From College Days to Family Days at Scotty’s Brewhouse!

Happening Now!  Right now the locals are talking aScottysbout Scotty’s Brewhouse, a local Indiana restaurant and bar serving decadent burgers, sweet and spicy wraps, homemade soups and refreshing salads. Local businessman, Scotty Wise, opened the original Scotty’s Brewhouse in Muncie, Indiana in 1996 and in less than twenty years nine brewhouses have flourished. This brewhouse is unique with its specialty menu that offers something for everyone, including gluten free options, low calorie and their own exclusive brews!

I have been a Scotty’s fan since my college days (ten years ago!) at Ball State University, the location of the first Scotty’s Brewhouse. This was a hang out for all my friends to grab a bite to eat and order a fresh, local beer. The atmosphere at Scotty’s is laid back, fun and the perfect place to spend time with good friends. When I moved to the West Lafayette area 5 years ago, I was so excited there was a Scotty’s located here. I am now a wife and mother and my life has changed a lot over the years, but this restaurant has stayed the same serving delicious food and providing wonderful customer service.

Gluten Free Options!

Gluten Free Options!

Ten years of eating at Scotty’s has provided me with a wide variety of food choices. My long time favorite is their mo’fo’ buffalo grilled chicken wrap with a side of bleu cheese dressing. The buffalo sauce is the perfect balance of medium to hot and the chicken is lightly grilled and juicy. They have a rocking bleu cheese dressing, which is good not only on their wraps, but to dip your french fries into! I highly recommend ordering their bar-b-q pulled pork nachos, which includes their thr3e wise men seasoned potato chips, white queso, bar-b-q pulled pork, corn, red onions and jalapeños. The pulled pork is sweet and meaty and with the queso smothered all over it is a heavenly delight. With our little one, we always try to order something healthy. Their kids menu features everything from a mini portion of soup and salad to gluten free grilled cheese sandwiches to mac-n-cheese. Our daughter loves the grilled cheese with a side of broccoli.  My husband and I always nab a few pieces of her broccoli! It is light, crisp and we assume they add a hint of salt or some spice because they make plain ol’ broccoli delicious!

Friends Visiting Scotty's!

Friends Visiting Scotty’s!

Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy.  For more information about this restaurant and others in the area, visit our website at

Hunters Pub offers beer, wings, football and more!

IMG_4205Beer, wings, football! Is this what you think of when one asks what you are doing on a Sunday afternoon in the fall? It is my husband’s go to statement! One place where they serve fabulous chicken wings and a diverse selection of beer is Hunter’s Pub. This bar and restaurant offers exemplary service with a true neighborhood feel. There are 3 locations throughout Lafayette-West Lafayette and they each have multiple t.v.’s for continuous football viewing!

Fall is one of our favorite seasons for two different reasons; football for my husband and football food for myself! I enjoy football, but I am not an avid watcher. If my hubby will take me to a fun restaurant with good food, I am sold! One such place is Hunter’s Pub. My husband says there is an art to ordering food while watching a game. First we have to order appetizers to munch on during the first half and when there is 2 minutes left in that half, we can order our entrees. Not one second before the 2-minute mark! Hunter’s Pub has such a wide selection of appetizers it is hard to choose, but their wings (as mentioned above) are wonderful. Their jumbo wings are juicy and perfect dipped in a bit of ranch. We usually alternate between ordering their loaded nachos, potato skins and schroomies (hushpuppy-like fritters made with portabella mushrooms, jalapeno peppers and 4 different cheeses and served with ranch). The best games are when we are with a bunch of friends and we order all three!

