Weekend Update: Animal Lover’s Weekend!

Lafayette-West Lafayette Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in or near Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

If you love animals, there are always activities in Lafayette-West Lafayette for you! This Saturday, April 28, is the 7th Annual Loving Heart Animal Shelter Ladies Bingo Night & After Party! This charitable event begins at 6 and ends at midnight! All for the animals – there will be bingo, a silent auction, a raffle and great food! Dance your heart out afterwards and until midnight! There are only 30 tables available, so make sure to RSVP. You can do this by calling at 765-491-8440 or emailing Kati Davis at kdavis8440@gmail.com. For more information, please visit their website here.


For a more hands-on experience for animal lovers, visit The Farm at Prophetstown this weekend! On Saturday from 10 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 3 PM, you can learn all about sheep shearing! Experts Pat and Harold Dorrell will be showing how to shear sheep, spin wool, and educating everyone on how to raise sheep! This duo owns Simple Soapworks and Farm Yarns, and travels the Midwest doing workshops and selling their homemade products! If you’re interested in raising your own animals someday, or just want to learn more about the farm lifestyle, this is the event for you.

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Exciting Things are Happening at Columbian Park Zoo

The Farm

The Family Farm

Visitor Information Specialist, Marlene, shares her fun visit to the Columbian Park Zoo.

I recently visited the Columbian Park Zoo, which is open every day in the summer.  I went first thing in the morning, which proved to be a great time to go, because the animals were out and ready to greet their visitors. I first walked past the Butterfly Garden, which is one of my favorite exhibits! How often do you get to walk into a room full of gorgeous plants and have a ton of beautiful butterflies flutter above your head?

Next I headed for the big red barn that is the Family Farm. I saw three strikingly feathered chickens, a llama, a mini horse, and goats. My favorite goat was this little black and white one that I nick named “Oreo.” He was galloping around and playing with the other baby goats. He decided to pose on a rock so that I could take his picture.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

Next up was the prairie dog exhibit. A couple decided to pop their heads up and check out their surroundings above ground.

On the other side of the walkway, all 3 North American River Otters were out. They were enjoying the warm sun. I almost felt like they were showing off like the animals from the movie “Madagascar.” They decided to jump in the water and swim around for a bit. The otter exhibit has excellent windows so you can see them swim. There is also a tunnel under the water so you feel like you are with the otters while they are swimming.

I walked through the Australia enclosure. I was surprised to see so many wallabies hopping around. I watched a zoo employee cleaning the window while an emu was following her hand with the squeegee on the other side with its head. It was pretty funny to see!



The Spider Monkeys were very fun to watch. If I could have, I would have liked to sit on a bench next to their enclosure and watch them all day. They make all kinds of hooting type sounds and swing from one side of their cage to the other.

My last stop was the Zoo Gift Shop. I looked through all of the adorable stuffed animals and flipped through a few books.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful zoo in our city. The even better part is that it is FREE!

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Taste of Tippecanoe & Hay Harvest at the Farm at Prophetstown

Taste of Tippecanoe

Taste of Tippecanoe

Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

We have all been anticipating the arrival of one of Lafayette, Indiana’s premiere events, the Taste of Tippecanoe!  This Saturday, June 15, put on your dancing shoes (and your stretchy pants!) to dance and taste some of Lafayette-West Lafayette’s best culinary treats.  This festival features live music on multiple stages, food booths by local restaurants, fireworks, a children’s activity area and beer and wine gardens.  Join the fun from 4:00 p.m. to Midnight, Downtown Lafayette and on the John Myers Pedestrian Bridge.  Please share with us your favorite food tasting!

The Farm at Prophetstown- Horses Grazing

The Farm at Prophetstown- Horses Grazing

Need to work off all the calories from your night of fun at the Taste?  Head to the Farm at Prophetstown to walk the grounds, greet the animals (Belgian horses, chickens, cows and Mollie, the farm dog) and watch and help as the staff use their horses to bale hay during “Hay Harvest“.  (Weather permitting).  Ride on the trolley, help with barn chores and have a fun day exploring the farm.  This special event is taking place on Saturday, June 15, and Sunday, June 16, from 8:00 a.m. to midnight.

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Historic Prophetstown – Kick-off to Fall!

Fun at the Farm!

2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, so many fun fall events planned at Historic Prophetstown this year.  It may only be September 4, but fall is right around the corner! With that said, there are a host of fabulous activities taking place at Historic Prophetstown for you and your family that will have you laughing and smiling all weekend long.

This weekend I feel is the kick-off to fall at Historic Prophetstown.  The event schedule starts this Friday, September 7, with the 2nd Annual Invitational Horse Pull.  The sport of horse pulling is populated by equine athletes who have been trained and conditioned to compete against other teams. The team that pulls the most weight the full distance wins.  Bring your lawn chairs and pick a favorite team to cheer on.  Following the competition, put on your dancing shoes, for the annual Barn Dance.  Bum Ditty Barn Dance Band with Barry Rubin calling the dance will entertained the crowds.  This night of dancing has been known to really get people’s feet moving and hips shaking!

