Spring Break Staycation 2019

Our Visitor Information Specialists are here to assist you with your travel questions!

You don’t need to go far to enjoy your Spring Break! Whether you are traveling through our great cities or staying closer to home this month, there are plenty of chances for spring break fun!

To those travelers passing through and heading for a spring break destination (or those locals wanting to treat themselves to a relaxing time), please note we have  wonderful hotels that offer great amenities and good old-fashioned Hoosier hospitality. Our location is the perfect stop during your travels to rest before you head out farther south or on your way home. Our visitor center is also right off of Interstate 65 and is staffed with our friendly Visitor Information Specialists 7 days a week to assist with travel ideas, guides, maps, and more.

Local Breweries/Winery Did you know that there are five breweries and a winery all located in our area? You can learn all about them on our website. Brokerage Brewing Company is in West Lafayette right off of Sagamore Parkway. Lafayette Brewing Company and Thieme & Wagner are in the heart of downtown Lafayette, and also serve delicious food! People’s Brewing Company and Teays River Brewing are memorable and exciting options as well! Why not stop in and try them all? If beer’s not for you, Wildcat Creek Winery has a variety of excellent wines suitable for everyone!

Downtown There are three district downtown districts – Chauncey Village, Wabash Riverfront and the Arts and Market District. You can explore all of the cool shops, delicious restaurants and other attractions! Try out restaurants like Black Sparrow, Red Seven, Cellar 422, East End Grill, La Scala and so much more! There are art galleries, theaters, a doll museum, Merlin’s Beard, art shops as well. Learn more about downtown here!

Outdoors If you’re looking to explore the outdoors, Lafayette-West Lafayette has lots of different places to go. There are beautiful and spacious parks, including Prophetstown State Park. The Farm at Prophetstown is a must-see for someone who loves animals and nature. You can also enjoy Wolf Park, a wildlife sanctuary for wolves, foxes and other furry friends! All this and more to visit outdoors here.

These are just a few fun activities in our area.  You’ll just have to stop by to see for yourself everything that there is in store for a great staycation! For more information about our area please visit HomeOfPurdue.com. This blog was written by Visitor Information Specialist, Sam Martin!

Beyond the Vine Wine Tour

The Visitor Information Specialists at the Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Visitor’s Center were given the fun opportunity to go on a Beyond the Vine Wine Tour. They truly enjoyed their experience and want to share three reasons why you should consider taking the tour! Read their review:

We arrived on a cold Sunday afternoon prepared to experience the Beyond the Vine Wine Tour. It was a day full of friendship and fine wines, and we would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys tasting wine, relaxation, and unique experiences. Below are the top three reasons why you should consider booking a Beyond the Vine Wine Tour.

1. Stress-Free and Relaxing

The first reason is because of how stress-free and relaxing your time on the bus will be because of the preparation of Jill Smit. She takes time to consider every detail of your day and has each detail planned and prepared perfectly. Simply book your reservation and let Jill take care of the rest! From the timeline of the day to paying for everything in advance, all you have to do is show up (and bring your ID!). Jill arrives on time and with the bus stocked full of a cooler, wine themed decor, and a playlist of your choice. Guests are welcome to bring their own food on board the bus or you have the option of a delicious boxed lunch from Great Harvest Bread Co. Of course, with Jill driving the bus, you are able to taste and enjoy all the wine you wish without worrying about driving home. All these factors combined create a relaxing, stress-free experience.

Jill, our Wine Tour Extradorniaire!

2. Great Wine and Great People

Another awesome perk of the Beyond the Vine Wine Tour is knowing that the wineries you are visiting have been tested and approved by many tasters before you. Our visit began with a tasting at Whyte Horse Winery in Monticello, IN. Here we tasted five different wines ranging from sweet to dry and three of their specialty drinks including an apple cider slushy. You must visit at Christmas time when the winery is decorated beautifully with Christmas trees and lights. Next on our tour was Carpenter Creek Cellars. It is located in Remington, IN and is one of the best wineries around. With world-class award-winning wines, this stop is a must. You will be treated to a tour of the facilities where you can see where all the wine is produced and corked, and taste every single wine listed on the menu. And don’t forget to say hi to the winery dog, Port! Our final stop was Hooker Corner Winery where we had 5 different tastings as well as mulled wine an

d a mulled wine slushy. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine while viewing the quiet countryside. These are only three of the several options of wineries in the area, and the Beyond the Vine Wine Tour also offers options to visit local breweries. One thing all three wineries had in common were people passionate about wine. These winemakers love to talk about wine and share their wealth of knowledge with guests entering their doors. You will definitely feel that on the Beyond the Vine Wine Tour.

Having fun on the bus!

