Meet you at Arni’s

Arnis 50th (39)

Celebrating 50 years!

The original Arni’s Restaurant opened at Market Square in 1965. Since then, Arni’s has made a positive impact locally as well as state wide with 18 locations throughout Indiana. Arni Cohen, the original owner and founder of Arni’s, was known to be a very kind and active member of the community up until his passing in 2002. His two sons Brad and Kurt, who now own and run the company, have carried on the family tradition of community involvement and friendly service through the business. I know this first hand from being a customer through childhood and now working at Arni’s myself.

Great customer service!

Great customer service!

I was very fortunate to be given an internship opportunity with Arni’s during my sophomore year at Purdue. Arni’s works closely with Purdue’s Hospitality and Tourism Program during career fairs and events such as the Purdue Black Tie Dinner. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work and learn about the industry through a very wide range of responsibilities. Arni’s offers a full bar service, catering, and of course dine in. With the size and popularity of Arni’s, this opportunity offered me more than I could ever imagine through everything from marketing, restaurant operations, and catering skills. Although my semester long internship ended in May of 2017, I have continued working at Arni’s as a hostess.

20140621_195744My favorite part about working at Arni’s is the history within the restaurant itself, the employees, and the customers. There are multiple employees who have been working at the Market Square location for almost as long as Arni’s has been open. These long time employees are a huge part of what makes Arni’s so special, memorable, and nostalgic for many of our customers. There are many regulars who have been loyal customers since the doors first opened in 1965. We see our regular customers weekly and sometimes daily. This type of loyalty is so special and rare, I am so glad to be a part of it. The Arni’s environment is full of nostalgia, from the building, the pictures on the walls, to the servers and pizza makers who make it all happen.

arnis - 3 pizzasI can remember going to Arni’s as a child and I never grew tired of the classic Arni’s pizza. Now as an Arni’s employee, I still love to enjoy an Arni’s pizza or a hot ham and cheese whenever I can. Arni’s is a Lafayette tradition not only for my family, but many families in Lafayette and surrounding areas. When Lafayette natives move away and come back to visit, Arni’s is often their first place to stop upon their arrival. I have encountered many people while working at Arni’s who try to time their travel just right to order a pizza as soon as they get into town or make a stop at Arni’s before they leave the area. Arni’s is a taste of home for so many, including myself.

Arni's Famous Junior Salad

Arni’s Famous Junior Salad

The type of service, history, and taste Arni’s offers cannot be taught, but happens with experience and a genuine sense of community. I know from being a customer and also an employee that Arni’s provides the type of dining experience every customer longs for. You will have a smile on your face from the moment you walk into the doors until the moment you leave after a great meal. Don’t just take my word for it, I’ll Meet you at Arni’s!

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D&R II (The Restaurant) Serving Smoky, Juicy Chops, Brisket Tips and More!

IMG_7332Looking for something for your tailgate, cookout or other party this fall? Check out D&R! They have been known for years around this area for their Meat and Produce Market located at Creasy Lane and South Street just across from Lowe’s. Did you know that they have a restaurant? They do, and they cater! If you like BBQ, you have got to try D&R! The restaurant is in the same plaza as the market, just a couple doors down, and they recently just expanded so now they can seat up to 80 people (with advance notice for large groups) in their restaurant!

IMG_7329IMG_7331A couple of my friends and I recently visited the restaurant and were amazed! We have had D&R BBQ for years at different parties and events around town and love buying the meat at the meat market to cook at home but had no idea they had this amazing restaurant! As you first walk in the door, you can smell the amazing BBQ and smoky scents (smells are free by the way!) Everything is smoked onsite! If we weren’t hungry before, we were for sure when we walked in the door! They have a variety of meats and warm or cold sides. Well, we couldn’t decide, so we had to try a bit of everything! Literally! We shared, but we had lots of leftovers. We were in awe of everything! The two meats that really impressed me though were the pork chops and the brisket tips! First, the pork chop, they had two different kinds that day, and we couldn’t believe how huge they were! One was one pound, the other two pounds… in ONE pork chop! They were both, either as big or bigger than my head! Wow! Two people could easily split one as a meal. We decided on the smaller of the two, and it was so thick but still juicy, and the flavor was out of this world! The other meat that amazed me was the brisket tips.

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends

Typically they only have this meat on Wednesdays, but they had a few on this Thursday. They were little squares of meat that were so black they looked like a marshmallow someone had just stuck right in the fire, caught on fire and burnt to a crisp, but let me tell you, they were not burnt at all! They were juicy and flavorful! A great smoky but sweet flavor! Next time I go back, I’m for sure going on a Wednesday to get these! They were so awesome! We of course had to have their amazing pulled pork (we all have had before and still love it!), and we tried the brisket, ribs and chicken! Oh my! It is all so good! All perfectly smoked and so juicy! They get as much locally as they can as well, which makes me feel good! All the pork comes from right here in Indiana!

IMG_7330I haven’t even gotten to the awesome sides yet! We all had our eye on the loaded potato salad, so we all had that, but there were so many others to try, I could have made a meal for several days out of just the salads and sides! We also tried the macaroni and cheese (extra cheesy and creamy- just perfect!), mashed potatoes (so well seasoned, you really wouldn’t need gravy) and the green beans (what’s BBQ without green beans?!? And these were perfect! Had a bacon and onion flavor without being over powering). Other sides to choose from were broccoli salad, macaroni salad, corn, pasta salad, pea salad and I’m sure a lot more that I missed because my mouth was watering over all the things I’ve already mentioned!

IMG_7324The service was very friendly, and they were willing to recommend their favorites and explain the food in great details! Very helpful! Makes me want to visit again very soon!

For those of you with groups of friends, church groups, etc. that like to go out to eat, they do a great job. My Grandma’s church group had one of their “mystery dinners” here a couple months ago (no one except the organizers know where they are going until they get there), and they were all floored by the excellent food and service! Grandma has been raving for months now! Every time I see her, she’s asked me if I have visited. It will definitely become one of my go-to spots now! Her group had 40 people, and they were all very comfortable in their new seating area.

Service is exceptional!

Service is exceptional!

Make a trip to D&R Market and Restaurant very soon! Trust me, as long as you like meat, you’ll love it! Enjoy! Ashley Gregory, Group Tours & Meeting Manager, shares this blog.