Summer Adventure Awaits Contest 2019 Winner

We have the winner of our “Summer Adventure Awaits Contest 2019″ worth over $450!

Congratulations to Chris from South Bend, Indiana. He shares, “Wowza!!!!  I’m so pumped! I cannot wait to get back to Lafayette and explore!!  We love Wolf Park and Prophetstown State Park and are looking forward to coming back and seeing more of what your area has to offer!  Thank you so much!!  I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!!”

Thanks to all who participated in this latest contest! Stay tuned for our next big contest/package we will be hosting in June!

Easter Weekend Update 2019

Easter is this upcoming weekend! Check out the fun activities around Lafayette-West Lafayette for you and your friends and family!

  • Easter Bunny at the Tippecanoe Mall
    • Come to the Tippecanoe Mall and welcome the Easter Bunny for the Easter season!
    • The bunny is at the mall through April 20, 2019.
  • Passion Play
    • Enjoy an Easter Musical presented by Faith Church at the Long Center for the Performing Arts. Join in this annual presentation of The Lafayette Passion Play! With soaring live music and a company of more than 100 actors, singers, and musicians, you won’t want to miss this family-friendly celebration of the life of Jesus!
    • April 18-20, 2019
  • Wolf Park Easter Party
    • To provide wolves and humans with enrichment, Wolf Park hosts an annual Easter Egg Hunt! With the help of the Easter Bunny, visitors can help hide treats for the wolves. Wolves enjoy marshmallow peeps, eggs, sausage, cheese and more! After the wolves have had their party, the kids will have their egg hunts (with candy treats instead of meats). The day’s activities often include crafts and games as well.
    • April 20, 2019
  • Easter Eggstravaganza
    • There will be thousands of eggs for hunts for children up through fifth grade. Separate egg hunts for toddlers and children with special needs. Vendors available at a cost. FREE pony rides, games, bounce houses, tattoos, face painting and maker space area.
    • April 20, 2019
  • Easter Event at Burnett Creek Elementary School
    • Easter service starting at 10:30 am with an Easter egg hunt following for kids up to fifth grade. Free bounce houses.
    • April 21, 2019

Restaurants featuring Easter Specials:

  • The Trails
    • Easter Sunday Brunch w/ Reservations 9:30am, 10:00am, 2:00pm, 765-742-6478
  • Courtyard by Marriott
    • Celebrate Easter, Sunday, April 21, 2019 with the Courtyard Marriott!  Enjoy a delicious Easter brunch buffet with the whole family. They will have two seatings for the event, the first at 10am and the second at 1pm. Call to reserve your spot now! 765-400-6840.

For more information about these events and others in our area, please visit

An Explosion of Flavor at the Flour Mill Bakery

Donuts, cookies, espresso, ice cream, cafe sandwiches and salads, pies, noodles and more! Where can all of this deliciousness be found? Flour Mill Bakery, Lafayette’s newest bakery located in the Northend Community Center on Elmwood Avenue.

The smell of sweet donuts and rich coffee hit you as soon as you step foot into the Flour Mill. The aroma alone makes the taste buds soar.  And then when you see the dozens and dozens of donuts your stomach will say “you must feed me now!” The hardest choice is choosing what to pick. The options are endless with choices from the apple pie donut (homemade apple pie filling rolled in cinnamon/sugar) to their PBJ donut (peanut butter fluff and raspberry filling on the inside with peanut butter icing) to the classic yeast donut. They have specialty donuts they feature on special days like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-nut. YUMMY!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-nut

Sweetness explodes even more with their cookies. Their varieties are the following: chocolate crinkle, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, monster, Mexican wedding cake, and iced sour cream. When visiting we tried their iced sour cream cookies. The cookie was buttery and soft, and the icing was perfect with its blend of sour cream and sugar. The cookies were a huge hit in our office and lasted about an hour before every last one was eaten!

