Taste Buds Soar at Red Bird Cafe

Loaded fries

2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard! Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is home to over 275 local restaurants and one just popped up that is making our taste buds soar and our bellies quite happy. Red Bird Cafe is the newest restaurant to our dining scene and we have to say from our recent visit that we are thrilled by the addition!

First let’s start with the food! 5 of us visited this Red Bird Cafe a few weeks ago. We explored the menu and decided on their loaded cheese fries, French fries with their signature white queso, bacon crumbles, sour cream and green onions, as an appetizer.  We literally fought for the last fry, they were so good. They were salty and cheesy and oh so delicious! Along with our appetizer they brought out homemade Beignets. I tried so hard to only eat a bite as I had ordered a large lunch but I couldn’t stop tasting this fried piece of dough with a light sprinkle of powdered sugar.  YUM! My co-worker Ashley shares, “The Beignets that come with the meals are fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside and covered in cinnamon and sugar! They taste like a fluffier version of an elephant ear. I love them! The meals are all good sized and very filling. I enjoyed my meal and am looking forward to going back.”

For lunch I ordered off of the breakfast menu which they said they offer all day.  My choice was the biscuits and pepper sausage gravy that came with hash browns.  I also added bacon to my selection. I have reviewed biscuits and gravy in past blogs and these rival the best in the area. The gravy is smooth and peppery on top of light, dense biscuits. They were just amazing! Add in the perfectly fried hash browns and crispy bacon and it was one of the best breakfasts I think I have ever had.  I highly recommend!  Another one of my co-workers, Lisa, who we say we are twin eaters, ordered the same meal and she agreed it was fabulous!

Biscuits and gravy with hash browns

A few of my co-workers ordered from their lunch menu and selected the buffalo chicken wrap and fajita chicken wrap.  They both really enjoyed them!  Another team member ordered a custom omelet which they were happy to accommodate her dietary needs. She shares, “The omelet was tasty, fluffy, light, cooked just enough and filled with four different cheese options, just to my liking. Always pleased when breakfast items are served all day and they are willing the accommodate special diet requests.”

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Second, let’s review the service. Friendly, kind and accommodating. Everyone from the hostess to our waitress were so nice. They refilled our beverages regularly, checked on our table periodically, and were just pleasant. As we were leaving our waitress shared on Wednesday nights they have “All you can eat catfish fillets,” which sounds amazing!

Third and lastly, decor! Red Bird Cafe is just so cute and lovely. It is open and bright with fun decorations like a hanging bicycle on the wall. It was also exceptionally clean, which I love! The exposed beams and ducts on the ceiling and cement ceilings give it an industrial look yet it is really homey and comfortable as well. I believe it used to be an auto shop and it is crazy how they made it into such a beautiful restaurant.


Overall, we highly recommend this restaurant.  We can’t wait to go back and explore so many more options on their menu! Red Bird Cafe is located in downtown Dayton, Indiana.

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Hidden Gem: Buck Creek Pizza

IMG_8336Such a hidden gem! Buck Creek Pizza has blown me away! On a trip to visit some smaller unique places my co-worker and I stopped in for lunch at this Dayton location. You must give this place a try as soon as possible!

IMG_8337As we walked into the small storefront in Dayton, we could see straight back into the kitchen. I find it so reassuring when a restaurant is willing to allow you to see what exactly is going on with your food. The lady we spoke with was very friendly and asked if it was our first time in. I am guessing that means she is quite familiar with most of their clients. After a difficult time deliberating, we agreed to share the potato skins and a small pepperoni pizza. We were totally wrong when we thought that would be just the right amount of food.

By the time we were finished stuffing our faces, we still had food left over! For just about $20 the two of us were both satisfied and we were able to bring the extras back to a friend for her to have for lunch. By the time we had ordered up at the window many other customers had come in as well. It seemed like the lady working knew most of them. I can definitely understand making Buck Creek a regular lunch spot!

IMG_8334The atmosphere is cozy. The walls are covered in what looks like a log cabin. The tables are large as well as the benches and chairs. Many sets of people could share one table, which makes the place feel very friendly. You order up at a counter looking back into the kitchen and are able to fill up your own drinks at the Coke machine.

Buck Creek also delivers their food in these little tiny smart cars. Check with them to see if your home or office is within reach of their delivery area. This was a great little spot to eat lunch and I will totally be back soon. All of the food was delicious and the people are extremely friendly. On your next excursion near Dayton, be sure to try Buck Creek. They are open Monday-Thursday 11:00am-9:00pm, Friday-Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm, and Sunday 4:00pm-9:00pm. Lunch specials run weekdays from 11:00am-2:00pm. Buck Creek Pizza Co. is locally owned and operated.

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Shop Dayton, Indiana!

Walnut Street Traditions Candles

Walnut Street Traditions Candles

Shop local this holiday season in nearby Dayton, Indiana! We recommend taking a few hours and heading to Dayton’s specialty stores to shop for one of a kind, unique items for your loved ones.

It’s November! It is really hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s; they are so close! This means its shopping season, a time of year some of us love and others dread. I am a little bit in the middle.  I love to find the perfect gift, but sometimes I stress about finding it. Recently, I made a trip to Dayton, Indiana, with a co-worker and was surprised to find three specialty stores in this small town.

Walnut Street Traditions

Walnut Street Traditions

Our first stop was Walnut Street Traditions. Upon entering the shop, the aroma of the Hoosier candles the shop owner, Traci, creates and sells made my senses soar in happiness. I immediately made a beeline to the soy candles to smell the scents and decide which lucky candle would soon be making its way to my home! Layered cranberry was the winner. I loved the fresh scent of cranberry and thought it would be the perfect aroma to fill my house over the holidays. The store also offers a beautiful collection of home decor that includes holiday decorations, welcome signage, pottery, and antiques. My husband and I have some wonderful friends who visit a few times a year from Illinois, and every time we get together, we surprise each other with a gift (well, the gift is a surprise, not that giving! ha!)  This store is perfect because Karlie decorates her home in what I would call this style, country living decor. I walked away with not only a candle, but a red painted wood star, that will look perfect in her home.


Delphine'sOur next visit was only a few blocks away (I love small towns!) to Koehler Bros. Koehler Bros. is a landscape business that also is eccentric as they have a museum of art and purchasable antiques on their grounds.  The first thing I noticed when driving up to this business is an old general store with the words Koehler Bros. on the side.  A sign that reads “Antiques” showcases what this store is all about. The store is called Delphine’s and is owned by a local couple who sell antiques, rare finds and nostalgia. Antique cupboards, chests, pottery, lamps, signs, etc. encompass the space. If you are looking to find a one of a kind gift this holiday season, this shop is the place to go!



Koehler Bros.

Koehler Bros.

Also on the grounds, a short walking distance away, is the Koehler Bros. museum of art and antique store that is within a reconstructed 1880’s Pennsylvania/Indiana big red barn. Folk art and Americana, civil war & political, country store advertising, early furniture – original paint, Victorian furniture, toys, etc. are available for visitors to admire and purchase. A cat greeted us at the door and followed us around as we admired the huge pieces of antique furniture, clothing, and more. We didn’t walk away with any purchases, but great gift ideas for the holidays for our antique loving families.


Koehler Bros.

Koehler Bros.

Koehler Bros. also has an amazing collection of landscaping items from trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. Looking for a Christmas tree this holiday season? This is the place to shop!

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