3. Unique and Fun

The final reason to experience the Beyond the Vine Wine Tour is because it is fun! This is a unique experience to safely support locally owned Indiana wineries and have fun doing it. You can trust that each stop has something unique and different to offer and expand your understanding of Indiana wines. It is the perfect way to celebrate a bachelorette party, a fun date night, or even a mother-daughter day out. Even if for no other reason than because you like to drink wine, the Beyond the Vine Wine Tour is for you!

So, if you are looking for something fun to do and like supporting local business, then check out the Beyond the Vine Wine Tours. We had a fantastic experience and recommend it to any visitor or local in the area. You will board the bus as a guest and leave as a friend.

Jaclyn, VLWL Visitor Information Specialist, shares this blog. For more information about this wine bus and other fun attractions in our area, visit HomeOfPurdue.com.

10 Years to Celebrate Wine at Wildcat Creek Winery


Rain or shine, Wildcat Creek Winery is the place to go for a glass of wine or afternoon out with friends. The family-run winery proves perfect for a quick stop on your way through Lafayette or long day off.

A few minutes off Interstate 65 in Lafayette, this hidden gem is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. Its advertisements mentioning a “friendly and welcoming Hoosier farmhouse appeal” couldn’t be more true as you are instantly greeted and invited in to sample wine with names like “Prophet’s Rock” or “Aunt Millie’s” (named after owner Kathy Black’s own grandmother).

Wildcat Creek art


Ten years ago, the owners, Kathy and Rick Black, retired and opened the winery out of their beautiful 1900s home. Every day, with the exception of Christmas, New Year’s, and Thanksgiving, they offer tastings, winery tours, and a beautiful area to relax and enjoy a glass of award-winning wine. Over the years, the owners have seen and facilitated numerous occasions including marriage proposals, bachelorette parties, and seasonal wine releases.

As a growing attraction for locals and tourists, Wildcat Creek Winery uses its influence to support the community in everything they do.  They utilize Midwestern grapes and juices and support the area by selling locally produced goods in its gift shop, located inside with the tasting room.  They also partner with nearby organizations such as Lafayette Transitional Housing for fundraisers and giving back to the area.


Because it is such a small operation it is easy to imagine a quaint family run farm, but the quality of the wine is as spectacular as the location. They’ve won many awards (including 2012 Indiana Wine of the Year) and accolades from all over.  With a list of 13 wine varieties, it may be hard to pick, but they are well known for their semi-sweet Steuben and semi-dry Chambourcin.


Tours and Tastings

Fortunately, for us non-wine experts, they are happy to explain and show how the wine is made and walk you through its history and quality.  If you’re lucky, they’ll even recommend a few of their personal favorites out of the dozen or so varietals they create with a food pairing.

Inside features an extensive gift shop and tasting room where they hold wine tastings and sell their wine along with local products. Each tasting is done with one of Wildcat Creek Winery’s trained employees, who are able to make recommendations and add snack pairings with the wines you chose.

Upon request, tours of the area explore the tasting area, outdoor gardens, winemaking, and bottling areas, as you learn how each area contributes to the winemaking process and makes the winery great. After a brief half hour tour to get a better understanding of what Wildcat Creek Winery is, guests relax at tables lining the backyard with a glass of Wildcat Creek wine.

While we might not think of Indiana as a top spot for wineries, Wildcat Creek proves us wrong with a warm atmosphere, beautiful location, and delicious wines. A visit to Wildcat Creek is more than a stop of the interstate with wine tastings, gift shop, sitting areas, and tours.

For more information about this or other events in our area, visit HomeofPurdue.com

This blog was written by Purdue University Student, Margaret Cooper.

Explore 12 Wines at Wildcat Creek Winery

1795273_10153866411420657_1352393617_oNeed a gift to take to a party, looking for that great wine for your dinner table, or just enjoy wine? Check out the Wildcat Creek Winery in Lafayette!

Currently Wildcat Creek Winery features 12 different wines, many of which are award winning. My favorites are the Traminette and the Aunt Minnie’s Cherry Tree. Traminette is the Indiana State wine and you will find many varieties as you visit wineries throughout Indiana. It’s very light and fruity, great for a spring or summer day outside. Very refreshing. Aunt Minnie’s Cherry Tree is like Cherry Pie in a glass! Great to enjoy in small quantities, but my favorite way to enjoy it is with a side of brownies. Or even better, use it instead of the water in a boxed brownie mix for cherry brownies!

1012041_10153809622250122_533322413_nWhen visiting the winery, step up to their beautiful wood bar and enjoy a sample in their tasting room. Purchase a bottle or a glass to enjoy in their sun-room or on the grounds and then be sure to purchase some to take home. The winery also offers a variety of other gift items, many locally made. When you are done at the winery or maybe before, make an afternoon or day of it and be sure to go around the corner to spend some time exploring Clegg Memorial Garden. It makes for a relaxing afternoon adventure.

