51 thoughts on “Foodies Wanted Contest 2017

  1. I have never visited Lafayette or West Lafayette. I look forward to doing so in the not too distant future.

  2. Moving to Lafayette all the way from good ol’ Arkansas! This would be a great way to get acquainted with this charming town.

  3. We love coming to West Lafayette/Lafayette. It’s become an annual trip we look forward to every year. When my son started school at Purdue we had no idea we’d be coming to Lafayette for 9 yrs from two states away. He’s graduating in August with his PHD and while we are incredibly proud, the thought of not coming back is also rather sad for us. We’d love to win this and have a reason to come back to the Lafayette/West Lafayette area, because we know we will miss it and there’s much more to be discovered yet.

  4. Sounds like an awesome foodie itinerary. Triple XXX has been a frequent stop when we are traveling I-65, but that’s all I’ve ever seen or tasted of Lafayette area. Would love to win this and share the foodie adventure with followers on my food and travel blogs! 🙂 ~Carrie from Chicago Foodie Sisters

  5. My husband has been working on the roofs at Purdue for 2 months, this would be a perfect opportunity for out family to visit Lafayette and spend some time with him! We love good food!

  6. I’ve never been to Lafayette. We love trying new places and food. Would love the opportunity. We are major foodies!

  7. My husband and I have never had the change to explore the greater Lafayette area, would love to have an excuse to head up there!

  8. Moved from Orange County California to Lafayette Indiana. The food here is good and I enjoy spending time with my husband at these various places. He is a medically retired Marine.

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