Onto the entrees! Hmmm…where to start?!  Many times I order a salad after downing so many calories in our appetizers. One would assume with the bar-like feel of the place, that they wouldn’t have a diverse salad selection, but they have 13 different salads on their menu!  My favorite is their black and blue salad, which features fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, blue cheese crumbles and is topped with blackened chicken. It is light and refreshing. My husband wouldn’t be caught dead ordering a salad on game day! He is a burger kind of guy and simple at that. Their Hunters Burger is beef, bun and cheese. Simple yet yummy! (I usually nab a bite!) They offer 12 different burgers and are 1/2 pound of 100% ground beef. President, Jo Wade, of Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette shares, “I LOVE that they also have wonderful veggie black bean burgers that not many pubs include their variety on their menus. I truly appreciate that option when eating with my meat eating family and friends!”

Check out all these t.v.'s for football viewing!

Check out all these t.v.’s for football viewing! -At Southside Hunter’s Pub

Football season is here, and finding the perfect place to watch is so important. Head to one of Hunter’s Pub 3 locations and enjoy everything they have to offer. Great food, atmosphere and service all in one location!

For more information about this restaurant and others in our area, visit our website at

Dining Divas and Dates Visit Emergency Munchie Truck at the West Lafayette Farmers Market

The Dining Divas and Dates eagerly researched the offerings of the Emergency Munchie Truck (EMT) during one of its regular visits at the West Lafayette Farmers Market.

Check out all this amazing food!

Check out all this amazing food!

The EMT makes a clever first impression with the retrofitted ambulance turned into a food truck, complete with an electrocardiogram across its side. We wanted food– stat!

The charming second impression is made by owner Amber Davis, dressed in scrubs,  as she leans out the window to take your order. (She says she visits her chiropractor regularly due to the window bend she performs so often!) She’s joined by boyfriend Kenny when he’s not being a stuntman (Chicago PD, Drive & the latest Indiana Jones movie are all on his resume), mom Debbie, and Purdue student Susan.

The tasty third impression is in the unusual array of vegetarian food featuring whole grains, organic and/or local ingredients, vegan and gluten free options, with an effort made to avoid high fructose corn syrup and MSG. Don’t let the technical details get you down—this stuff is delicious and creative. Read on!

Triple B

Triple B

When the votes are tallied, our favorite dish (Bev, Jeff, Jo & Jerry) is the Triple B, a black bean burger with blue cheese and spicy buffalo sauce served on crunchy, savory waffles. It sounds strange but you’ll quickly adapt to the waffle concept and all their sandwiches are served this way. Those waffles provide little pockets for all the yummy sauces we loved so much. This burger has some zing to it and we enjoyed the blue/buffalo flavors.

Triple M

Triple M

Kay’s favorite is the Triple M, a mac & cheese stuffed grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar spread and creamy Muenster. We like it even more with a dash of Sriracha sauce which they have on hand.

Mac & Black blends the best of both triple burgers with a spicy black bean burger topped with mac and cheese—then there’s more cheese and buffalo sauce for a good, hearty sandwich. Margy and Dan cast their votes for this one!

Want something lighter? Check out the egg salad, made-to-order fries with secret munchie sauce, or the very tasty sweet potato fries. We all decided that when we rave about the EMT, which we do, we’ll rave about those sweet potato fries with chipotle ketchup—and those words come from the mouths of some people who wasted their entire lives thinking they didn’t like sweet potatoes! This isn’t your mother’s sweet potato & marshmallow casserole.

EMT Sweet Potato Fries

EMT Sweet Potato Fries

Mac & Cheese Nuggets

Mac & Cheese Nuggets

At this point, we’re getting seriously sated but there’s so much more to try. Mac Bites, fried bundles of mac and cheese with secret sauce are always popular, and poutine, beer cheese (made with People’s Brewing Co. beer) and pretzel stix have us digging in for more.

There are the always-changing, seasonal favorites which is where Amber gets to do what she loves best—create innovative foods– and where local veggies from Cooley Family Farm influence that creativity.  Summer brings grilled cheese with asparagus, a chickpea and couscous salad with asparagus, eggplant parmesan served on waffles, and corn and tomato salad, while autumn brings apple fries (apples from Wea Creek Orchard) chili, sweet & spicy curry, and black bean burgers with apple slaw.

