation 2018

Finally! Spring Break is here!

The month of March marks one of the biggest vacation times of the year. For students and their families, Spring break is an opportunity to spend together and relax! However, it’s not always possible to travel away for a vacation. As a Purdue student, I definitely understand that! But staying home doesn’t mean missing all the fun! You can stay close to home and still enjoy all the excitement of spring break.

There’s a ton of great things to check out on your “stay-cation” here in Lafayette!

Just a quick drive away!  Looking for somewhere close to visit? The Wabash and Erie Canal located in Delphi, Indiana, is a great option for someone interested in the outdoors and history. Make the quick 20 minute drive to the canal and experience the scenic river boat ride, the museum, and the replica Pioneer village!

Bowling fever!  Lafayette-West Lafayette has 4 bowling centers all awaiting guests to enjoy this inexpensive, family fun entertainment; Mike Aulby’s Arrowhead BowlMarket Square LanesPurdue Union Rack & Roll, and Landmark Lanes.

IMG_6314In the mood for something artistic?  You’ve got to check out Inspired Fire! Shannon Owens, owner and operator, creates and sells beautiful pieces of glass artistry. But the best part is, they also offer classes! Stop in and learn how to create your own beads, ornaments, and more!

Golf in winter? Check out Monster Mini Golf, an indoor 18-hole glow-in-the-dark golf course. Along with mini golf, there are arcade games, glow-in-the-dark air hockey table and ticket redemption games such as ice ball.  While there are monsters all around the course – don’t worry, they’re friendly!

IMG_6273 (1)

Stay in town and still have a one-of-a-kind experience to tell your friends about by visiting the Marquis’ Doll Museum!

Looking to see something truly unique? Did you know that Lafayette has a doll museum? Pop into Marquis’ Dolls Museum and Restoration to do something exciting and new! Marquis’ is home to over XXX dolls and collectables.

Whether you are traveling through our great cities or staying closer to home this month, there are plenty of chances for spring break fun! To those travelers passing through and heading for a spring break destination (or those locals wanting to treat themselves to a relaxing time), please note we have  wonderful hotels that offer great amenities and good old-fashioned Hoosier hospitality. Our location is the perfect stop during your travels to rest before you head out farther south or on your way home. Our visitor center is also right off of Interstate 65 and is staffed with our friendly Visitor Information Specialists 7 days a week to assist with travel ideas, guides, maps, and more.

From pretty much anywhere in the state of Indiana (and border states Illinois & Michigan) we are a 1 gas tank vacation destination. There are a host of fun family things to do in Lafayette-West Lafayette that will create memories for a lifetime!

These are just a few family friendly activities in our area.  For more information about our area please visit www.HomeOfPurdue.com. This blog was written by student blogger and Visitor Information Specialist Intern, Sam Martin!

2015 Holiday Break Activities in Lafayette-West Lafayette

Happening Now!  Right now, the talk around town is about what we all received from Santa, upcoming New Year’s Eve parties, and the fun time we are having on “Holiday Break”.  Local schools and colleges are off for winter break and kids and adults alike are looking for fun entertainment close by to keep everyone from being bored and playing video games at home.  Lafayette-West Lafayette is the place to be to keep the family entertained this holiday break time!

Feel artsy?  Check out All Fired Up, a paint-your-own pottery studio, where you pick out an unfinished piece of pottery, decorate it to your heart’s desire, finish it with a glaze to be fired in the studio, and in less than a week, your pottery will be finished and ready for pick-up!

Swimming time!  Head to Buccaneer Bay Indoor Aquatic Fun Center, Lafayette Indiana’s only indoor water park! The fun includes water slides, a kiddie pool, a hot tub and an arcade.  Day passes are available!

Prefer to embark on the outdoors?  The Riverside Skating Center is an outdoor skating park where skaters can enjoy an afternoon or evening enjoying the cold, crisp air.  Personally, there is nothing better than racing around on my skates in an outdoor skating center laughing and drinking hot chocolate!

