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Interior Objects is a wonderful shop located in the Market Square Shopping Center. Pottery, jewelry, knick·knacks, art, gifts for everyone & so much more!

Interior Objects View from AboveStep into Interior Objects, and you will immediately be tempted to buy everything in sight! There is a wide variety of objects just waiting to take their place in your, or a loved one’s, home.  It is a specialty boutique specializing in beautiful homewares, lifestyle items and one of kind decorations. This is also another one of our community’s local businesses that offers good old Hoosier hospitality! You can be sure that as soon as you enter, someone will greet you with a smile and direct you towards whatever interests you.

Interior Objects Cooking ItemsVisitors and local residents alike can find great pieces to add to their homeware collection! There are dishes, serving platters, utensils, aprons, tools, decorations, and so much more to pick from. There is also an exclusive collection of Scott Frankenberger pottery. He is a local artist who creates beautiful items such as mugs, vases and plates.

Interior Objects.Shopping Sam

Every time I visit I want to purchase about everything at Interior Objects! My personal favorite items are pillows, place-mats and glasses with beautiful designs – Indiana-themed, and Purdue-themed in particular! It is definitely a challenge to escape without finding something you love and purchasing it.

This blog was shared by Samantha Martin, a Purdue student Visitor Information Specialist Intern at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette.


Antique Trail, Holiday Bazaars & Shopping

Interior Objects—Look at that beautiful tree!

Happening now!  It’s November!  Do you know what that means?  Holiday shopping, antiquing and decorating for the holidays!

This week marks the official “holiday shopping” season for my family.  Every year, my mother, mother-in-law, a good friend, and I spend a weekend in November out and about shopping at all the local antique stores, boutiques and holiday bazaars.  We start in Battle Ground and work our way over to Lafayette, enjoying all the holiday decorations and unique gift ideas.  The best part is many of the local shops not only are decorated for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but have food tastings and hot cider.

Main Street Mercantile

Did you know Lafayette has 70 unique, locally owned shops which include over 15 antique stores?  One of our favorite parts of our “ladies day out” is antiquing.  As soon as we enter an antique store the smell of lemon pledge greets our senses as we admire items created years ago.  The key to antiquing is to browse and think creatively.  Some people may scoff and think of antiques as old and used, but if shoppers can use their sense of imagination, they can take an ancient piece like a dresser and refurbish it until it becomes something modern and stylish.  I personally love to mix old and new in my home.  I call it “eclectic mod”, because I like to think of my decorating as eccentric with a touch of modern flair.

There is also a host of holiday bazaars taking place the months of November and December.  Check out the local newspaper, Journal and Courier, for up to date information on local bazaars.

Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy.  For more information about the wonderful shopping in the area, visit our website at

LeOriginals – Glass Jewelry & Gifts

Flower necklace created by Linda. It's on a leather and a silver lobster claw for the closure. $75.00.

2 Great Cities, 1 Great Shopping Destination!  Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to many interesting and unique retail shops, including LeOriginals.  LeOriginals specializes in custom glass jewelry that is not only wearable, but lovely!

I have a mother-in-law and a sister who I like to describe as avid jewelry fashionistas.   Every outfit they own has a pair of fun earrings, a necklace and a bracelet to compliment it.  LeOriginals is a jewelry shop that has so many beautiful jewelry options that can accessorize an outfit to perfection.  My favorite jewelry pieces are ones created with beads that are so bright and colorful and when the sun touches them they sparkle.

Lampwork Artist and LeOriginals owner, Linda Elmore, uses her sense of design and masterful artistry to create jewelry and gifts out of different forms of glass such as empty wine bottles.  Not only is she creating pieces of art to be worn, but she is going “green” by using recyclable products.  I love unique gifts, and with family birthdays and the holidays really not too far away, I am excited to shop at LeOriginals this fall.  Linda also can add images/photos to beads and I am contemplating taking a photo of my nephews and getting a bracelet made for my sister.  I know she would be so excited and it would be not only something she could wear, but have as a keepsake forever.

Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy.  For more information about this retail shop and others in the area, visit our website at

Willow Stained Glass Studio

The Modern Art Gallery

2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard!  Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to Willow Stained Glass Studio and The Modern Art Gallery,  a custom stained glass company that not only designs, builds and installs custom stained glass windows, but features an art gallery showcasing a broad and ever-changing array of exciting local and regional artists.

Stained glass.  The first image that comes to mind is my Great Aunt’s Victorian style home that shines bright on holidays from the mesmerizing colors of stained glass windows peppered throughout her home.  The fusion of color and light bring cheerfulness to her rooms.  Such a small thing, but it warms my senses and adds that extra bit of happiness on holidays and special events!

Willow Stained Glass Studio and The Modern Art Gallery is a local, popular downtown destination that not only can create custom, innovative stained glass windows, but can repair and restore stained glass.  In addition, over 20 local artists showcase their contemporary artwork that can add that extra bit of flair to your home.  And best of all, this studio offers art classes to locals and visitors!  You can create your own stained glass piece!  Unfortunately, I have never taken a class, but I have purchased many beautiful, handmade gifts.  I also have a “wish list” of items I would love to purchase for my own home!

Vacation, Relaxation, Fun; one image that comes into our heads is sand, sun and water.  Locals travel south to find their peace and quiet, while adventure, history, the arts and entertainment, and more, can be found in our own backyard.  Visit Willow Stained Glass Studio to enjoy this local artistic destination in our own back yard!

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Gretel’s Fine Gifts

Happening Now! Planning a stay in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana area? Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana is sure to satisfy. Right now the locals are talking about Gretel’s Fine Gifts, the shop with unique gifts and decorating tips!

It is the season for shopping!  With Christmas a little over 2 weeks away (wow…has it crept up on anyone else??) folks are heading to the stores to find the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.  They want to purchase the “perfect” gift that will make the person opening it feel special and joyous.  I recommend one my favorite local shopping establishments, Gretel’s Fine Gifts.  Gretel’s is a collage of fine gift items ranging from pottery, jewelry, clocks, cards, inspirational ornaments/figurines and much, much more.  Gretel’s offers visitors a chance to purchase local artisan goods, yet also goods bought at Market that one cannot purchase anywhere else.

Shopping at Gretel’s is like a being a kid in a candy store only instead of candy, there is decorating items galore.  Once a person gets started shopping, he or she cannot stop!  My favorite gift I have purchased at Gretel’s is a delicate, colorful, beaded bracelet for one of my closest friends for helping in my wedding.  My friend’s style is hip and trendy and the bracelet fit her personality to the tee!  It was not only a ton of fun shopping for a gift for her, but knowing that she loves the piece I selected brings me joy.

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Interior Objects

Scott Frankenberger Pottery
2 Great Cities, 1 Great University “Midwest Hospitality”

Living in Lafayette-West Lafayette, one thing we value is customer service and appreciating the times we receive great customer care.  Midwest Hospitality is Lafayette-West Lafayette.  We are proud of our local businesses that provide gracious and friendly service.

To experience “Midwest Hospitality” at its finest visit Interior Objects.  As soon as you enter the store a greeting and smile from sales clerks will appear.  As you explore the wonderful selection of custom crafted items ranging from stoneware, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, decorative home goods and more, there is always a friendly face waiting to assist and answer any question.  And once you have selected the item(s)  (I use the plural “s” because I have never walked out of there without at least 2 purchases!) you have a beautifully wrapped present to share!  And to share an additional secret, I have purchased a gift and once I took it home I kept it for myself (SHHH….don’t tell!).

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