Fresh strawberry lemonade

Fresh strawberry lemonade

Dining Dan isn’t a vegetarian but even he’s happy! And Jerry, who voted for that Triple B burger, says he’d change his vote to the freshly made strawberry lemonade– served with the rim of the cup dusted with sugar– if it just had a shot of vodka in it.

At this point, we’ve fed seven people, we’re all stuffed to the gills and the only thing left on the table is a few baby carrots.  As we settle in to that post-dining diva haze, we turn our brains back on and notice that the plastic cups are compostable and food items are served in paper baskets or recyclable plastic. There’s no Styrofoam to be seen.

EMT 2014.2Our surroundings at the West Lafayette Farmers Market are lovely with great local music, the opportunity to see lots of friends, and pleasant weather. Jerry notes it would be a perfect spot for an online meeting/date– very safe and casual. He quickly assures his wife, Margy, that he’s not done that—he’s just thinking of others. Kay is delighted with an evening sitting under a tree with live music, good friends and sweet potato fries. Jeff says it’s a wonderful place to meet his wife, Bev, for a stroll, dinner and fresh local produce—plus it’s the only way he gets to see her on Wednesday evenings since that’s where she spends her Wednesdays.

Stuffed brownies

Stuffed brownies

Jo heads back up to the truck because we really must try the stuffed brownies which we declare are fabulous, delicious and sinful.  The receipt for all this goodness ($60 for seven people with dinner, dessert and lemonade) will be emailed to her, completely itemized, and she knows when she looks it over, she’ll want all this goodness again.

Amber got into this business as food trucks became popular around the country. “I’ve always loved to cook,” she says, “and since I’m a vegetarian, I needed to get creative.” Turns out she used to sell corrugated pipes so the Dining Divas are thrilled she changed course. She and her team cook out of the YWCA’s certified kitchen and work 12-15 hour days including most weekends. About 50% of their time is spent in the truck while the rest is spent shopping, prepping, cooking, marketing, loading and unloading.

She admits it can get pretty toasty in the truck. “I don’t know if black was the best idea for the paint! But the exhaust fan is huge so it pulls a lot of air through.” She’d like to do more special events and private events where they can customize a fun menu for people who truly enjoy quality food. A recent ‘Around the World’ theme was a big hit at a recent private party.

EMT2014.7We’re all EMT fans and we invite you to join us as we chase them across the community. They’re at the West Lafayette Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4-7 during the market season (through October). Their other stops, including People’s, Matchbox, and Harry’s, can be found on their website (www., Facebook or Twitter.

Next up: Mama Ines

The Hour Time Restaurant – A Special Place to Gather!

Come eat under the clock! You can’t miss this distinctive clock off of South Street at Interstate 65, welcoming guests to the community. The large four-faced clock gave the restaurant its name. Before arriving in Indiana it had stood for more than 50 years (constructed in 1910) atop the Times Mill Railroad Station in Rochdale, England. It was a well- known feature of Yorkshire County and was often called “The Big Ben of Northern England”.  The Roachdale Clock was shipped to the states after it’s removal in 1962 and the restaurant owner; Roy Meeks purchased the clock at an exclusive Los Angeles auction of architectural antiques. The restaurant was then designed around it.

The clock isn’t the only unique feature of this restaurant! In the middle of the restaurant you will find a live Ficus Benjamina tree. It grows up through the three levels of the restaurant and is a great addition to the ambiance of the restaurant. The multi-levels of the restaurant also add a sense of privacy making this a great place for a romantic date night, there are all sorts of nooks and crannies where a couple or group of people can gather to enjoy a semi private dinner. Over the years my family has held many of our special occasions here; Valentine’s Days, anniversaries and birthdays, including my 21st birthday party with my family! Wine was always on the table when visiting the Hour Time and I was very excited to be able to finally partake in the wine that day!  So much so, I’m pretty sure I drank two bottles of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante all on my own! Good thing I wasn’t driving that day! Besides the special occasions, many regular meals out with the family have been enjoyed here throughout the years.