Flour Mill Bakery also offers sandwiches and salads. They crazy, fun part is they make their sandwiches on donuts. At first, we were totally thrown back and weren’t sure if we would like the combination. We thought it would make the sandwich too sweet. But the sandwiches are made with yeast part of the donut without all the sugar coating, which make it more of a bread like bun. It’s a bit hard to explain, but we highly recommend you try it and let us know your thoughts!!

Director of Sales, Ashley Gregory, shares, “I tried the “Miss Dainty” which is a chicken salad sandwich. It also has lettuce and tomato. I was hesitant about the long john as the bread, but it was amazing! Almost like a croissant but better. Still flaky and springy, but not as messy as a croissant and just slightly sweet. It really complimented the creamy chicken salad nicely. I can’t wait to go back to try more of their sandwiches on the donuts! Yum!”

Miss Dainty – a hearty portion of chicken salad, lettuce and tomato on two halves of a long john donut! And pasta salad.

Wow! There is so much to say about the Flour Mill! Onto the coffee! They have a huge expresso machine that creates coffee magic. Lattes, iced coffee, or just a cup a joe and you will be set. Personally, I would recommend their iced mocha. It is the perfect blend of coffee, ice and chocolate!

The Flour Mill Bakery also has a unique location. It is located within the Northend Community Center. This center offers a swimming pool, a kids PlaySpace, a rooftop hockey court, basketball courts, meeting and group space, and more. Every few weeks, a group of friends and I meet up with our kids and go to the kids’ PlaySpace. It is 2,000 square feet of fun! Our kids ages range from 1 to 5 and they all love it. it is also very inexpensive. it is $1 per hour per child, which is so nice to have a fun place to go, and not cost an arm and a leg! I always grab my coffee first at the Flour Mill and then take off with the kids for some fun exercise.

Next time you visit and/or if you live in the area, visit Flour Mill Bakery!  For more information about this bakery and others in our area. visit


Lafayette’s Unknown Instagram Gems

Take a picture, it will last longer. Whether you’re Instagram famous all across the web or you just like to post some fun memories for your friends and family, the quaint and charming town of Lafayette has some photo ops you just can’t pass up. Get your cameras ready!

The Long Center for the Performing Arts


There is something special about taking pictures somewhere with such a deep rooted history. The Long Center for the Performing Arts has an authentic, vintage sign outside its doors that really captures how long the theater has been around. Since 1920, this theater has been home to so many different shows and spectacles, making it almost 100 years old! It was renamed in 1977 after Irving Long donated the theater to the city and named it after his father, Purdue alumnus Dennis H. Long. If you happen to stop by for a performance, you will get to see the inside for an even better experience.

The Lafayette Theater


Similar to the Long Center, the Lafayette Theater is very historical and a big part of Lafayette’s culture. The Fourth Avenue Amusement Company opened the Lafayette Theater on September 1, 1938. It was one of the first in Indiana to show moving pictures. If you like photography with a vintage feel, an old movie theater is the place to have a shoot. Take a scooter ride on over and get an action shot.



There is a lot of creativity and expression in Lafayette’s public wall art. Not to mention, it makes for a great photo background. Sometimes having a busy, colorful background is unique and can make your picture really stand out. Lafayette has a ton of amazing murals and graffiti art around the city. Here is one of my favorites but there is plenty more. This picture’s location is directly across the Lafayette Theater on Main St. It’s an adventure to walk around and discover these hidden gems.

Graffiti Art and The Haywood Printing Company


factory graffitit.png

The first graffiti art pictured can be found in an alley between Main and Columbia, off of 5th Street. The alley contains many different paintings. The second picture is a unique, old building that might not look like much to the untrained eye but it is the Haywood Printing Co., which was founded in 1826 and is one of the oldest businesses in the entire state of Indiana. The outside of it is covered in many different kinds of art and will give your photos a rustic appearance. It can be found on 300 N. Fifth St., Lafayette.

Pops of Color




Coke or Pepsi? Nothing is more classic than Coca-Cola. This bright red background and classic logo is a picture opportunity you just can’t pass up. A bright color surrounded by duller colors just makes it stand out even more. This Coca-Cola sign was refurbished and restored in 2016. You can find it on 103 North Public Road, facing toward Simpson Street. Lafayette is full of walls of bright colors and art everywhere.