Monster Mini Golf

Golf in winter?  Check out Monster Mini Golf, an indoor 18-hole glow-in-the-dark golf course. Along with mini golf, there are arcade games, glow-in-the-dark air hockey table and ticket redemption games such as ice ball.  While there are monsters all around the course, none of them jump out at you!

Bowling fever!  Lafayette-West Lafayette has 4 bowling centers all awaiting guests to enjoy this inexpensive, family fun entertainment; Mike Aulby’s Arrowhead Bowl, Market Square Lanes, Purdue Union Rack & Roll, and Landmark Lanes.

Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy.  For more information about these “Fun Holiday Break Activities”, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue

Summertime Adventure in Lafayette-West Lafayette; Putt Putt, Disc Golf, Paintball and More!

Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf

It’s summertime in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area! School is out and campus is quite empty. Therefore, I’ve had to broaden my horizons and try new activities throughout this summer. I soon discovered that it’s extremely easy finding fun new things to do around the area. I have thoroughly been enjoying a variety of different endeavors and pushing myself out of my normal boundaries to experience all new things.

This summer has been a bit rainy; however, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Monster Mini Golf is where I usually head on those days where the rain never seems to cease. On my first trip there, I parked and thought to myself, “This building is so tiny. How could they possibly fit a miniature golf course in there?” However, I walked in to a big, lively area with welcoming employees. To my surprise, not only is there a decked out miniature golf course, but an arcade as well. One of my favorite features about the building is that the regular lights are all dimmed and you travel through the course with the assistance of black lights around every corner. Make sure you wear white or neon colors to glow throughout the whole facility! The course is full of fun obstacles and unique touches to make it one of a kind. As you stroll from hole to hole, you come face-to-face with monsters of all types but beware! There are surprises along the way. Although I really enjoy miniature golfing, my skills would make you think otherwise, but that’s OK! Monster Mini Golf understands the struggle and always gives the loser a free pass to come back and touch up on their putt-putt skills, which I greatly appreciate! Everyone ends up winning in the end. Another miniature golf course that I plan on hitting on a nice, sunny day is Precision Putt Plus to further sharpen up my skills.

Disc Golf!

Disc Golf!

One activity that is extremely new to me is disc golfing, but ever since I’ve discovered it, I have been wondering where its been my whole life?! Although it is yet another sport that I may not be the best at, it is so fun that it doesn’t even matter how well you play! One of my favorite things about disc golf is the scenery. All of the courses I have played on have been in beautiful, woodsy areas. Not only is it pretty, but the surroundings also add fun obstacles to it. However, I have thrown a disc or two into the middle of the woods or in ponds, but my lovely boyfriend is always kind enough to retrieve them for me. It is also deceivingly quite a workout, which is never a bad thing! I could use the exercise, and my favorite kind of exercise is the type where you don’t even realize you’re working out! After walking through trails and hills to get to each hole and throwing discs upon discs, your body will be getting a decent workout. My personal favorite course so far has been Murdock Park due to its landscape and friendly fellow disc golfers. However, its fun to add variety and add new challenges by playing at different parks around Lafayette such as Slayter Hill at Purdue, Faith Community Center, or Ross Hills Park.

An exploit I still have left to undergo is paint balling. As I mentioned before, I may not be the best at sports, but this is one where I feel as if I should train before heading in. Unlike the other activities, this one involves me getting hit by items. Clumsy, awkward, scaredy-cat me, needs to brace myself for such an exhilarating time. I’m very excited to take part in it, and I’m hoping it will toughen me up. I’ll be venturing to Arrows III & Tackle Too in the near future to push myself out of my comfort zone and make a fun summer memory.

It seems like sweet summertime is flying by so fast, so I plan to make the very best of it by trying new things and journeying to different places! It will be yet another unforgettable summer to add to the list. I encourage you to step outside of your normal activities and try something new. You never know what new hobby you may come across!

This blog was shared by Visitor Information Specialist, Kaley.  For more information about these activities and more in our area visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.