The Hour Time is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week and they really do have a large variety to choose from. Now, down to the part you really want to know… the food! For breakfast I would recommend trying their Benedict Florentine. Eggs Benedict isn’t something you find at a lot of places but in addition, this is special as it has spinach on it, which just makes the dish.  It’s two poached eggs, served on an English muffin, creamed spinach and smothered with hollandaise sauce. Served with breakfast potatoes and a Parmesan tomato.  For lunch I would recommend the Chicken Salad and Fresh Fruit Plate. It’s a great lite lunch, featuring chunks of all white chicken, mixed with their special dressing, accompanied with a medley of fresh seasonal fruit chunks, butter pound cake and a special creamy dipping sauce. Okay so maybe it isn’t so lite on calories, but when you leave you will feel satisfyingly full but not stuffed.  I’m not a big steak eater but I’ve heard they have fabulous steaks for dinner. Family members often get steaks and are always thoroughly pleased. My favorite is the Chicken Tortellini Alfredo. It’s a sautéed skinless chicken breast blended with a rich blend of Parmesan cheese, butter, seasonings and cream, tossed with tortellini and accompanied with a toasted garlic bread wedge. Yum, my mouth is watering as I’m writing this….hmmm wonder if dinner is ready yet? If not maybe my husband would be up for the Hour Time tonight! (Who am I kidding; of course it’s not ready! Haha!)

I hope you will try the Hour Time soon! Oh and for something fun be sure to go in the restaurant entrance from the parking lot and check out the fun mirror in the vestibule. Don’t worry; you don’t really look like that!


The Hour Time Restaurant is located at the Best Western at 4343 South Street in Lafayette. To learn more, see the menu or make a reservation check out their website at: or call 765-448-4669.

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Weekend Update: International Breast Cancer & Nutrition Barnyard Bash and Fifth Anniversary of Wildcat Creek Winery

Wildcat Creek Winery

Wildcat Creek Winery

Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Wildcat Creek Winery on Saturday, September 27! The winery will be releasing their newest wine, Harvest Cranberry. See exhibits and demonstrations by local artists: Ron Burgess, Mary Thomas Firestone, Deb Achgill, & Linda Elmore. Enjoy jazz by Steve Robinett Hot Three. Buy a bottle of wine, Fair Oaks cheese and crackers and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation overlooking their pretty prairie.

10384335_948118948546960_6781324216324070590_nTractor/wagon rides, face-painting, children and family games, apple cider making, hedge apple bowling, a bounce house, a food truck, an obstacle course, hiking; where can you find all of this and more?? At the 3rd Annual International Breast Cancer & Nutrition Barnyard Bash on September 28 at Wea Creek Orchard!!Not only will there be fun activities, but visitors can enjoy performances by The Tommy Sors Band and the Harrison High School Jazz Choir.
Be entertained by cooking demonstrations by Chef Rosa of Adelino’s Old World Kitchen and a special performance from the Purdue Golduster Dance Team. Best of all, the EMT Food Truck will be serving their amazing sandwiches and sides. Their Triple M sandwich is loaded with creamy Muenster, sharp cheddar spread and homemade mac n’ cheese between savory, crispy waffles- this is a must-have!


For more information about these events and other special “happenings” in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at

Fun Fall Getaway Contest 2014 Details!

Feast of the Hunters' Moon

Feast of the Hunters’ Moon

Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette is excited to announce our Fun Fall Getaway Contest 2014 to our 2 great cities.  The competition started on Monday, September 15, and we want to share why each business who has donated to these packages is so fabulous!

One great winner will win the following package worth over $500!