The Tippecanoe County Courthouse



I’ll see you in court. The architecture of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse is the perfect building to photograph with. Also, all the stairs make it easy to get all different angles and perspectives. The Tippecanoe County Courthouse was built in 1882 and honors many founders, such as John Purdue.

Hidden Treasures


Sometimes the best pictures are the candids at unexpected places you just happen to stumble upon. If you stumble upon Lafayette, bring your camera and say cheese!

Liz Polak, Purdue University Student, shares this blog.

For more information about Lafayette visit

Weekend Update: Japanese Lunar Festival, Purduette Spectacular & Community Field Day

Lafayette-West Lafayette Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in or near Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

CANCELLED AS OF 4/11/19 – A vibrant Japanese community has been established here fueled by the SIA factory and Japanese students attending Purdue University. Have you ever heard the sounds of a Taiko drum? Have you ever tried a traditional Japanese Bento Box? We will bring the Japanese Lunar Festival right to downtown Lafayette where you will be able to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, crafts such as origami, and so much more! You will definitely not want to miss out on this event! Bento food boxes will be provided to all attendees and are included with the price of admission. (If you aren’t sure what a Bento box is, check out the picture below of one from Fishya!) This event is taking place this Saturday, April 13 at 5pm at the History Center. More info here. CANCELLED

If you love the Purduettes, don’t miss your last opportunity to see them this season! Join the Purduettes for their final concert of the year, the Purduette Spring Spectacular! This Saturday, starting at 7:30pm at the Long Center is a show like you’ve never seen before! For more information, visit their website here!

The Lafayette Aviators and the Lions Club are hosting their first annual Community Field Day on April 14 from 2-5 pm at historic Loeb Stadium. This event will include activities like carnival games, ballpark food, a junior home run derby, and an Easter egg hunt hosted by Community Ventures in Living. In addition to the various field day activities, the Aviators and the Lafayette Lions will be hosting an MLB Sponsored Pitch Hit & Run competition for youth (ages 7-14). The fun doesn’t have to end there; after the youth PHR, there will a separate competition for ages 15 and over.

For more information about these events and other events happening this weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at

Dining Divas Brilliant Visit to Mukutan Ninja

Tucked discreetly between the Verizon Store and Great Clips at Wabash Landing, it’s easy to walk by the Mukutan Ninja Chargrill and Izakaya (a type of informal Japanese pub—think of tapas bars or Irish pubs, but Japanese) without noticing it, but you’ll be sorry if you do. The Dining Divas, joined by guest eater Helen Green, met at Mukutan and were impressed by the decor, ambience, friendly service and welcome by the owner, and most of all, by the food.

We had a leisurely lunch–this is not fast food– in a space quiet enough to have a conversation, and it was obvious that everything was made to order. It was a cold day and we all enjoyed a bowl of warm, rich soup, not too salty. We added a bowl of edamame ($3.95) which had an unusual flavor. We narrowed it down to five-spice or star anise, unexpected and fresh.

Dining Divas

Kay ordered from the appetizer menu for her meal because she is on a mission to sample every baby octopus in town. The dish was Tako-Takoyaki ($6.95). Takoyaki is a popular Japanese street food consisting of deep fried balls of wheat flour batter stuffed with vegetables and/or fish. The piping hot balls, with chunks of fish and green onions inside, were crispy outside and creamy inside and accompanied by several cold baby octopi, a great combination of textures, temperatures, and tastes enhanced by the two delicious sauces (JP mayo and okonomiyaki), and just right for a light lunch. The takoyaki were topped with dancing fish flakes, adding to the lovely presentation.


Jo chose the Kinoko Mushroom Burger ($13.95) made of soy-sautéed wild mushrooms, fried shallots, pickled daikon, and truffle mayo ($13.95), with curly fries. Bacon, cheese, or avocado salad can be added for a small price. Kinoko means mushrooms or toadstools in Japanese. Jo was happy with how accommodating they were to her special requests and was impressed that the ‘burger’ was really lots of individual mushrooms formed into a patty rather than ground up. The combo of mushrooms and daikon was pleasing and again, the sauce enhanced the whole dish. Cheese was a welcome addition and unexpected at a Japanese restaurant. “I would have this again happily,” she said.

