Girlfriend Getaway Contest 2018

14 thoughts on “Girlfriend Getaway Contest 2018

  1. I did not see how or where I could: Get 5 bonus entries when someone you refer enters. If you would kindly email me the directions I would appreciate it.

    • Judy,
      When you enter the contest a link at the bottom of the page is generated. You can then share with others (whether that is on social media networks or by copy and pasting it into an email) and it is unique to you. If someone you refers enters, then you are awarded the points. To check on the number of entries you have, you will need to go back to the contest page on the same device like you are going to enter again. It will then take you to the thanks for entering page and display their number of entries.
      Hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. I entered but did not use the link that Carrie Hoppenjans provided in the Facebook post. She needs to get extra entries because she referred me.


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  4. Thanks for the chance! I love West Lafayette/Lafayette. I’m from Pendleton, but family members went to school there and lived there after, so went a lot for a few years.

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