  • Guests will receive top-notch service at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Lafayette where you can make yourself at home in one of their spacious suites offering a fully equipped kitchen and indulge in a hot full breakfast.
  • Enjoy history, culture and wood smoked, authentic food at the annual “Feast of the Hunters’ Moon“!
  • Have you ever heard the saying “Meet you at Arni’s!” This saying can be heard at least once a week at Social Media Specialist, Sara’s home, where she and her family enjoy thin crust pizza, Arni’s salad, garlic bread and more!
  •  Bruno’s is famous for its “Bruno Dough” but even better yet is the friendly wait staff who make your visit fun and relaxing.  They have every kind of pizza pie from pepperon, deluxe to peanut butter and jelly!
  •  Triple XXX or Route 66 offers some of the best burgers (The Duane Purvis All American is a fave!) in the nation in a retro style diner atmosphere. Don’t miss all the fun jewelry, handbags, specialty candy and more at Route 66!
  • World famous coney dogs, homemade root beer in specialty frosted mugs and a special pledge to always offer the quality, service and cleanliness to every customer from the staff can be found at Dog N’ Suds.
  • What is better than a box of homemade decadent chocolates?  NOTHING!  Kathy’s Kandies is making a specialty box just for you.
  • Fiber / fabric wall art, fine porcelain & stoneware pottery, hand-made ‘Green Gifts’ and much, much more can be purchased a Grateful Heart Gallery & Gifts where 5 area residents present their craft.
  • An exceptional laser tag, awesome arcade games, good food and great experiences can all be found at Skate America.
  • Two Tulips offers shoppers everything from darling children’s clothes and piggy banks, specialty stationary, to fun decorative gifts for the home.
  • One Earth Gallery & Gifts is rich in jewelry that is handmade with natural materials by Native American jewelers.  Also note, this shop offers baskets, pottery, coffee, etc.
  • Prophetstown State Park is hosting this fall the 5th Annual Trail of Scarecrows so make sure you visit to vote for your favorite scarecrow!
  • Howl with the wolves at Wolf Park and see all the different animals; coyotes, foxes, & bison.
  • Enjoy exploring our beautiful outdoors on a bike from Virtuous Cycles and take in the beauty of fall colors!

Go to to sign up!  Entries will be accepted through Monday, September 22, 2014 at noon. A Winner will be announced the week of September 29, 2014.

Fun Fall Getaway Contest 2014!

Fun Fall Getaway Contest 2014! Discover why Lafayette-West Lafayette is the best choice for a weekend with your friends and family to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and Feast of the Hunters’ Moon. You can enter to win a weekend getaway worth over $500 to Lafayette-West Lafayette to partake in all our town has to offer! Our local restaurants, hotels, shops and attractions have donated fun gifts to one special person. Good luck!

Enter to Win (by answering this question correctly below)!

Share with us your favorite fall activity in Lafayette-West Lafayette? OR if you have never visited our 2 great cities, what fall activity would you love to experience here?

Leave your answer below in the “Leave a Reply.” We will collect all of the replies and pick the most intriguing!

One great winner will win the following package!

Entries will be accepted through Monday, September 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm. A winner will be announced the week of September 29, 2014! Leave your reply in the box below and click “Post Comment.” Please note that your answer will show up on your computer, but no one else will see your answer until the contest is over.

If you select “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” you will receive an email for every contest entry. We will be approving and posting ALL of the entries (with your name and answer) at the END of the contest (if you have selected to receive follow-up comments and we receive a lot of entries, make note you will receive an EMAIL for EVERY ENTRY when we approve the answers). By entering, participants release their emails to Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette. Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette will not share or sell your information.

Frozen Custard – A Must Stop When You Visit Columbian Park

SONY DSCFew areas in Lafayette – West Lafayette are as iconic as Columbian Park and the neighborhood surrounding it. For years, places like Tom’s Parkside Deli, Arni’s pizza and the Frozen Custard anchored the neighborhood that is home to a dense population of Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Ward “kit” homes dating from the early 20th century.

While upgrades have naturally occurred over the years to the various attractions and restaurants – a massive zoo and park renovation, the Parkside Deli converting to an Oyster Bar – and new additions have been added such as Tropicanoe Cove Water Park, not much has changed on Wallace Ave, where the Frozen Custard and Arni’s call themselves home.

