“Boiler Up” on a Den Pop and “Hammer Down” on a Hammer Donut

IMG_0361Just when you thought being a Boilermaker couldn’t get any better, it does! We now have a place to get FRESH donuts on campus for a reasonable price! Hammer Donuts is a small, but mighty donut shop inside the famous Discount Den in Chauncey Hill.

As soon as you walk into The Den you will see a beautifully painted mural painted by Lafayette’s own Elaine Nygren. The mural displays colorful donuts and sprinkles with a Purdue hammer hitting the wall. It’s the perfect back drop for a donut shop. It gives Hammer Donuts an artsy and colorful feel.

Hammer Donuts has teamed up with local businesses such as the Neon Cactus. On Thursday nights you can bring in your cactus cup and fill it up with donut holes for only $4.99. The Hammer Donuts Instagram is sure to make you hungry for a fresh hammer donut.

Hammer donuts can also fulfill your catering needs. The bright pink donut boxes are a great addition to your early morning meeting or staff breakfast. Hammer donuts does it all.

Purdue’s campus has had fro-yo options, Chinese food, AJ’s Burgers, Brothers Bar, and everything in-between that a hungry college student needs, except donuts! Now our campus is officially complete and just in time with State street opening and students returning for the semester.


These donuts aren’t just your average donuts. Owner, Tate Schienbein, a 2017 Purdue Grad, makes the donuts from scratch using his own family recipe. The donuts are freshly made right there inside the Den every morning! The donuts look and more importantly, taste amazing. In addition to the amazing donuts, Hammer Donuts serves coffee from Lafayette’s own Copper Moon. This business is already on its way to being a Purdue tradition.


The menu includes classic donuts, specialty donuts, and donut holes! My personal favorite is the specialty Lucky Charm covered donut. Hammer Donuts is the perfect compliment for the legendary Discount Den. How exciting is it that we can now “Boiler up” on a den pop and “hammer down” on a hammer donut! As Tate says, “Boiler Raised, Hammer Made!”. Head to 135 S Chauncey Ave Suite 1J in West Lafayette to give these delicious donuts a try for yourself.

Purdue University Student and Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Intern, Emily, shares this blog.




Five Free Fall Things to Do in West Lafayette!

Whether its exploring the outdoors, playing a game, or learning some history – there is so much to do in West Lafayette! Take advantage of the cool, beautiful fall season and check some of these free activities out!

1. Play Chess at Founder’s Park


Enjoy the cool autumn weather outdoors at Founder’s Park on Purdue’s campus! Nestled amongst the classroom buildings of the school is this park comprised of over two acres of walking, biking, and relaxation opportunities! You can visit the Loeb Fountain which recycles up to 2,200 gallons of water per minute! You can also enjoy a game of chess with a friend on the stone chess tables offered there.

2. Armstrong Hall


Ever wanted to meet Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon? At Neil Armstrong Hall on Purdue’s campus, you have that chance! In front of the building, there is a statue of his likeness, as well as imprints of his shoe prints. Dreamers can come here and imagine themselves becoming an astronaut.

3. Celery Bog


Feel the crunch of the falling leaves under your feet at the Celery Bog in West Lafayette. Hike the trails or stop at the Lily Nature Center to learn more about the wildlife there! Visiting the bog would be a great way to spend the day with your family or on your own!

4. Black Cultural Center

The Black Cultural Center provides purposeful, holistic, scholarly and co-curricular programming designed to strengthen understanding of African American heritage. Each season they offer a Cultural Arts Series. For example, last fall the BCC featured book signings, painting galleries, even a lecture from famed Purdue faculty member Roxane Gay.
5. West Lafayette Library

The West Lafayette Public Library is a full service public library serving the residents of West Lafayette, Indiana since 1921. Spend a cool autumn day picking from one of the hundreds of fantastic novels offered here! There’s nothing better than a day spent outdoors reading.

This blog was shared by Samantha Martin, a Purdue student Visitor Information Specialist intern at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette.



Five Free Fall Things to Do in Lafayette!

There are always things to do in Lafayette… You’ve got to take advantage of these free activities and attractions this Fall!

