Mad Mushroom: Home of the Original Cheesestix

There are some places in Lafayette that are absolute staples! One local favorite serves up some the best Italian food around…the famed Mad Mushroom! Purdue students and locals alike can’t get enough of Mad Mushroom. There are two convenient locations, in both Lafayette and West Lafayette.

The home of the Original Cheesestix! Mad Mush has a menu with something for everyone. Beyond their delicious pizza, there are sandwiches – calzones – grinders – paninis – pasta – salads…. and more! If you know a picky eater, don’t worry, you can build and customize to create your ideal dish.

Allow the pizza experts to toss you up a delicious pie, with a selection of great toppings! You can even get a gluten free pizza crust. Try their unique Greek Gryo Pizza, topped with gyro meat, onions, black olives, feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce! For those who are on the pineapples-on-pizza side of the debate, there’s the Mad Maui with bbq sauce, ham, bacon and pineapple. These are just two of the amazing creations you can get at Mad Mushroom!

Dive into all this pizza deliciousness today! You’ll love stopping into their welcoming locations – they have a great vibe that invites you to stay and hang out with your friends over a bite (or more) to eat! You can even stop in for trivia nights at the West Lafayette location, which are announced on their Facebook page and typically take place on Tuesday nights! If you are new or old to the area, you won’t want to pass up dining at Mad Mushroom.

Pizzas Galore!

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Pepperoni Perfection at Arni’s

Stomachs grumbling, cold winds hitting our faces and tired bodies from sledding. What was the next activity on the agenda? This was the question the Visitor Center’s staff had. A unanimous agreement was made…we should dine at Arni’s Restaurant for lunch! (Arni’s originated in the Lafayette area over fifty years ago and has expanded to multiple parts of Indiana.)

The Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette staff arrived with warm welcomes from the Arni’s staff. We were seated right away in a comfortable and cozy booth. The hospitable waitress introduced herself and explained the fresh-made foods on the menu and the famous Arni’s pizza.

Pondering for a minute, we had to try the pepperoni pizza and side salads. The Arni’s Junior Salad is a unique rendition of a traditional salad. This delicious dish includes tender ham and turkey chunks topped with blends of cheese, sliced radishes, green onions and croutons. With any salad comes flavorsome dressings! Arni’s homemade french dressing is one of the available choices as well as their famous bleu cheese, herb vinaigrette and classic ranch.

The staff is fabulous!

After deciding pizza and salads as a main meal, we had to try some munchie appetizers. A plethora of choices, the loaded cheese fries and chili nachos supreme were the final decision. Who doesn’t want crispy fries, gooey cheese, bacon and green onions all in one! The chili, tomatoes and jalapenos had a savory taste and put a trance on anyone who tried them.

Nachos galore!

After full bellies of appetizers, salads and homemade pepperoni pizza (which you must order…the pepperoni is cut up very small and has the perfect blend of spice! One of best pepperoni’s around!), it was time to end the impeccable lunch break. The polite staff and efficient service brands Arni’s Restaurant as a preferable place to eat.

Fly heaven!

Onward to more winter fun as we embark on an afternoon of more sledding in Lafayette-West Lafayette! For more information about this restaurant and our fabulous sledding hills, visit

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Arni’s offers Hoosier Hospitality at it’s finest!

Stromboli!  (And this only a 1/2 sandwich!)

Stromboli! (And this only a 1/2 sandwich!)

2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, “Hoosier Hospitality”.  To experience “Hoosier Hospitality” at its finest visit Arni’s where the food is delicious and the service is exceptional.  Arni’s is a staple in the Lafayette area.  This restaurant which offers pizza, sandwiches, salads and more has been serving the community since 1965.

“Hoosier Hospitality.” What does this mean?  I (a true Midwesterner born and raised in Indiana) feel that “Hoosier Hospitality” is a friendliness and openness people from this area show to one another and to others from other parts of the states and world.  We wave.  We smile.  We say hi.  In essence, we are just friendly to everyone.  Every visit to Arni’s I feel this.  (And we visit Arni’s almost once a week for lunch or dinner!).  Arni Cohen, the founder of Arni’s (who sadly passed in 2002, but whose sons have taken over the business with the same philosophy), had a philosophy that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of you.  This mantra has resulted in Arni’s Restaurants having a turnover rate that is a fraction of the national average.  Every time we visit Arni’s we have the same waiters/waitresses that have worked there for years.  They are wonderful!  Their friendliness is genuine and they are knowledgeable about the menu, the history, and always go the extra mile to make sure we have a great experience.

As I’ve shared, we visit Arni’s almost once a week. We enjoy the great customer service, but we love the food!  We have tried pretty much everything on their menu and my family has their favorites.  We usually order one or more of the following: their pepperoni pizza (with extra tomato sauce), Arni’s junior salads (loaded with cheese, deli meats, and veggies), garlic bread, and submarine sandwiches (minus the onion)!  This past year we started ordering their loaded cheese fries, which are amazing!  They are not greasy and are loaded with different cheeses, bacon, and chives.  They are even good heated up later (which never happens with French fries!).  Their wings are some of the best we have ever had.  They are really meaty and are offered in two different sauces, buffalo or BBQ.  My husband and I always debate on the sauce, but they have been so accommodating and split them up 1/2 and 1/2 so we can both enjoy them.

One more item that I have to address is the ambiance.  Arni’s at Market Square offers something for everyone.  Their bar, “The Loading Dock”, (21 and older) is the perfect place for those who want a more quiet space to eat.  The decor is warehouse style, which sounds odd, but has neat old trucks on display, decorative lit signs, and license plates.  Another room that is perfect for a family is the “Toys in the Attic Room“, where tons of toys are on display including dollhouses, trains, airplanes, and more.  The front room at Arni’s has recently been renovated and is perfect for all visitors as it offers a serene, up-scale feel.

There are many additional Arni’s locations throughout Central/North Central Indiana.  The Market Square location is the original and one of the most unique with its ambiance!

Living in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, one thing we value is customer service and appreciating the times we receive great customer care.  Hoosier Hospitality is Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.  We are proud of our local businesses, including Arni’s, who provide gracious and friendly service. For more information about this restaurant and other fun activities in the area, visit our website at