Columbian Park

Columbian Park

I’m entering my 9th season as the varsity boys tennis coach at Lafayette Jeff, and I make it a tradition to go to the Frozen Custard with my team at least once during the year. It’s a perfect spot to snag an ice cream cone, sundae, fruit drink or flavored drink after a tough practice. It’s always a highlight for me to get a chance to interact with my players outside the pressures of high school tennis.

Personally, I love sticking with a flavored coke, but I go the extra mile with cherry, vanilla and marshmallow in mine. It’s amazing. My players seem to stick with the basics, ice cream cones or a fruit drink. Regardless of the choice, though, you can’t go wrong.


Making a custard cone!

Making a custard cone!

ring the Colt World Series, a 15-16 year old baseball tournament held annually at Columbian Park’s Loeb Stadium, baseball fans of all ages flock to the Frozen Custard on those warm August evenings.

It’s been a signature stop of mine for years, from trips with my tennis team back to the time when I was teenager myself and couldn’t get enough of their delicious custard or flavored Cokes.

The line “I’ve been coming here since I was a kid” is quite common when talking about the Original Frozen Custard. Hopefully I’ve helped establish that tradition with some of players if they didn’t already have it instilled in them by their parents. Visitors and locals alike have a hard time passing up the goodness that is the Frozen Custard.

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Be Lazy this Labor Day Weekend!

Lazy River at Tropicanoe Cove

Lazy River at Tropicanoe Cove

Happy Labor Day Weekend! If you are as stunned as we are that it is already Labor Day weekend, please reply to this blog and share with us what has happened to summer? We want to know! Ha! The summer here in Lafayette-West Lafayette has been a fun one, yet it seems as though each year speeds by quicker than the last. If only we could freeze time! On that note, I thought it would be fun to put a list of lazy activities that will hopefully make time go a bit slower and allow you to really relax and enjoy everything Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, has to offer!  Enjoy!

What is more relaxing than floating on a lazy river? Two of our area outdoor water parks, Prophetstown State Park Aquatic Center and Tropicanoe Cove at Columbian Park, both feature lazy rivers that are begging for people to be lazy and float through them! All you have to do is grab an inner tube, walk in the water, and float. All your worries seem to disappear as the sun shines, the water flows and all one hears is laughter and happiness around.

opentableMaybe water parks aren’t your thing? No problem! We have a plethora of local parks where you can grab a book, pack a lunch and pick the perfect tree to sit under and read the afternoon away. Personally, I have a little one year old, and since having her I have to share reading has become a challenge with her running this way and that! But the idea of picking out my favorite novel and reading all afternoon sounds amazing! This most likely will not happen for a few years until she is a bit older, but it doesn’t mean we can’t experience this as a family. We can pick out her favorite books as she loves to read, and can enjoy the day all together! Happy Hollow Park is right in our backyard and a picnic, an hour of reading and a walk in its wooded trails will be a fun, family experience.




Shopping! This could be a controversial topic as to whether this is a lazy activity or not. I think shopping when you have a ton of gifts you have to buy and are on a time crunch can be a bit unnerving. But to just take a day and walk up and down Main Street in Lafayette, just for the fun of it with no shopping agenda in mind, is fun! Recently, I took a friend and we did this. We caroused the shops, ate at one of my local, favorite French restaurants, Bistro 501, and even bought a few gifts for birthdays coming up this fall. I love finding the perfect gift months early so I do not have to last minute scramble trying to find a present. In some ways I am relieving future stress by this relaxing, lazy day of shopping!

We hope this Labor Day weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana; you truly can rest, relax and find happiness. For more information about our area please visit our website at

Dine at Red Seven, Shop at Von’s & Juniper and more!

