84 thoughts on “Girlfriend Getaway Contest 2017

  1. My friends and I would have a blast with these gifts! We are always looking for more fun and exciting things to do in Lafayette/West Lafayette!

  2. I have a group of women friends who are the mothers of children who started school together in kindergarten. The moms have stayed in touch for 14 years now and still do the occasional breakfast or movie together. This weekend would be an absolute blast for us to connect, be refreshed, and laugh until we’re weak. It would be a sweet reward for years of intentional friendships!

  3. I would love a chance to go back and visit! My husband’s job has us uprooting our home and moving away from friends and family, so a chance to get together with friends would be greatly appreciated!

  4. I would live to bring my elderly mother and sister to Lafayette-West Lafayette to see and enjoy the cities where their grandsons and nephews went to college.

  5. I would love to have a girlfriend weekend with a great friend from high school. We hardly see each other, but Lafayette would be a great meet up place!

  6. Would love to see Purdue again, walk the Mall (so many hours spent there)….would love to see how the city has grown with my besties and maybe walk memory lane a bit.

  7. This sounds great, I have 2 teenage daughters & they would love doing a girls weekend.would also take my mom whose husband has been very ill for several months.It would be a 3 generation get away.

  8. My son is at Purdue. I have 4 kida in college this year. I worked all summer weekends to make ends meet. I really need a getaway

  9. It would be a great addition to senior year at Purdue! This semester I am taking 23 credits plus working so it would be great!

  10. I have two daughter’s that would love this getaway with their mom. Especially my older daughter who is a hard working single mom who is also a full time college student.

  11. A nice get a way for us girlfriends been together since grade school. Its been 41 years with our same group of friends! Thank you!

  12. Just over a year ago, I found out that I have 2 brain tumors. I have a core group of friends that have helped support me. During this time, we helped another dear Boiler friend in her battle with ALS, which she recently lost. I think that all of us try to look on the bright side of every situation and make the best of every situation. When we get together, from all over the country, the miles disappear and the years too. We laugh until we cry and the time is both healing and precious. I would love to bring us all together for this Girls’ Weekend at Purdue!

  13. Would love this amazing getaway opportunity as I’m a Purdue fan from the early years of the Great Drew Brees whom I was lucky enough to attend both the Alamo Bowl his sophomore yr( which we won in like the last minute & a half of the game,best game I attended) & Rose Bowl his senior yr ( which we lost but was still awesomely amazing to see)~thank you very much for the chance to enter 💕

  14. My circle, although small, is quite Grande. The ladies I call friends are my sisters. That’s the closeness we share. They deserve time away! One in particular is a special part of my life.

  15. I would so love a getaway. Besides working a fulltime job as an RN, I care for my disabled daughter.
    I need a get away! It would be so nice to have some R and R…

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