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The end of freshman year of college usually brings bittersweet goodbyes, anticipation for three months of no class attendance and exams, and hopes of working out hard enough to lose the “Freshman 15.” For Gabby Gary, on the other hand, the summer after her freshman year was spent building her own business from the ground up. Fast forward, Gabby has graduated from Purdue and has the full-time job of owner and chief buyer of Dawson & Daisy.

West Lafayette Storefront

Dawson & Daisy’s West Lafayette store is located in Wabash Landing Shopping Center.


While Gabby’s family currently resides in the West Lafayette-Lafayette area, she was born in New Orleans and moved around a lot throughout her childhood. While she has had many “hometowns,” Gabby says that the south is where she feels most at home. That is why in Dawson & Daisy’s Instagram bio the boutique is described as, “unique with a southern edge.” The unique part comes into play with the quantity of items that Gabby stocks in the store to ensure that every customer feels special in the clothes they purchase from Dawson & Daisy since they won’t see 10 other people wearing the same thing.


Dawson & Daisy originally started as an online-only operation run out of the Gary’s home. During the summer after Gabby’s freshman year at Purdue, the Gary’s had vacation plans that did not allow Gabby ample time to also have an internship. She decided to explore her passion for fashion that summer when she realized that it was absolutely possible for her to start her own online boutique. After a year of growing a loyal customer base, Dawson & Daisy became a brick-and-mortar boutique in May 2017. Six months later, it moved to a larger retail space in Wabash Landing Shopping Center in West Lafayette. In December 2017, she opened opened a Broad Ripple Bungalow location.


Originally, the store was going to just be called, “Daisy.” However, Dawson joined the picture when Gabby knew that she wanted a boutique that would cater to both women and men. The Daisy section offers women tops, bottoms, and dresses perfect for going to class or for your next date night. The Dawson section offers men comfortable t-shirts, sweatpants, and accessories. The home decor sections offers candles and signs to accent your living spaces. Finally, the beauty section features bath products and makeup to help spruce up your self care routine.

For Gabby, as chief buyer, trends are not important when she is deciding what to carry in her store. She explains, “I am all about classic style…I try to buy things that will extend your hard-earned money.”

D&D Fitting Room

It’s all in the details when you visit Dawson & Daisy… even the fitting rooms are aesthetically pleasing!

The Boutique Experience

Imagine having an entire boutique to yourself and an associate to act as your own personal shopper during your entire trip. That is the experience you have when you step into Dawson & Daisy. In addition to having unique, one-of-a-kind items, Dawson & Daisy hopes to differentiate itself with outstanding customer service that matches the South’s standards of hospitality.

One of Gabby’s favorite memories with a customer was when she helped a mother and a daughter pick the perfect outfits for the daughter’s senior pictures. It took some trial-and-error, but Gabby could tell that her attention to detail and determination to find the perfect combination made the daughter feel incredibly special. That is the experience that Gabby hopes every customer has when they visit one of Dawson & Daisy’s boutiques.


Currently dreaming about this West Lafayette-themed home decor

How to Shop

Dawson & Daisy is located in the West Lafayette Wabash Landing Shopping Center between Panera Bread and Scotty’s Brewhouse. Their hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Mondays through Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. You can also shop online or through the store’s instagram page.

For more information about this shop and others in our area, visit

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Experience “Hoosier Hospitality” at its Finest – Visit Camera Outfitters

DSC00838 Great Cities, 1 Great University, “Hoosier Hospitality”.  To experience “Hoosier Hospitality” at its finest visit Camera Outfitters, where hands on customer service has been the mentality for local shop Co-Owners Dawn Ross (former owner of Berry’s Camera Shop in downtown Lafayette) and Rena Aiken (longtime employee of Berry’s Camera) for a number of years. Camera Outfitters is a newly established business opening in 2013, but with Dawn and Rena’s experience at renowned Berry’s Camera Shop, which closed in 2012, they are serving our community with one of a kind camera expertise.

Their motto is “Let Us “OUTFIT” you and your camera so you are ready for every photo opportunity.” In this world of mass media and the importance of a single photograph that can send a message far better than words, a good camera and knowing how to use it are very important things. At Camera Outfitters you will find camera lenses, photographic accessories, lighting equipment and much more. They provide many photographic services including printing, scanning, video transfer, camera repair, rental and photo classes.