1. Wildcat Creek Winery Tasting

Pop in for a free wine tasting at Wildcat Creek Winery. Savor a Lafayette Red, a Harvest Cranberry, an Aunt Minnie’s Cherry Tree – these are just some of the wonderful flavors that Wildcat Creek has to offer. Relax in their traditional Indiana Farmhouse, see the leaves changing color, and sip on some homemade wines!

2. Clegg Memorial Gardens

clegggardens_d (1)

Explore the Clegg Memorial Gardens, which is especially beautiful in the autumn months. The trails there take you on an adventure through the woods overlooking Wildcat Creek! This park is free to the public and open dawn to dusk. Hiking the trails would be a wonderful activity for families, couples, or going solo!

3. Columbian Park Zoo

Admission is free to this great zoo located right here in Lafayette! See the exhibits featuring prairie dogs, emus, wallabies, butterflies, a petting zoo, and more! You can spend the day with your family and not spend a buck learning about the approximately 190 animals who live there.

4. Tour the Historic Neighborhoods 

mansionhomepage2The great city of Lafayette was founded in 1825! Still here today, there are eight historic neighborhoods filled with homes, museums, parks, etc. The neighborhoods are Centennial, Columbian Park, Downtown, Ellsworth-Romig, Highland Park, Ninth Street, Perrin and St. Mary’s. On the website, you can find printable walking tours, webcasts, virtual tours and more.

5. Operation Trick or Treat


“Operation Trick or Treat” is a unique Halloween experience here in Lafayette! Each year this event collects canned food donations for the Food Finders Food Bank. Kids and families can dress in costumes and go trick or treating at local businesses downtown! Look for an orange pumpkin displayed in the business window to know who is participating.

This blog was shared by Samantha Martin, a Purdue student Visitor Information Specialist intern at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette.




National Cheeseburger Day – DT Kirby’s Calling!

The Cheeseburger may be the most famous American food symbol there is. Cheeseburgers are to Americans like Pasta is to Italians. The official beginning of the cheeseburger is unknown, but we do know the cheeseburger will always be an American favorite. You can experience the taste of the great American Cheeseburger right here in Lafayette, Indiana. National Cheeseburger Day is today, September 18th and what better way to celebrate than heading over to DT Kirby’s in Downtown Lafayette.


The Mac ‘N Nap

DT Kirby’s has a one of a kind menu you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The Mac ‘N Nap burger is my personal favorite. The Mac ‘N Nap is a burger with mac and cheese on a pretzel bun. This meal is the best option when you can’t decide between a mac and cheese meal or a nice juicy burger. The pretzel bun completes the whole burger. The Mac ‘N Nap is simply the best of both worlds. The Mac and Cheese piled on top of the thick and juicy burger is the kind of mess that you will be completely okay with. It’s an incredible tasting burger that gives cheeseburger a whole new meaning.

Prime Burger

Corey enjoying his Prime Burger

So, what if you’re not a big burger person? DT Kirby’s offers much more than burgers. You can choose from a selection of sandwiches, salads, and their famous hot dogs. They also offer a full service bar. DT Kirby’s can cater to anyone’s eating (or drinking) needs.

A look at the bar

A look at the bar

DT Kirby’s offers a unique environment for their guests that keeps their regulars coming back time and time again. There are many “rules” at DT Kirby’s including no ketchup for your burgers and no take home boxes. Don’t try to ask for a knife, because at DT Kirby’s, they think real men don’t cut need to cut their burger in half. The rules are listed right there on the menu and some are posted throughout the store. If you’re looking for a sign upon arriving at DT Kirby’s, you won’t find one. At DT Kirby’s they believe their customers should be able to find them without a big sign out in front of the store. The restrooms even have a very different feel to them (I won’t spoil the surprise for you). In addition to all of that, If you’re a Chicago Cubs,

fan you’ll absolutely love the Cubs decor throughout DT Kirby’s.

Prime Burger

Prime Burger

Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day the right way! Head to DT Kirby’s at 644 Main Street in Lafayette for the biggest, most tasty, and picture worthy burger you’ve ever had.

Emily, Purdue University Student and Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Intern, shares this blog.



Purdue Incoming Freshman Tips

Coming to a new school can be scary for anyone! Especially a big campus like Purdue. There are so many things that freshmen should know before studying here. I’m coming up on my fourth year here and I’ve written five of what I think are the best tips for incoming students!

