Reasons to Love & Visit Legacy Pub

Legacy pub is one of my very favorite places to eat in Lafayette for many reasons. The main reason being the menu. The menu at Legacy Pub is huge and has so many options to choose from. Their menu is big enough to give you choices, but small enough to make sure you don’t get too overwhelmed. It’s the perfect happy medium! They have sandwiches, burgers, salads, wraps, and everything else in between. Their appetizers are always delicious. My favorite appetizer is the breaded zucchini with marinara sauce. I can’t go to Legacy Pub and not get the breaded zucchini to start off my dining experience.

Breaded Zucchini

Another reason I love Legacy Pub is the atmosphere. There are TV’s to watch your favorite game in the bar and also throughout the restaurant. It is an ideal place for parties with their multiple private party rooms. The servers are bubbly and energetic all the time and that makes your experience at Legacy Pub even more memorable. Gatherings at Legacy Pub are the best.

Inside Legacy Pub

Legacy Pub has a full bar which is another reason to love it! They currently have 18 types of beer on tap including local beer from People’s Brewing Company! And of course they offer your favorite domestic beers like Bud Light and Coors Lite on tap. If you’re not a beer fan, don’t worry, their full bar offers much more.

Jacob enjoying his steak and onion rings!

As if I haven’t given you enough reasons to love Legacy Pub, their weekday specials are the bomb. Some of their special items include veggie wraps, chicken pepperoni hoagies, reubens, catfish and more! They have something on their menu for everyone. With everything from chicken tenders to California tilapia, everyone will be happy. You can eat some amazing and affordable food at Legacy Pub.

Chicken and Fries

Chicken and Fries

If you’re looking for somewhere new or an ideal place for your next gathering or date night, check out this south side spot! Legacy Pub is located at 3230 Daugherty Drive, Suite 200 in Lafayette.

For more information about this restaurant and others in our area, visit

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Date Night at East End Grill

Looking for unique place to surprise your valentine this year? East End Grill is the ideal spot for you and your date. The exterior and interior decor are unlike any other Lafayette eatery. You’re sure to love the industrial and modern feel within this dining area. This local establishment gives off the big city vibe without the hustle and bustle.

East End Grill is the home to one of my favorite date night experiences. From the beginning to end everything was perfect. The hostess greeted my date and I in the most professional, timely, and welcoming manner. From the moment we sat down we received excellent service. The waiter was friendly and helpful when trying to chose what to eat. Everything about the environment inside the restaurant made the date even better. I enjoyed the Cubano sandwich which was full of flavor. Of course, I had to try some of my date’s shrimp and grits. They were comparable to a dish we had in New Orleans, and I would say they were actually better. This is one of those places you don’t want to leave, even when the meal is finished.

Enjoying the Cubano

Enjoying the Cubano

The menu is truly one of kind and full of original flavor. The menu combines a steakhouse feel with a nice bistro twist. The lunch menu contains a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, and delicious entree choices. The dinner menu offers some of the best food options in the area such as filet mignon and delicious pasta. You are sure to find a meal you’ll love that will have you coming back for more.

I can’t forget to talk about the full service bar. The wine list is always expanding, offering amazing choices by the glass or bottle. East End Grill’s main focus is on craft beer. The mission is to choose the best lagers and ales around. The bar team has created a cocktail list of classic drinks and modern drink favorites. Whatever your eating or drinking needs are, East End Grill is sure to be able to fulfill them.

East End Grill- "Our Cuban"The restaurant opened it’s doors in May of 2016.  Owner, Scott Trzaskus made it his mission to make East End Grill a place for the community to gather and that is exactly what it is. East End Grill is a welcoming environment from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave.

East End Grill.Customers

East End Grill is located at the east end of Main Street, making it the perfect spot for a winter stroll down Lafayette. Enjoy the shops in the area while also enjoying the winter scenery. East End Grill is the place to be this Valentines Day!

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Recharge at Fuel Coffee

ChristmasshoppingFuelbyDaveSchmidt2016Nestled downtown Lafayette on Main Street is the Fuel Coffee Shop! It’s a great location with even better food and drinks! If you’re looking for a locally owned coffee place to recharge and relax, then Fuel is the place for you.