The fun continues onto Saturday, September 8, and Sunday, September 9, with the County Fair.  Visitors can browse and shop the gift shop and a bake sale will have hosted offering the perfect sweet treat. Kids and adults can also visit the farm animals and take a ride on the trolley ride around the farm. Do not miss the hog roast Saturday night where a whole country spread will be offered.  The Hazelnuts String Band will be performing to offer a nice tune to the evening.

There are a slew of fun opportunities coming this fall at Historic Prophetstown from Corn Harvest, October 8 and 9, to the Prophetstown State Park Fall Festival taking place October 26 through the 28.  This festival will feature a Halloween costume contest, campsite contest, pumpkin carving contest, haunted trails, chili supper, and intrepretive seminars.  Every day through the end of October (open Monday-Friday, November-March) people can stop by the farm to watch the cows being milked twice a day or to pet the Belgian horses.  Most children love Molly, the farm dog who is gentle and sweet.  Molly loves to jump on the trolley with the kids and go for a ride around the farm, or she can be found taking a nap in the shade!   In addition, if you enjoy visiting historical homes, you can also tour a replica Sears Roebuck and Company catalog farmhouse.

Historic Prophetstown is not to be missed on your next visit to our area.  For more information about this state park and additional historical sites in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com

Columbian Park Zoo

2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, so many great recreational facilities, parks and activities to choose from!  A visit to the Columbian Park Zoo will have you laughing and smiling as visitors watch the wallaby’s jump and play, the monkeys relaxing in their trees, and the butterflies swirling at the Butterfly Garden Exhibit.

This goat has found a great napping spot!

There are a number of reasons why I think Columbian Park Zoo is great.  First, there are over 190 animals within the zoo.  Visitors can literally walk through many of the animals habitats and get an up close and personal view of their life.  One of my favorite parts of my last visit to the zoo was walking through the animal farm.  I found it so funny to see the goats (who truthfully, are not one of my favorite farm animals) curled up in any area of shade to nap and get out of the heat.  They just looked so peaceful and sweet, two words I have never used for goats before in my entire life!

Boxie resting in the shade!

The second reason I would recommend Columbian Park Zoo to my friends and family is the diverse animals that inhabit this zoo.  Waxy monkey frogs, an umbrella cockatoo, a Mexican red-knee tarantula, a North American porcupine, and legless lizards are just a few residents of the zoo.  How often do you get to see a Galapagos Tortoise  without driving all the way down to Florida?  The zoo was thrilled when Boxie, who was born in 1951, was loaned to them from the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas years ago.  I think she is one of the loveliest tortoises I have ever seen.  There is just something interesting about tortoises.  In our lives we run here and there and we are always just so busy.  Tortoises just relax, and slow is their mode.  The park officials share that her favorite thing to do is relax in her pond.  What a life!

And last but not least, the third reason I think Columbian Park Zoo is fabulous, is it is free!  In today’s world, there is a fee for everything.  Visitors can enter all the different areas of the zoo from the Bird Aviary, the Butterfly Sculpture Garden, to the Farm for no cost.

Do not miss visiting Columbian Park on your next visit!  For more information about this park and other outdoor recreational spaces in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com

Prophetstown State Park Camping

The beautiful prairie!

2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard!    Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is home to a Indiana’s newest state park, Prophetstown, where visitors can camp year-round in the same area Native Americans hunted and lived along the two rivers for thousands of years

This spring in Indiana we have been blessed to have warm, sunny weather.  Every morning I wake up to the birds chirping and the flowers blooming.  It has been a spring that no one could imagine.  It may be a once in a lifetime spring, so my recommendation to everyone is to take advantage of these bright days and go camping!

Prophetstown State Park offers visitors a chance to be engrossed in the sheer beauty of nature.  This park is working to restore native habitats, such as wetlands, wet slopes called fens, prairie and open woodlands.  And you can camp right in the center of it!  With 110 sites including disposal, electricity, picnic areas, restrooms, showers, and water, Prophetstown is the perfect campground to enjoy the natural environment with the comfort of modern day amenities.  Bike trails also give guests an opportunity to exercise in the scenic, calm setting.

An added bonus to visiting this park is guests have the opportunity to see the workings of a agriculture and a horse powered farm, Historic Prophetstown.  My family has taken my nephews, ages 2 and 5, to visit the farm.  It is hard to express just how jubilant they were to pet the animals, watch the barn chores (feeding the livestock, collecting eggs, and milking the cows), and ride in the hay wagon.  They are city boys and to watch their eyes light up as chickens wondered around pecking the ground brings a warm feeling to my heart.

Vacation, Relaxation, Fun; one image that comes into our heads is sand, sun and water.  Locals travel south to find their peace and quiet, while adventure, history, the arts and entertainment, and more, can be found in our own backyard.  For more information about this state park and other natural areas in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com