Purdue Student Organizations

Go to the beginning of the year event, the B-Involved Fair, which advertises all of the Purdue organizations. Joining clubs and organizations on campus can really help make friends when you’re first starting here. This year it will be Saturday August 19 at the France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center!


The B-Involved Fair hosts my club, the Feminist Action Coalition for Today (FACT) each year! It’s always so much fun and it has clubs for every interest and passion.

Purdue App


Download the Purdue app, which has information on dining courts, has directions/maps to campus, and a lot more! You can check out which dining court to grab lunch at, when your bus will arrive, and tons of useful information.

Residence Hall Tips

If you live in a residence hall, keep your door open! Especially during the first few weeks, it gives people an opportunity to see and talk with you. Plus, it helps cool down the building if there’s no A/C!


I lived in Meredith Hall my first year at Purdue! It felt like a really close-knit community and everyone kept their doors open in order to meet other students!

Computer Labs

Learn where the computer labs are on campus. They’re a great, quiet place to get work done. It’s also helpful to know where they are for when you are printing notes and assignments.IMG_2232


Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.25.19 AM

Get to know the CityBus system! Hopping on the bus to get around campus can make student life so much easier. It can be a little confusing at first – but utilizing the bus system is a vital part of freshman year!

I hope that these tips will help new students here at Purdue. Getting involved on campus, learning your way around, gathering information about the dining courts and more, and making friends – these things are what college is all about! Enjoy your time here and Boiler Up!

This blog was shared by Visitor Information Specialist Intern, Samantha Martin!











What Lies Beyond Purdue Campus Part 1

Greetings from Purdue University Students, Emily & Sam! Enjoying Another Broken Egg!

Greetings from Purdue University Students, Emily & Sam! Enjoying Another Broken Egg!

Coming up on my fourth year as a student at Purdue University, I am reflecting on how I’ve spent my time in Lafayette-West Lafayette and the surrounding areas. Sure, I’ve been to some of the events on campus like Starry Night, but have I really experienced the Greater Lafayette area? Definitely not! I lived in the residence halls for the past three years, and so all of my activities and knowledge of events was based around campus. However, it wasn’t until joining the staff here at VLWL that I came to realize all of the things there are do and see just off of Purdue’s campus. A big part of working here means that I help visitors and locals connect with events and businesses here in Lafayette-West Lafayette.

Two of our senior staff members took another new employee and I out on a tour of the community so that we would be able to educate people who come into our office. It just so happens that we had a lot of fun doing so! I’ve detailed all of the awesome places that we were able to visit, and I encourage everyone who hasn’t ventured off campus to visit as well!

Breakfast! Yum!

Breakfast! Yum!

Another Broken Egg They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And Another Broken Egg is a great spot to get it at. We started our day off by stopping by and checking out this Purdue staple open since 1996. It’s located on Northwestern Ave next to the Stacked Pickle. We tried a variety of dishes, from sweet to savory – and it was all delicious! This is definitely a great spot for students, faculty and the community to come and grab breakfast or brunch.  Please note there is parking in the back.

The Farm & Prophetstown State Park As you first enter Prophetstown State Park, you’ll come across The Farm. This place is a must-see for anyone who loves animals! Chickens, sheep, horses, pigs, and more! We were even lucky enough to get the chance to hold kittens that were just weeks old. Surrounded by the beautiful State Park, the Farm is a great place to escape from the hustle of Purdue’s campus. After stopping by the Farm, you can explore the trails and sights of Prophetstown. The State Park is a great spot for bike riding, walking trails, or having picnics.

Hi chickens!

Hi chickens!

Battlefield Memorial

Battlefield Memorial

Tippecanoe Battlefield This site commemorates the Battle of Tippecanoe which occurred in 1811. We visited the landmark of this historic battle, which also has a museum nearby telling the story of the battle between U.S Forces led by William Henry Harrison and the Native American confederation led by The Prophet. The Battlefield is surrounded by beautiful scenic hiking trails and picnic areas. This would be a great place for visitors to take some time to come and learn about the impact that Tippecanoe County had on our country’s history!