DSC00839Personally, I am a novice at taking photos and part of my job is social media and taking video and photos. I recently stopped by Camera Outfitters to take photos to post on Facebook and Twitter. When I was there, I asked for a few tips on how to use my IPhone to take the best photo, and they were quick to give me some great pointers on angles, lighting, etc. The customer service was superb. They were busy with shoppers looking for cameras and/or dropping off their broken equipment needing repair, but they spent time going over how to use my device that I had not even purchased there. When I left I had a jolly kick to my step. Something can definitely be said for great customer care!

Living in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, one thing we value is customer service and appreciating the times we receive great customer care.  Hoosier Hospitality is Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.  We are proud of our local businesses, including Camera Outfitters, who provide gracious and friendly service. For more information about this shop and other fun activities in the area, visit our website at

Decorate Your Home with Special Items from Hot House Market & Interior Objects

Interior Objects

Interior Objects

As a second-year student at Purdue University, my time as a Boilermaker still feels young and fresh. I’ve experienced so much, yet there is still much more waiting for me. However, these few short years are becoming even shorter for me as I am graduating an entire year and a half early. Next year is my senior year, and I can’t even fathom it. Although I am moving on to bigger and better things after my time here at Purdue, I need to ensure I head out with a bang! An important part in making my senior year unforgettable is to find the perfect place to call home. I am venturing out from Purdue’s campus and have decided to immerse myself in the community’s culture by living in downtown Lafayette. Getting a new place means purchasing all new decorations and furniture. However, you can’t just by any ole assets for your new home; they express who you are, and it is a way to establish coziness and comfort. I know others are in my same situation, and the first question is, “Where do I even begin?!” Don’t fret! I have found the perfect stores to supply your new pad with unique, exquisite décor.

Hot House Market

Hot House Market

First, you must start with the basics: furniture. You need a place to sit, sleep, and fill up all the space! You definitely need to head to Hot House Market for all of your furniture needs. They have recently moved to their new and improved location in the Tippecanoe Mall. With their store including two stories of merchandise, you will have a huge variety of items to choose from. They are constantly receiving new inventory and keep you up-to-date on their new arrivals through their social media. Another question you may ask is, “How am I going to afford this?” However, that’s another easy answer because Hot House Market is very reasonably priced for quality pieces. Not only are they good quality but also extremely unique. They purposely bring in vintage pieces that add great flare to your home. They feature a variety of prints and patterns such as floral, plaid, and vibrant colors. I have previously seen couches, love seats, cushioned chairs, and an assortment of tables in their store. Buying a large furniture item? No worries! They ship furniture pieces directly to your place in the Lafayette area for no extra charge. They also sell adorable trinkets to add even more character to your abode. In the past, they have had fun shaped salt and pepper shakers, rugs, a record player, candles, quilts, silverware, dish sets, lamps, and even a fondue set! You never know what astounding things you’ll find with every trip you make, but you surely won’t be leaving empty-handed or disappointed.

Hot House Market

Hot House Market

Wall decor from Interior Objects

Wall decor from Interior Objects

Now that you have your main assets, it’s time to spruce the place up with some odds-and-ends. The perfect store for that is Interior Objects. The store includes merchandise to fit every type of theme and color scheme that you can imagine and more! This store also features two stories of goods to ensure there is a decoration for every house type. I could easily spend a lot of my time in there looking at everything they have to offer. You’ll be able to find pieces to add to your new dwelling that pull everything together and make your home complete. My favorite way of decorating is filling up all the empty wall spaces. You can find large signs, artwork, and clocks to hang around the place. It is also comforting for me to be surrounded by all the ones that I love; therefore, I have a large variety of photos to display of my friends, family, and passions of mine. Interior Objects has the picture frames that I need. They feature frames that create a beautiful display of my photos. This store has bundles of frames to make an exquisite collaboration of photos as well as single frames to place on shelves, tables, etc. They even bring out their Boiler pride with a good selection of Purdue University frames. Interior Objects also makes decorating for the holidays quite simple. With each passing season, they bring in décor that adds lovely holiday spirit to your home.

Moving into a new place is exciting but can be overwhelming when having to start from scratch. At least when you get to start from new, you can turn your new home into anything you want it to be! Lafayette includes the perfect stores to find all of your decorative necessities as well as things you don’t necessarily need but help add so much personality. It’s never too early to make a Christmas list either; head to theses stores and see what you like, then add them to your list! You hardly ever get the chance to start fresh, so have fun and make the best of it!

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