Five Free Fall Things to Do in Lafayette!

There are always things to do in Lafayette… You’ve got to take advantage of these free activities and attractions this Fall!

1. Wildcat Creek Winery Tasting

Pop in for a free wine tasting at Wildcat Creek Winery. Savor a Lafayette Red, a Harvest Cranberry, an Aunt Minnie’s Cherry Tree – these are just some of the wonderful flavors that Wildcat Creek has to offer. Relax in their traditional Indiana Farmhouse, see the leaves changing color, and sip on some homemade wines!

2. Clegg Memorial Gardens

clegggardens_d (1)

Explore the Clegg Memorial Gardens, which is especially beautiful in the autumn months. The trails there take you on an adventure through the woods overlooking Wildcat Creek! This park is free to the public and open dawn to dusk. Hiking the trails would be a wonderful activity for families, couples, or going solo!

3. Columbian Park Zoo

Admission is free to this great zoo located right here in Lafayette! See the exhibits featuring prairie dogs, emus, wallabies, butterflies, a petting zoo, and more! You can spend the day with your family and not spend a buck learning about the approximately 190 animals who live there.

4. Tour the Historic Neighborhoods 

mansionhomepage2The great city of Lafayette was founded in 1825! Still here today, there are eight historic neighborhoods filled with homes, museums, parks, etc. The neighborhoods are Centennial, Columbian Park, Downtown, Ellsworth-Romig, Highland Park, Ninth Street, Perrin and St. Mary’s. On the website, you can find printable walking tours, webcasts, virtual tours and more.

5. Operation Trick or Treat


“Operation Trick or Treat” is a unique Halloween experience here in Lafayette! Each year this event collects canned food donations for the Food Finders Food Bank. Kids and families can dress in costumes and go trick or treating at local businesses downtown! Look for an orange pumpkin displayed in the business window to know who is participating.

This blog was shared by Samantha Martin, a Purdue student Visitor Information Specialist intern at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette.




Cabin Fever is Over; Visit Clegg Memorial Gardens

IMG_3875After this winter we have had, the cabin fever is real. I am tired of just everything being wet and dirty all of the time. Salt and sand on the road transfers to absolutely anywhere and everywhere! From spotty colored cars to tracks through the house, the end is near. Slowly but surely the ground is beginning to thaw. If you squint really hard you can see the color coming back to the grass and plants. If you haven’t noticed, I am not a big fan of the winter and the weather that comes along with it but I love Indiana and the weather is worth it when the spring is so beautiful!

Adventures come along with the rising temperatures. Clegg Memorial Gardens is the perfect place to enjoy all that Indiana has to offer in the spring time. The gardens have such a wonderful history and is the perfect place to showcase that Indiana isn’t completely covered in corn and soybeans.

IMG_3882With 17 acres of land to explore, Clegg is the perfect place to being your warmer weather outdoor activities back up. Two miles of winding paths are clearly marked along the side of a bank that leads down to Wildcat Creek. Many lookout points are strategically placed with benches for a place to rest and take in the views. Paths vary in direction and some can be more challenging than the others as many require more effort as they head down the bank.

Clegg Memorial Garden is a part of NICHES land trust that also protects 38 other properties. Other properties in Tippecanoe county include: Boehning Nature Reserve, Granville Sand Barrens, Indian Creek Basin, Martin Estate, Mennen Protective Easement, Mulvey Pond, Peter’s Mill, Potawatomi Trail, Roy Whistler Wildlife Area, Wabash Bottoms: Janssen Tract, J. Frederick Hoffman Memorial Park Easement, Wise Island, and Wright Wildlife Corridor. NICHES protects a wide variety of nature areas.

Welcome in the spring time weather by visiting Clegg Memorial Gardens. Enjoy all that nature has to offer. Don’t forget to wear your tennis shoes and bring a water bottle as you explore the paths and find your way down to Wildcat Creek.

Rachel, Purdue University Graduate, shares this blog.