Also, don’t miss their BBQ, Bluegrass, & Blueberry Wine this Saturday, May 20! Enjoy their Wine Garden and food by D&R Market. Listen to music by Branded Bluegrass, Scott Evan Freeman, and Trabeler’s Dream. Get ready for great wine, great food, great music and lots of sunshine to start your summer off in style!


Ashley Gregory, Director of Sales, shares this blog.  For more information about this winery and other attractions in Lafayette-West Lafayette, visit www.HomeOfPurdue.com.


Cozy, Quaint & Peaceful: Cellar 422

Cellar 422Cozy, quaint and peaceful. Cellar 422 is the best addition to our ever changing downtown! Like no other business, Cellar 422 is a wine bar, restaurant and wine retail store all wrapped into one.

Co-owners and sisters Michelle Wise and Marla Milner claim they have been dreaming of opening a wine centered business since they were 7 and 9 years old. As they grew older and moved around some, their dream never left their minds. The sisters bond over wine even though they have very different palates. In May of 2015, Michelle moved back to Lafayette from California. Just a few shorts months later, in September of 2015, Cellar 422 opened its doors for the first time.

Located at 422 Main Street in downtown Lafayette, in a converted photography studio, the original charm of the building built in 1879 has been restored. Many beautiful features of the inside of the building are still shining bright. One side of the wine bar has a vast original brick wall that climbs high. The ceiling is such a wonderful piece of history left behind. Some additions have also been made by the sisters.

The bar itself is the pride of the owners. It was built from the wood of a tree that grew on the owner’s family farm near Rossville. For some unknown reasons, the tree had to be cut down. The owner’s father had the wood cut and stored in his barn for many years. When the sisters decided to open their restaurant they knew that wood would make for a beautiful piece. With the help from a craftsman, the bar was put together and now stands proud as a reminder of the owner’s roots.

With a constantly changing menu, the sisters are still in the process of finding exactly what the Lafayette community would like to see. During my visits to the wine bar in the beginning months of operations, I enjoyed many delectable dishes. The cheese plates are the perfect pairing to any wine. The flatbreads are flavorful and filling. The cheesecake is to die for! All of the options are what you would expect to enjoy with your many glasses of wine.

Sisters Marla and Michelle pride themselves in carrying a variety of wines you will not find anywhere else in our area. They do not want you to be able to find these wines in any grocery store. However, since they are retail permitted, you may take home a full bottle or even a partially drank bottle of wine. This is such a great alternative when you cannot finish what you have already opened.

The wine tastings seem to be a very popular option for those open to a palate adventure. With many options to choose from, the tastings allow for a new favorite to be found.

Cellar 422 is an exciting new place for social and date night gatherings. With seasonally changing hours, check their Facebook page for the most current information. Grab your hubby or your girls and head over to Cellar 422 for a new tradition!

Rachel, Sports Marketing & Recreation Manager, shares this blog.

Valentine’s Day – Enjoy Chocolate, Wine & More at Wildcat Creek Winery

1012041_10153809622250122_533322413_nRomance, love, wine, chocolate; Valentine’s Day is one day away and a visit to Wildcat Creek Winery is sure to create an ever-lasting romantic memory for you and your loved one! Whether you prefer dry, sweet, semi, fruit wines or otherwise, you are sure to find a wine you will enjoy.

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?! Whether single or in a relationship it is a fun holiday to get people out in the dead of winter to partake in a day of laughter and excitement. I am married and my husband and I enjoy low-key activities on this holiday. We want to visit places that are laid back, busy (but not so busy one gets dizzy from the numbers of people), and that offers a fun activity.  One such location is a visit to Wildcat Creek Winery.

Wildcat Creek Winery Brent Russell 2014The winery is perfect as they offer a diverse array of wines to sample (FOR FREE!) and items to purchase: boxes of homemade Wolf’s chocolates, smooth and creamy Fair Oaks cheeses, sweet Two Cookin Sisters Salsa and more. My husband and I usually do a sampling of the wines and whittle down our top picks to one and purchase a bottle to drink at the winery. There is a sunroom in the back of the house (yes, the winery is in a home converted into a winery!) that we enjoy basking on comfortable furniture with the sunlight streaming through the windows.  There is nothing better than a glass of wine, cheese and crackers and a decadent chocolate to leave our taste buds thanking us for the visit!

DSC00736Wildcat Creek is a special place to visit. The customer service is exemplary and is owned by a local couple that are passionate about wine and making the visitor experience a positive one. They and their staff are knowledgeable about the wines and even the most novice wine tasters will feel welcomed and will learn a lot on their visit. And don’t miss…this Valentine’s Day every lady will receive a beautiful, long stemmed, red rose.

Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy. For more information about this winery and others in the area, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.