Fuel DrinkThe decor is eclectic and unique – step through the iconic red door and you’ve arrived at coffee paradise! You’re immediately met with the yummy smells of fresh brews and breakfast delights. Muffins, zucchini bread, quiches, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, breakfast burritos, and even cheesecake. There’s lunch options too – sandwiches, salads and paninis!

And for non-coffee drinkers, don’t worry! There are options for you too: hot chocolate, iced or hot tea. I ordered the iced London Fog, a black tea with vanilla syrup and milk! It’s definitely my new go-to drink.

Whether you’re looking for a place to chill, work on assignments, or just to wake up… You can find space to do it at Fuel Coffee Shop on Main Street.

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National Cheeseburger Day – DT Kirby’s Calling!

The Cheeseburger may be the most famous American food symbol there is. Cheeseburgers are to Americans like Pasta is to Italians. The official beginning of the cheeseburger is unknown, but we do know the cheeseburger will always be an American favorite. You can experience the taste of the great American Cheeseburger right here in Lafayette, Indiana. National Cheeseburger Day is today, September 18th and what better way to celebrate than heading over to DT Kirby’s in Downtown Lafayette.


The Mac ‘N Nap

DT Kirby’s has a one of a kind menu you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The Mac ‘N Nap burger is my personal favorite. The Mac ‘N Nap is a burger with mac and cheese on a pretzel bun. This meal is the best option when you can’t decide between a mac and cheese meal or a nice juicy burger. The pretzel bun completes the whole burger. The Mac ‘N Nap is simply the best of both worlds. The Mac and Cheese piled on top of the thick and juicy burger is the kind of mess that you will be completely okay with. It’s an incredible tasting burger that gives cheeseburger a whole new meaning.

Prime Burger

Corey enjoying his Prime Burger

So, what if you’re not a big burger person? DT Kirby’s offers much more than burgers. You can choose from a selection of sandwiches, salads, and their famous hot dogs. They also offer a full service bar. DT Kirby’s can cater to anyone’s eating (or drinking) needs.

A look at the bar

A look at the bar

DT Kirby’s offers a unique environment for their guests that keeps their regulars coming back time and time again. There are many “rules” at DT Kirby’s including no ketchup for your burgers and no take home boxes. Don’t try to ask for a knife, because at DT Kirby’s, they think real men don’t cut need to cut their burger in half. The rules are listed right there on the menu and some are posted throughout the store. If you’re looking for a sign upon arriving at DT Kirby’s, you won’t find one. At DT Kirby’s they believe their customers should be able to find them without a big sign out in front of the store. The restrooms even have a very different feel to them (I won’t spoil the surprise for you). In addition to all of that, If you’re a Chicago Cubs,

fan you’ll absolutely love the Cubs decor throughout DT Kirby’s.

Prime Burger

Prime Burger

Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day the right way! Head to DT Kirby’s at 644 Main Street in Lafayette for the biggest, most tasty, and picture worthy burger you’ve ever had.

Emily, Purdue University Student and Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Intern, shares this blog.



La Scala – “Fresh Farm Food From Our Farm and Other Local Farms. Taste the Difference.”

LaScala three“Fresh Farm Food From Our Farm and Other Local Farms. Taste the Difference.” – is what you will see when you visit the La Scala website. And boy, is that accurate! I was absolutely impressed with how flavorful the salad I ordered at lunch was! The Fontina Fruit Salad was probably the best salad I have ever had! It was a massive portion for a lunch salad. It was a mound of greens piled high with apples, walnuts, grapes and Fontina cheese. The dressing was raspberry vinaigrette that was so refreshing! Oh, and I added grilled chicken to the salad which could not have been grilled more perfectly. Don’t even ask me how I finished that entire thing all by myself!

When you walk into La Scala you are greeted with a calm and relaxed environment. The servers are so sweet and fully knowledgeable of the menu. They have an answer for every question you could possibly have about the dishes. All of the main entrees come with a salad or soup to start with. I have to admit that I was very jealous watching my friend across the table eating her Tomato and Basil soup. The happiness on her face could not be recreated!

IMG_0439I have heard owner Kirsten talk to a group about her passion for her restaurant before. The love and care that her and her husband, Chef Francisco “Paco” Serrano, have for what they do is incredible. They started from the bottom and with their combined energy and devotion, the current La Scala is now what we have to enjoy. Lafayette is so lucky to have so many family businesses to enjoy, and La Scala is up there on the top of that list.

