Duncan Hall: One Great Wedding Destination



2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, “One Great Wedding Destination”. Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is home to many fabulous wedding ceremony and reception venues that will make your day special.  One such location that is not only a beautiful venue, but has historical significance in our area is Thomas Duncan Hall. This Georgian, Colonial-style building was built as a meeting place for social, patriotic, charitable, educational and cultural events in the early-mid 1900s.

Thomas Duncan Hall is special in our family because it is the location where my sister, Jenny, married her husband, Tosh, over 11 years ago.  The site selection was a tough decision for my sister because she wanted eloquence with a touch of history and romance.  She and Tosh lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and they traveled back to tour different sites in the area.  When they visited Duncan Hall, they fell in love with the venue.  They loved the high ceilings, the handsome gothic windows and the large stage in the ballroom.  The additional parlor rooms speak of days gone by with the promise of creating lovely future memories.  The cherry on the cake was the acoustics.  They love dancing and music, and the ballroom has wonderful acoustics!

Duncal Hall Dave Schmidt 2014

The Secret Garden - little garden area perfect for photos!

The Secret Garden – little garden area perfect for photos!

Their reception was so much fun!  The bridal party sat on the stage and overlooked the 150 guests.  They chose a local caterer to serve a buffet style meal which was set up in a small room off the ballroom.  (Note: there is a fully equipped kitchen along with a dinner service for up to 170 people and elegant silver serving pieces available for a reasonable rate.)  I gave the toast from the stage, which has gone down in history as one of the best toasts in our family history.  The whole room laughed as I shared my sister and my exploits over the course of our lives.  The laughter got everyone in the mood for an evening of dancing and music!   It was lovely!

Duncan Hall is a great venue for weddings and special events with its multiple rooms and ballroom. There is space for smaller parties ranging from 2 to 50, to their ballroom which can seat 220 people theater style.  The balcony also can seat 47.  The historical ambiance is one of a kind in the area.  It will truly make any special event stand out and be memorable.

For more information about this venue and others in our area, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com


Gigi’s Cupcakes Comes to Lafayette-West Lafayette!

IMG_7862I have driven past the Gigi’s Cupcakes on Creasy lane several times. I always notice a line coming out the door. My first thought when they opened was, Wow! Those cupcakes must be good if people are waiting in line for them!

My husband and I have a soft spot for sweets. We thought we would stop in and try the cupcakes that would draw crowds. While we waited in line, we were given a sample of the White Midnight Magic cupcake. Yum! It had chocolate chips on the top!

Cupcakes on counterMy husband and I made our way through the line to the display case of row after row of delicious, mouth watering, cupcakes. Now I know why they put cupcakes in a glass display case. It’s so you don’t drool over them! With names like Scarlett’s Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Miss Princess, Cotton Candy, Wedding Cake, and Kentucky Bourbon Pie who wouldn’t drool a little? These cupcakes taste just as good as they look.

We had a mini debate in front of the display case on which delectable cupcake we would share. We had just had dinner and stopping for a cupcake was impromptu. If I would have known how yummy they were, I wouldn’t have shared.

Kentucky bourbon cupcake

Kentucky bourbon cupcake

We settled on the Kentucky Bourbon Pie cupcake. They asked if we wanted to eat it in the store or get it to go. We decided to stay and indulge. The store front is decorated adorably with all kinds of Gigi’s cupcakes, bottles and t-shirts. When we sat down, there was a little cupcake decal on the corner of the table, giving it the right touch of charm.

We will definitely be making another trip to Gigi’s Cupcakes. You can even call ahead if you want to pick up an order of cupcakes for a birthday party or to surprise your coworkers. Or even better yet, they deliver!  Do not miss a visit at this delicious cupcake shop!

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