Five Free Spring Things to Do in West Lafayette!

There’s no better price than FREE! So many attractions and activities to check out this spring won’t cost you a dime. Check out a few selections in West Lafayette below!

1. Cumberland Park


Cumberland Park contains a 1/2 mile footpath, two lighted Arni Cohen Memorial softball fields, two lighted basketball courts and the Pony League Baseball field! The Cumberland Park would be a great place to visit with your family or friends this spring!

2. John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge 

Pedestrian Bridge 4 Chapman

 You can enjoy a beautiful spring day along the Wabash at the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge! Take a lunch, relax and watch the people as they walk across the bridge.

3. Bug Bowl 

Bug Bowl 2

The annual Bug Bowl is the largest known insect event of its kind. Nearly 30,000 people attend this event each year! Kids, families, and bug lovers can all find fun activities to enjoy such as the cricket spitting contest and cockroach racing!

4. Public Art Trail

John Wooden

Explore all of the creative and beautiful art scattered around West Lafayette! Check out our website and brochure on the Public Art Trail – it will give you a guide too all of the things you can spot around Purdue’s campus and beyond!

5. Springfest at Purdue 

Springfest Napassorn Punyasuk

Join the fun at Purdue’s Spring Fest! This free event is a great opportunity for students of all ages to learn about animals, art, astronomy, and much more in two full days of hands-on activities. This year it will be: April 14 & 15, 2018!

This blog was shared by Samantha Martin, a Purdue student Visitor Information Specialist intern at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette.


Five Free Fall Things to Do in West Lafayette!

Whether its exploring the outdoors, playing a game, or learning some history – there is so much to do in West Lafayette! Take advantage of the cool, beautiful fall season and check some of these free activities out!

1. Play Chess at Founder’s Park


Enjoy the cool autumn weather outdoors at Founder’s Park on Purdue’s campus! Nestled amongst the classroom buildings of the school is this park comprised of over two acres of walking, biking, and relaxation opportunities! You can visit the Loeb Fountain which recycles up to 2,200 gallons of water per minute! You can also enjoy a game of chess with a friend on the stone chess tables offered there.

2. Armstrong Hall


Ever wanted to meet Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon? At Neil Armstrong Hall on Purdue’s campus, you have that chance! In front of the building, there is a statue of his likeness, as well as imprints of his shoe prints. Dreamers can come here and imagine themselves becoming an astronaut.

3. Celery Bog


Feel the crunch of the falling leaves under your feet at the Celery Bog in West Lafayette. Hike the trails or stop at the Lily Nature Center to learn more about the wildlife there! Visiting the bog would be a great way to spend the day with your family or on your own!

4. Black Cultural Center

The Black Cultural Center provides purposeful, holistic, scholarly and co-curricular programming designed to strengthen understanding of African American heritage. Each season they offer a Cultural Arts Series. For example, last fall the BCC featured book signings, painting galleries, even a lecture from famed Purdue faculty member Roxane Gay.
5. West Lafayette Library

The West Lafayette Public Library is a full service public library serving the residents of West Lafayette, Indiana since 1921. Spend a cool autumn day picking from one of the hundreds of fantastic novels offered here! There’s nothing better than a day spent outdoors reading.

This blog was shared by Samantha Martin, a Purdue student Visitor Information Specialist intern at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette.



Free & Almost Free Summer Kid Friendly Activities

Columbian Park Fun!

Columbian Park Fun!

Summer! My absolute favorite time of the year! The warm weather, bright sunshine and no school! Check out all the free and almost free kid friendly activities in the Lafayette- West Lafayette area!

Columbian Park The zoo is hands down the coolest part. Running away from the crazy baby goats to letting a beautiful butterfly land on you, the zoo has so many activities than you can do more than once. You can’t find a much better playground than the one at Columbian Park. There are playgrounds to fit all ages. Walking around the lagoon and chasing the birds through the rest of the park is fun. Kiddo rides and a train are also available!

Tropicanoe CoveCheapest and yet most fun you can get in one little waterpark. A lazy river, swimming pool, one big slide, two little slides and a lily pad obstacle course are just a handful of things to do at the waterpark. I have spent hours there with my little sister. Pack a lunch and don’t forget to sunscreen up!

The Farm at Prophetstown – A 1920’s working farm and recreated home are ready to be explored. The only charge is to get into the State Park, however you can get a pass to gain access into all of Indiana’s state parks. The home is hands-on to see how life was almost 100 years ago. The park itself is home to trails, playgrounds and lots of nature. Also, Prophetstown State Park is home to another water park with pools, slides, splash stations and a winding lazy river. From fishing to hiking to camping, all of Indiana’s state parks are beautiful.

Prophetstown State Park

Prophetstown State Park

The Celery Bog Nature Area This was formerly the home of a vegetable farm. Crawling with nature and looking not like your average park, the Celery Bog can be wandered for hours before you will see all 95 acres of land. Pack a lunch and bring some water with you out to explore and search for the over 120 species of wildlife.

Imagination Station- Open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Imagination Station is a volunteer run center that has so many hands on activities. For less than $4.00 per kid, children can use their imagination and learn how things work.

Radishes 2014 FM Laf Easter MktFarmers Markets– Our area has three farmers markets happening all on different days of the week. Pick up fruits and vegetables from the market and make a healthy dinner together; its both productive and hands on for the kids.

Purdue University Campus is a beautiful place to take a fountain run in the summer time! Try and see how many fountains you can play in! Ride your bikes through campus and try to imagine what classes you would be taking in each building!

Geocaching– Download the app Geocaching for a scavenger hunt that extends across the entire United States. Follow the app’s compass to find an actual hidden object. Purdue’s campus is a great place to do this, as you can walk around and not have to cross many roads.

Rainy Days- Head to Monster Mini Golf, Elite Air Trampoline Park, Climb Lafayette, and local movie theaters. All have admission fees charged, but can be done in moderation!

Tippecanoe County Libraries–  Reading to Cats and Dogs, preschool story times, summer reading series and many other free activities are offered all summer long. Check out the library’s website for details on free programing.

There are many things in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area to do in the summer time! Check out for a full calendar of events.

Rachel, Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Intern, shares this blog.

Free! Visit Columbian Park Zoo Opening Saturday, April 23!

IMG_6980I am a zoo lover. My desire to go see all the different animals… No matter how many times I have seen the same, exact exhibits… Hasn’t gone away. I am twenty years old and I still beg my parents to take our family to the zoo. My brother hates this about me. But I just love seeing all the wild creatures that I can’t see in my everyday life.

The one downfall to any zoo in general, is usually how pricey they are. And coming from a big family, I know that money adds up quickly. That’s why I was so surprised, and happy, to find out that the Columbian Park Zoo is completely FREE. No charges what-so-ever. This makes it the perfect place to take herds of children.

IMG_6984The Columbian Park Zoo has a unique variety of animals. One of my favorite stops at the zoo was probably being able to play with all of the baby goats. THEY WERE SO CUTE. I didn’t even pay for the food that they have available to feed the goats with.  I grabbed a handful and the goats would come up to everyone all on their own.

IMG_6977I also really liked how close I was allowed to get with all the animals. Visitors literally can walk right up next to a wallaby as it hops around.  It was a neat experience to be in such close proximity with the wombats, otters, butterflies, and much more. If you, or someone you know, LOVES seeing wildlife, I encourage you to go to the Columbian Park Zoo! You will not be disappointed.

IMG_6986The Zoo is opening this Saturday, April 23. Do not miss checking out the family farm full of farm animals, wallabies, monkeys and more!

Megann, Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Visitor Information Specialist, shares this blog.