IMG_0431La Scala is open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00am until 2:00pm. Dinner on the weekdays, Monday through Thursday, is served from 5:00pm until 9:00pm. On Friday and Saturday nights La Scala serves dinner a little bit later from 5:00pm until 9:30pm. If you call or visit La Scala’s website, you can easily make a reservation. This is a simple way to ensure you can snag a table on a Friday night without having to wait. Sometimes La Scala is just too busy to be able to take all the walk ins on a weekend night!

I highly recommend eating your next meal out with La Scala. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family, along. Everyone will walk away with a smile on their face and a round full tummy!

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Hand-Dip Ice Cream Delights from Silver Dipper

Ashley's Birthday - We tried every flavor!

Ashley’s Birthday – We tried every flavor!

Happening Now!  Right now the locals are talking about Silver Dipper, an ice cream shop serving hand dipped delights that are refreshing, decadent and delicious!

Is there anything better on a hot, sunny day than an overflowing ice cream cone, a rich, smooth shake, or a banana split loaded with all the favorite flavors; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry?  I personally cannot think of anything better to do in the summer than heading to Silver Dipper to choose my ice cream creation for the day! As the summer progresses,I have to admit my visits to this ice cream shop are becoming more frequent every week.  My husband and I love to bike, and we head out on our bikes in the evenings or on a weekend afternoon and they somehow steer us to the Silver Dipper.  Many times we meet up with friends and their children, make our selections (which is hard because there are too many to count), and then relax in one of their booths and chat.  It is so relaxing and ‘just plain ol’ fun!’

IMG_1625The Silver Dipper offers visitors so many choices of ice cream.  They have a long row of window pane freezers full of diverse ice cream flavors where guests can look, taste and choose their flavor.  Every time I visit I always ask for a  “taste” of a flavor that is fun and unique.  Six months ago, during one of my “tastes”, I came upon the flavor zoreo, which is their zanzibar (a really rich dark chocolate) ice cream with big chunks of Oreo and marshmallow.  At this time, it is my favorite and is the perfect treat in their homemade waffle cones.  My husband, as I have stated in many prior blogs, is a creature of habit, and always orders 2 dips of their cookie dough ice cream.  I have tried to get him to change it up a bit, but he says “why mess with perfection!” He is correct; their ice cream is perfection in its creaminess and richness of flavor.  It offers some of the best ice cream I have ever eaten!

If you are headed to Silver Dipper please note there are not one, but two great locations in West Lafayette, Indiana.  One is located on the Levee at 201 East State Street and the other location is at 307 Sagamore Parkway.   Their servers are friendly and can create pretty much any ice cream specialty you are craving!

Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy.  For more information about this ice cream shop and others in the area, visit our website at

BBQ at its Best – South Street Smoke House!

South Street Smoke House dishes out some of the most delicious BBQ you can find in the Lafayette area! With an array of beef, pork, chicken and flavorful sauces that would please any BBQ aficionado, South Street is a top contender for the best barbeque in Indiana. Located right off of South Street, this Smoke House provides exceptional service, a friendly atmosphere, and generous portions at a great value. This is one dining experience that will keep you coming back.

The first thing I noticed about South Street was the wide variety of dishes available. Anyone can find a quick favorite here; there’s tender smoked brisket, Carolina styled pulled pork sandwiches, Burnswick Stew, and the list goes on! Not to mention the absolutely incredible sides from mac and cheese to coleslaw to go with your meal, my personal favorite being the corn bread.

With all these great appetizing options, you’d think there was a catch but the only question you should be asking yourself is how much you’ll eat and how you saved so much! South Street Smoke House truly is a sweet deal, the portions can easily be enough for lunch and dinner and the prices are very modest. If I’m ever low on fuel and funds, South Street has always got my back.

Visitors, locals, families, friends; there’s something for everyone at the South Street Smoke House. With fresh, delicious meals that are backed up with excellent sides and exceptional service, there’s no reason not to stop by more than once.  If you’re ever craving some old fashion barbeque and want bang for your buck, just follow South Street until you hit the smokehouse and dig in!

Visitor Information Specialist, Jake, shares these thoughts about this smokehouse!

There’s always room for one more @ Spurlock’s Restaurant & Pub!

photo-10Looking for a great burger, drink, onion rings and more?  Visitor Information Specialist, Marlene, shares thoughts on her visit(s) to this restaurant and pub.