Mushroom burger

Our other vegetarian, Margy, tried the Wild Mushroom Bowl ($13.95) featuring garlic griddle-fried wild mushrooms, an onsen egg, fried shallots, shredded cabbage, cherry tomato, marinated radish, & sesame dressing. An onsen is a Japanese hot spring where traditionally this type of slow-cooked egg was prepared. Margy noted that all the ingredients start out separate and are beautiful. The mushrooms are tender and tasty, the egg perfectly cooked, and the varied combination of ingredients made for many different tasty bites.

Mushroom bowl

Meat-eater Bev opted for Chashu Don ($14.95) with its griddle-seared soy braised pork belly, shredded cabbage, JP pickled cucumber, pork jus braised egg, tonkatsu sauce, & Sriracha mayo. Bev said the pork belly was nicely prepared and that the appeal of bowls is that you can customize the experience by picking what to combine in each bite. The serving size was hearty and she looks forward to trying the beef bowl, Gyudon.

Pork belly bowl

Guest eater Helen ordered Duck Duck Sticky ($16.95), an Asian spiced Maple Leaf farm whole duck leg confit, sticky rice, shiitake, marinated radish, fried shallots, & sun-dried shrimp. “The duck is extremely tender with perfectly cooked crispy skin. It’s a challenge to eat with chopsticks because it’s a whole leg, but it’s a nice serving, and worth the work,” she said. “The sticky rice is filled with flavor. Really tasty!”


The presentation of all our dishes was beautiful with pretty plates and bowls cradling food artfully arranged and sauced. The service is laid-back and friendly and there is a lot of humor among the owner and staff. Visits to the restrooms revealed surprises. Over the toilet in the women’s room was a sign painted on the wall “Ninja will never let the ladies run out of toilet paper,” and on the adjacent wall, floor to ceiling racks of toilet paper. The men’s room, which we peeked into because we are truly dedicated bloggers, featured Subaru memorabilia.

The menu has two sides– one side is for lunch and dinner while the other side is only served at dinner which, at lunch time, serves as a perfect teaser for a future evening visit. Char-grilled skewers of vegetables, meat, and seafood including lobster, are offered at dinner and we look forward to trying them. This is not a typical Japanese menu so it is certain to offer something for everyone. For a group of friends with divided culinary interests, some can take the adventurous path of octopi while others enjoy the comfort of a cheeseburger and fries! Brilliant!

Kay Conner, author and photographer, seafood superstar
Margy Deverall, author of Lafayette articles, dedicated vegetarian
Beverly Shaw, author of West Lafayette articles, bring on the beef (or chicken or pork)
Jo Wade, founder of this food blog, very veggie

Summer Adventure Awaits Contest Details 2019

Summer Adventure Awaits Contest to Home of Purdue! This contest is worth over $450! Enjoy these details about the local places who have donated.