DSC00794This coming week marks a full year since I made my move up here to West Lafayette from southern Indiana. I have learned so much about the area in such a short amount of time and have truly made myself at home. I’ve hit the majority of the main attractions and visited many parks; however, I have yet to explore the vast amount of local restaurants and shops.

Although I haven’t been to many restaurants, I think I started out my tasting adventure in just the right spot, the Red Seven Bar & Grill. I had always passed by here and thought to myself how nice and trendy it looked, and my expectations were certainly met. I ventured in to meet a welcoming hostess who guided Sara and I to a table. Once I sat down, I was really able to look around at the design of the building. It’s like each section has their very own vibe to it. The area we sat in had an upbeat feel with vibrant artwork, hanging colorful lights, and open space. When I headed to the next section, there was a grand bookcase that covered two walls, and it sat directly by the windows facing Riehle Plaza. It was a very cozy atmosphere. Then the other side of the restaurant featured a bar, colored stain glass, and a view of downtown Lafayette with a lively ambiance. With this fabulous location and contemporary design, the spirited personality of downtown Lafayette is expressed through this single restaurant.


Honey Ancho Glazed Chicken Sandwich and Fries

The architecture of the building was astounding, but the most important part of course is the food, which was even better! The menu featured a good variety of foods to choose from. It had everything from salads, pastas, pizzas, and about every type of meat you can imagine.  It is a good source of just all-around good American food and more! I personally ordered the Honey Ancho Glazed Chicken Sandwich with a side of french fries and caesar salad. My salad came out first, and it was an excellent way to start out my meal and a wonderful first impression. Sara had mentioned that DSC00788it was the best caesar salad she has ever had, and she was not exaggerating! The cheese and dressing they used were absolutely superb! It was just the right portion and made me anxious to taste the rest of the food that was coming, and my Honey Ancho Glazed Chicken sandwich did not disappoint. The sandwich includes grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon and housemade honey ancho chili glaze. The sauce on the sandwich was one of a kind. There was a kick of spice to it as well as a sweet taste that mixed together for the perfect combination. The bacon added a nice crispy texture to top it all off. And of course, no American meal is complete without delicious french fries. I must also say that along with the excellent food and ambiance, the service is very hospitable.

Beautiful dress from Juniper

Beautiful dress from Juniper

Downtown Lafayette shopping is another unique aspect of the town that I have yet to experience.  I love clothing stores, candy shops, home décor stores, and cute, cozy coffee shops that are all featured downtown. I will definitely be making my way over there, but there are a few wonderful shops I’ve had the pleasure of shopping at, Von’s and Juniper. Von’s is a fantastic store that incorporates so many different crafty and creative items. In one single strip mall, Von’s has a dough shop, bookstore, boutique clothing store, and a huge collection of beads (the largest collection in the Midwest)! My favorite parts of the store are the book and clothing sections. They carry a range of books from classics to the newest best sellers. It’s an excellent store to discover a new read for great prices. The clothing section is very beautiful. The clothes are all classy, elegant, and fashionable. These are clothing items that you certainly cannot find in any ole store or shopping mall. You can find the perfect style that fits you best with these original designs.

Juniper features similar clothing types with a variety of name brand clothing as well as new hip lines that are on the rise. The workers there are extremely nice who are always willing to lend a hand and even give you an opinion on different styles. Every woman knows how important that second opinion is when it comes to shopping for a new wardrobe, so why not get the advice from women who know retail best?! You have to keep your eye out for their amazing sales as well! You can really snag some stylish clothing for great prices. Both Von’s and Juniper are in great locations. You can grab a new read from Von’s and head to Greyhouse Coffee across the street to begin your book with a nice cup of coffee, and once you find a chic new outfit at Juniper, you can head over to Starbucks for coffee or the Wabash Landing movie theater to show off your newest purchase.

The amounts of new experiences in the Lafayette area seem endless. There is always something new to try, which always leaves me wanting to explore more! I have started my restaurant and shopping adventures on the right foot by discovering a few great finds. I am excited to venture further and see what else the area has to offer!

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