Spurlock’s is located at 721 Main Street in downtown Lafayette. It is in the perfect location if you are walking around the downtown area and want to stop in for lunch, dinner, or just a drink. It’s a small restaurant/bar and it has good food and excellent service.  When you walk into Spurlock’s, it is welcoming. You are invited to choose a seat anywhere you like.

The menu has something for everyone including different flavors of wings, starters, salads, steaks, seafood, pasta, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and soups. The fried cheese cubes with marinara are one of my favorites.

I love burgers with blue cheese, so needless to say I ordered the Ol’ Blue Burger with a side of handmade potatophoto-9 chips. We also ordered the Black & Gold burger with onion rings. The bartender mentioned that they have the best onion rings in town and I certainly agree.

The prices at Spurlock’s are very reasonable. We were able to have dinner for two for well under $20.  They have $5 daily specials Monday thru Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They also have a full bar with a nice drink selection.

photo-11For more information about this restaurant and more in Lafayette-West Lafayette visit

Be refreshed at Yogurt reTREAT

Yogurt reTREAT Now Open!

Yogurt reTREAT Now Open!

Looking for a refreshing, cold treat this summer?  Visitor Information Specialist, Marlene, shares her visit to Yogurt reTREAT, a new self-serve frozen yogurt shop in Lafayette.

Marlene shares:

Yogurt reTREAT is a locally owned and operated self-serve frozen yogurt shop. It opened in July of 2013 and is located at 3540 State Road 38 E, Suite 701 in Lafayette. You can find it in the Lafayette Marketplace facing State Road 38 E, right down the shopping center from Penn Station.

photo-2When you first walk into the Yogurt reTREAT, you are welcomed by a friendly smile from the yogurt shop clerk. If you haven’t been to a self-serve frozen yogurt shop before, they are more than willing to explain how the process works.

  • Step 1: Grab a cup
  • Step 2: Fill the cup with the flavor(s) of frozen yogurt and the portion you desire
  • Step 3: Add topping(s) from the topping bars
  • Step 4: Weigh and pay for your delicious creation
Candy Station

Candy Station

The Yogurt reTREAT has about 10 flavors available of yummy frozen yogurt to choose from. The flavors change regularly, so each time you go, you’ll have different options to choose. Mini sample cups are available to try flavors like birthday cake, peanut butter, very strawberry, bananas foster, blueberry, dulce de leche, and many more.

Once you have filled your cup with flavorful frozen yogurt, you move on to the topping bar that has almost any topping you can imagine and then some.  Choose from fruit, granola, chocolate chips, crushed candy bar, cookies, gummy bears, chocolate syrup, and marshmallow topping to name just a few of the vast array of options.

Once you have created your delectable treat, scoot on over to the shop clerk, weigh and pay for your creation. For 46¢ an ounce, you can enjoy a tasty creation with all of the flavors that you enjoy.

photo-1My favorite part about the Yogurt reTREAT, besides the friendly service, yummy frozen yogurt, and plentiful topping options is the sunset wall decoration. It gives you the feeling as though you are sitting on a waterfront deck enjoying your tasty treat. There is even a small table and chairs for the youngsters to enjoy their delicious dish.

Enjoy your next tasty treat at the Yogurt reTREAT!

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Out to Lunch Divas Visit Green Leaf Vietnamese Cuisine!

Meatball Skewer appetizerWe’re guessing we might not have a Vietnamese dining option if this weren’t a college town. As it is, we can find food from around the world and GreenLeaf Vietnamese Cuisine (111 S. River Road, W. Lafayette) is one of the best—certainly one of the Out to Lunch Bunch favorites.  Having fallen into the dubious habit of ordering the same favorites over and over again at this restaurant, we decided that we would all order dishes we’d never tried.

The Feast begins!

The Feast begins!

Our waiter, Devon, is a fairly new employee of GreenLeaf, but definitely not a novice eater there! He has thorough knowledge of the menu and gave us some great recommendations.  A friendly, knowledgeable waiter is always a plus.