Wolf Park The Wolf Park is home to 13 wolves, including some loveable new born wolf pups! They also host foxes, coyotes and bison there. This place is a wonderful place to walk outside and view some beautiful animals up close. The Park is dedicated to researching wolves, and contributing to education and conservation of the species. It hosts Howl Nights which are a great attraction for students and families alike – staff enter the enclosure and interact with the wolf pack, and you have the opportunity to howl with the wolves! It’s wonderful to see such enthusiasm for growing and protecting this species!

Garden Gate Tea Room This place is absolutely adorable! If you’re looking for a cute and unique place to have lunch with friends, this is definitely it. We enjoyed personal pots of tea from a HUGE variety of flavor choices. I also enjoyed a sandwich and a delicious cup of carrot soup! Decorated as a traditional tea room, with doilies and all, the Garden Gate Tea Room in Delphi will make anyone feel like royalty. Reservations recommended for this small, cozy space!

Riding the Delphi!

Riding the Delphi!

Wabash and Erie Canal We had the opportunity to walk through the museum at the canal in Delphi. This museum is really remarkable because it was constructed almost entirely by volunteers! It’s filled with interactive exhibits, countless historic artifacts, and educational information about Indiana’s history. The museum is on the banks of the canal, with beautiful natural views. Just a short walk from the museum is the Canal Village which is a reconstruction of a Pioneer Village, complete with a Blacksmith, one room school house, and others. It is reminiscent of Connor Prairie, but located just outside of Lafayette!

More adventure awaits in the afternoon!  Check back to this blog on Friday, July 7, for more local afternoon fun in Lafayette-West Lafayette! Samantha, Purdue University Student, shares this blog.




Artists’ Own-Featuring Local Art and Handmade Products

Scott Frankenberger Pottery

Scott Frankenberger Pottery

Julia, a Purdue Grad Student, shares her shopping experience at a unique art gallery and shop, Artists’ Own!

My sister’s birthday was coming up during our summer family vacation and we needed to get her a gift in a pinch!  A shop that I pass by on a regular basis, Artists’ Own, has always caught my eye.  Artists’ Own is a cooperative business run by local artists from all over Lafayette, West Lafayette and nearby areas.    The products in Artists’ Own range from scarves and handmade cards to handmade plates, mugs, unique pieces of art, even creative teapots! The artists in the co-op are featured in Art Around the Fountain and a few other local events. The staff at Artists’ Own is the local artists who feature their artwork within this creative shop and they have a passion for all of the work submitted by the different artists and always gives useful and insightful information about the piece in question.

Ladies Shopping!

Ladies Shopping!

My favorite new artist who has a large amount of stock in Artists’ Own is Zach Medler.  I chose a piece by this artist because his style seemed urban, but clean and (since I can’t find the words to describe how his unique style is) AMAZING!  A solid favorite in my family is the work of Scott Frankenberger.  His work with ceramics is coated in beautiful, deep shades of reds, browns and blues that my family loves to give as presents! If you’re not in the mood to make a purchase, the other side of Artists’ Own is a gallery featuring the artists of the co-op.  A must see for the art-inclined!

For more information about Artists’ Own and other art galleries and shops in Lafayette-West Lafayette visit www.HomeofPurdue.com.

Battle Ground – My School Days Playground! Don’t miss the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering!

SONY DSCPurdue Student, Julia, shares her enjoyment at the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering in Battle Ground, Indiana, taking place June 28-30.

The Fiddlers’ in Battle Ground is a perfect weekend event for music-lovers.  The official name is “Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering”, but it is often referred to as the “Fiddlers'” depending on where one is from.   I attended the festival with a great group of friends who would appreciate a night of folk music!  The festival goes from Friday until Sunday with campers from all over the state (and beyond), giving the Fiddlers’ an inviting and community-effort feeling. The town of Battle Ground is quite small, but it in a town where everyone knows each other and it is fun to see the locals having a weekend to welcome others.

We staked out the perfect spot for our folding chairs and blankets where we could hear all the music and watch the town move about the grounds.  We had a fantastic night with good friends listening to live music that is hard to come by!  If you become restless, the Fiddlers’ is on the Tippecanoe Battlefield, which leads to a beautiful creek, a bridge that crosses it and fields past the bridge.  Our group enjoyed listening to the bands, socializing in a friendly environment, and as the sun went down, catching fireflies. The Fiddlers’ is an annual event that I would always recommend!

