Hunter’s Pub Celebrates 20 Years

Chicken quesadilla platter.

20 years of amazing food, excellent service, and fabulous fun; Hunter’s Pub in West Lafayette is celebrating its 20th birthday this year! Looking for a great place to hang out with friends and watch our Purdue Boilermaker sports teams take on their competitors? Hunter’s Pub has TV’s galore that are playing the best games and are placed all around the restaurant offering great views for all.

Hunter’s Pub offers true pub classics. Nachos, potato skins, jalapeno poppers, wings, mozzarella sticks and more are the perfect munchie while watching your favorite sports teams. We can attest the mozzarella sticks are filled with stringy mozzarella cheese and a fresh marinara sauce. They have a combo plate that includes the ultimate mix of cheese curds, hand-breaded zucchini, breaded mushrooms, cream cheese poppers, and onion rings. YUMMY! Perfect for sharing for a group of friends.

Their menu is diverse with burgers, steaks, ribs, wraps, salads, pasta, seafood, etc. One of my favorite meals is their chicken quesadilla platter. It is a tortilla filled with cheddar, fresh pico de gallo and chicken and is served with rice and refried beans, sour cream and fire roasted salsa. The chicken is juicy, the tortilla is perfectly crisp, and their fire roasted salsa is spicy, which I love! I also love their refried beans that are seasoned with Mexican spices and loaded with cheese.

One of my co-workers, Ashley, is a huge fan of their taco salad and enjoyed the atmosphere.  She shares, “The taco salad had an excellent crispy yet flaky shell with a good portion of meat and vegetables in the shell. The salsa was a bit spicy for my liking but had a great flavor. I opted for ranch dressing instead of using the salsa though. I loved the setting, seemed like a friendly neighborhood bar.”

Taco Salad

Recently, we went to lunch here in the middle of the week and it was packed by noon.  We recommend getting there early, as it definitely is a neighborhood favorite!  Also, please note this bar is 21 and older.

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Hunters Pub offers beer, wings, football and more!

IMG_4205Beer, wings, football! Is this what you think of when one asks what you are doing on a Sunday afternoon in the fall? It is my husband’s go to statement! One place where they serve fabulous chicken wings and a diverse selection of beer is Hunter’s Pub. This bar and restaurant offers exemplary service with a true neighborhood feel. There are 3 locations throughout Lafayette-West Lafayette and they each have multiple t.v.’s for continuous football viewing!

Fall is one of our favorite seasons for two different reasons; football for my husband and football food for myself! I enjoy football, but I am not an avid watcher. If my hubby will take me to a fun restaurant with good food, I am sold! One such place is Hunter’s Pub. My husband says there is an art to ordering food while watching a game. First we have to order appetizers to munch on during the first half and when there is 2 minutes left in that half, we can order our entrees. Not one second before the 2-minute mark! Hunter’s Pub has such a wide selection of appetizers it is hard to choose, but their wings (as mentioned above) are wonderful. Their jumbo wings are juicy and perfect dipped in a bit of ranch. We usually alternate between ordering their loaded nachos, potato skins and schroomies (hushpuppy-like fritters made with portabella mushrooms, jalapeno peppers and 4 different cheeses and served with ranch). The best games are when we are with a bunch of friends and we order all three!

Onto the entrees! Hmmm…where to start?!  Many times I order a salad after downing so many calories in our appetizers. One would assume with the bar-like feel of the place, that they wouldn’t have a diverse salad selection, but they have 13 different salads on their menu!  My favorite is their black and blue salad, which features fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, blue cheese crumbles and is topped with blackened chicken. It is light and refreshing. My husband wouldn’t be caught dead ordering a salad on game day! He is a burger kind of guy and simple at that. Their Hunters Burger is beef, bun and cheese. Simple yet yummy! (I usually nab a bite!) They offer 12 different burgers and are 1/2 pound of 100% ground beef. President, Jo Wade, of Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette shares, “I LOVE that they also have wonderful veggie black bean burgers that not many pubs include their variety on their menus. I truly appreciate that option when eating with my meat eating family and friends!”

Check out all these t.v.'s for football viewing!

Check out all these t.v.’s for football viewing! -At Southside Hunter’s Pub

Football season is here, and finding the perfect place to watch is so important. Head to one of Hunter’s Pub 3 locations and enjoy everything they have to offer. Great food, atmosphere and service all in one location!

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