  • This summer unwind in Home2 Suites by Hilton’s comfortable outside area and cook up your favorites on their outdoor grill. An all-suite hotel, you’ll appreciate a studio or one-bedroom suite, ideal for a short weekend or extended stay.
  • Pizza, wings, submarine sandwiches, Arni’s junior salads, garlic bread; this and more are some of the fabulous food items you will find at Arni’s Restaurant.
  • Where else do you get the chance to taste the world-famous Duane Purvis Peanut Butter Burger besides Triple XXX / Route 66? Nowhere! Come and see why this diner was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!
  • Mad Mushroom: Beyond their delicious pizza, there are sandwiches – calzones – grinders – paninis – pasta – salads…. and more!
  • Beverage Heaven…  the Igloo Frozen Custard is known not just for their frozen custard but also their fruit drinks and flavored sodas.
  • Give your taste buds an experience like never before at Kathy’s Kandies with homemade treats such as: gourmet popcorn, scrumptious truffles, and fluffy pastries!
  • Bruno’s features great food, atmosphere, and fun! This local favorite celebrated their 60th anniversary a few years ago and is known for their famous Bruno Dough and homemade, hand tossed pizzas!
  • Haan Museum: Tour the building that was once featured at the St. Louis World’s Fair, Haan Museum of Indiana Art! It holds some of the most historic and valued Indiana art pieces in the state!
  • Check out Monster Mini Golf, an indoor 18-hole glow-in-the-dark golf course. Along with mini golf, there are arcade games, glow-in-the-dark air hockey table and ticket redemption games such as ice ball.  While there are monsters all around the course, none of them jump out at you!
  • Downtown Lafayette and the Depot Plaza come alive with food, music, fireworks and fun on Saturday, June 15 during one of the area’s largest festivals, TASTE of Tippecanoe.
  • 1…2…3 strikes you’re out at the old ball game! Summer, sunshine and baseball! The Lafayette Aviators Baseball team kicks off their 2019 season on June 6!
  • The Farm at Prophetstown is a real working farm! The livestock enjoy a beautiful, healthy farm/free range setting and crops are grown to be used to feed them throughout the year.
  • Indiana’s newest state park, Prophetstown State Park offers hiking and biking trails and is home to The Farm.
  • We left one of our favorite attractions for last; Wolf Park!  Howl, laugh and watch as the wolves interact with each other.  Don’t miss checking out the bison, coyotes, and foxes!

Enter to win this fabulous contest at Good luck!

Weekend Update: TAP for TAF & Purdue Spring Fest

Cricket Spitting at Springfets

Cricket Spitting at Springfest

Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in or near Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

IMG_0358Craft Beer Lovers and/or the Craft Beer-curious that are 21+ this event is for you! Join fellow Tippecanoe Arts Federation supporters at the TAP for TAF Craft Beer Fest! TAP for TAF is an event highlighting the growing interest in craft beers and craft microbreweries. This special event takes place at the top floor of the 2nd Street Parking Garage in Downtown Lafayette on Saturday, April 6 Please note non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.

Families, couples, any and all, head to Purdue University for a day of science, agriculture, entomology and more at the annual event showcasing the lighter side of higher education; Spring Fest! This free event, taking place April 6 and 7, is a great opportunity to learn about animals, art, astronomy and much more in two full days of hands-on activities. It’s part education, part entertainment, and all fun! Make sure you head to the cricket spitting area…it is an activity you will never forget!



For more information about these events and other special “happenings” in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at

6 Splendid Proposal Spots in Lafayette-West Lafayette

If you are planning to pop the big question to your loved one, you may be wondering where to do it. We have compiled a list of six unique places to propose in Lafayette-West Lafayette! Get some inspiration below:

Slayter Hill

Grab a picture on the iconic Slayter Hill stage with its unique architecture. It will make for a great picture for your proposal! You can also get some beautiful shots on the hill nearby.

Lafayette Theatre

With this iconic marquee in the background of your proposal, you can’t go wrong! It has great colors and even boasts the name of our amazing city so everyone knows you’re a true Lafayette couple!

Grant Street Parking Garage

This location has a gorgeous view of Purdue’s campus on the background. Lure your loved one to the roof of this garage, and you’re sure to have a backdrop with the Bell Tower, Purdue Memorial Union and beyond!

Feast of the Hunters’ Moon

This one is a little different – but if you love the Feast, you REALLY love it! Drop down to one knee at you and your partner’s favorite festival. The photos and experience will definitely be unforgettable!

Downtown Murals

Lafayette and West-Lafayette have their fair share of awesome murals scattered around. To find the perfect spot for your engagement, check out our public art guide for murals and more.

Under the Purdue Gateway

Ever grateful, ever true! Boilermakers will love having this iconic archway in their proposal shots. Make your engagement part of your beloved Purdue memories.

Of course there are many more places and ways to propose to your special someone. Let us know if there are any other great spots you know of, or if our post inspired you! This blog is shared by Samantha Martin, VLWL intern.