Also, note!  Visitors can order discounted tickets at www.indianafiddlersgathering.org!  Have fun!

Fiddlers LorriSweeney

Summer Marketing and Antiquing

Purdue Student, Julia, shares her summer experience shopping and antiquing in Lafayette-West Lafayette.

Summer time in Lafayette-West Lafayette is by far the most nostalgic and peaceful time I can think of.  Growing up in the area provided a wonderful education and a perfect place to be a family, and now as a graduate student I can enjoy Lafayette-West Lafayette for the entertainment possibilities and community festivals!  To start off the summer right and take a break from an intensive summer course, I took part in one of the best weekly summer activities, the downtown Saturday morning farmer’s market!

I woke up early on Saturday and met some friends at the farmers market downtown.  Buying local produce during the lush produce season is a fun variation from every day grocery shopping and opens a door to what others in the community are able to produce!

I bought two types of cheese from a small stand before making my way over to First Class Clutter, an antique store a few blocks from the farmers market.  I have quite the weak spot for our local antique stores because they offer a variety of odds and ends. Today’s trip was unique because I found some bright blue beaded costume jewelry that will look perfect with a new outfit I recently purchased.

One of the newest additions to downtown that I visited for the first time on our Saturday morning stroll was a bookstore called Robots and Rogues.  This is a must-see place for those with a taste for science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels or delightfully nerdy shows.  I loved this store because they had a Dr. Who book series out and a graphic novel of Serenity.  This book store has a very different and quirky character that is rare downtown.

Being downtown makes it irresistible from stopping at a wonderful wine and cheese restaurant called Main Street Cheese and Wine.  Fun fact, my friends and I did the website for this shop when we were seniors!  The owner, Ivan, is a kind and knowledgeable man who graciously worked with Purdue hospitality students on a business media project.  Stopping by to support his business by sampling local, delicious cheeses and refreshing, creative wine is the least we could do!

Spiced Apple Wine


The last stop on our morning trip was a coffee shop I had never seen before.  K.Dee’s coffee is a place to bookmark if you are a coffee-lover!  The prices were startlingly low for the good quality product and inviting atmosphere.  From the outside, the coffee shop does not look like much, but the inside has a look and feel that makes you wish you were an author.  I ordered a simple iced Americano, and it was a perfect end to a warm, sunny Saturday perusing new places around my hometown!

Fall Time on Campus! Greyhouse Coffee

What a busy time on campus!  Fall is absolutely beautiful and the life around West Lafayette booms!  This week my local destination is Purdue University and the wonderful escapes I’ve had!  I’m in a very exciting graduate program called Atlantis in the College of Technology which promotes relations from multiple counties and sends the students to the United States, Spain and Ireland for two years to receive two masters’ degrees in sustainable technology.  The international students make the most of the year they have at Purdue and explore as much as they can.  I can’t wait to share campus with new students both international and from other states!

In the fall, I make Greyhouse Coffee Shop a regular part of my week.  I used to work at Greyhouse, and even though I left the job due to research needs two years ago, I feel like part of the Greyhouse family!  There is a perfect-sized menu with so many favorite dishes and drinks!  Greyhouse offers crepes, espresso drinks, coffee, gelato, pastries and retail.  I love going to Greyhouse on a late-night walk through campus and getting a little cup of gelato, or studying there during the day and ordering a London Fog (sweetened Earl Grey tea with milk).  If I’m in the mood for an entire meal, I go for my favorite crepe which is available all day!  I love a breakfast crepe with spinach, mozzarella cheese and specialty sausage.

Greyhouse makes a point to order their ingredients from local suppliers.  Their coffee comes from all over the world, but with much more care and research than most people know!  They make sure that the prices are fair trade or even better than fair trade.  When I worked at Greyhouse, the coffee was from small farms in Rwanda.  Greyhouse started working with these small places abroad to see first-hand where the beans came from, the process to produce them, and how they can form a symbiotic relationship.

I could rave about my favorite coffee shop on campus for pages and pages, but I know I should be short and to the point!  For great quality, loving customer service and an atmosphere unmatched on campus, come study or relax at Greyhouse!

(Thank you, Julia B. for sharing your Purdue University Student experience!)