As you read on, you’ll see lots of menu items you may not want to try to pronounce but no worries—you can order them all by their number. Everyone does! The only drawback to that is when we someday get to Vietnam, we’ll try to order #24 and no one will have a clue what we want! To help get your brain around it, there are three main categories of entrée:  Bun, Pho (pronounced “fa”), and Com. The basis of Bun is rice noodles, Pho is noodles and broth, and Com is rice.  Each of these basics is offered with a wide variety of meat or vegetarian choices including beef, chicken, shrimp, shredded pork, pork & egg roll, tofu, even tripe.

Crispy Tofu appetizerWe decided to start with a few appetizers.  (Going away hungry is not an option for this group!)  Crispy tofu (Dau Hu Chien) is topped with chopped peanuts and green onions and accompanied by a delicious sauce made of soy, carrots, onions, and chili paste. (Margy loves this so much, she has tried to duplicate it at home, but to no avail.  She has to visit GreenLeaf to get her fix.)  We all loved this appetizer:  Bev said, “That’s the best tofu I’ve ever had”; Kay remarked, “I’m not a tofu fan, but this is delicious!”  We also tried one of the spring rolls (Goi cuon Dau Hu Chien), crispy tofu and vegetable wrapped in rice paper, and the meatball skewer (Nem Nuong), both served with peanut sauce.  The spring roll was crisp and refreshing, the meatballs nicely seasoned and lean.  The peanut sauce alone justifies ordering whatever it comes with. Crispy Tofu and Vegetables Wrapped in Rice Paper appetizer

Moving on to the entrees.  Kay’s favorite on the menu is the Sauteed Shrimp Salad (Sa Lach Tom), a simple salad of greens, cucumber, onion, tomato, perfectly cooked shrimp in a dressing that makes it zing.  But today, she ordered Bun Xao Tom, rice noodles with shrimp.  This was a much more complex dish than the salad and included rice noodles, bean sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, onions, and lots of cilantro topped with the perfect shrimp.  Adding the mystery sauce that comes with it as well as Sriracha hot sauce and hoisin sauce makes this meal a flavor feast.Sauces on every table

Margy’s favorite is Bun Dau Hu Chien, rice noodles with tofu, again made perfect with Sriracha and hoisin sauce, both of which are on every table.  But being a good sport about exploring the menu, she ordered Yellow Tofu Curry (Com Ca Ri Dau Hu Chien), a rich, tasty curry broth with tofu and potatoes that comes with ample rice in a nice presentation. Margy noted, “It sure is easier to eat noodles than rice with chopsticks!”

Bun with Sauteed Shrimp, sauces addedBev, having encouraged everyone to avoid something other than their favorite dish, couldn’t very well order her standby–Bun Cha Gio & Thjt Nuong—(rice noodles with egg roll and pork skewer).  Instead, she ordered Pho with Round Eye Steak (Pho Tai), a hot steaming broth with noodles and beef with hot peppers, sprouts, cilantro, and lime on the side to add as you wish along with the hot and hoisin sauces to personalize the dish.  It’s a slurpably good dish.  Bev recommends not wearing a white shirt.

Pho with Round Eye Steak

Jo got the Crispy Tofu Rice (Com Dau Hu Chien), which had a fabulous presentation and Jo reported that the taste was equally fabulous.  “It’s the sauce that makes it!”  (A comment we suspect all the menu items have in common.)  It was a nice combination between the warm rice and the cool, crisp lettuce, and of course the tofu is the best.

Have you had bubble tea? Invented in the 80s, this drink has become very popular. They’re a milky, fruity cold drink over “bubbles” made of black tapioca balls, served with a very wide straw so you can suck up the bubbles. We had three Bubble teas:  red bean with bubbles, honeydew with bubbles, and Japanese green with jellies (the jellies are made of rectangles of gelatin).   All were good, but our favorite was the improbable sounding red bean bubble tea.Bubble Teas

Not to be defeated, we decided to share one of the dessert items, fried bananas and ice cream topped with honey (Chuoi Chien & Kem).  The bananas were wrapped in a thin layer similar to a wonton wrapper and deep frying them made them mellow—a nice ending to a great meal!Fried Bananas and Ice Cream

In addition to tea, bubble tea, and soft drinks, beer is available as is wine by the bottle.

Sorry for this long blog but we have so many good things to say about GreenLeaf. We hope you’ll try and love it as much as we do!

GreenLeaf is open daily, Mon-Sat 11 am-9:30 pm, Sun 12 noon-8 pm.

Next up, we head to Chile Loco on SR 26 East for Mexican and Salvadorian food!

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