Unique Food, Beer Wall, 1960′s Decor; Where? Cozy Tavern!

DSC01015Looking for a new place to eat? Why not check out one of the newest restaurants in town, The Cozy Tavern! If you have been around the area for a while, you may recognize the name or remember driving by the Cozy at one time or another. It’s located on South Street IMG_6196between Steak and Shake and Mar-Jean Village on the north side of the road, tucked in by the railroad tracks. While the name is still the same, The Cozy Tavern has recently reopened under new ownership, has had quite a facelift and a new menu!

Inside, you will notice that they have updated everything but kept the 1960’s feel keeping with the history of the restaurant. They have the red tufted booths and upholstered chairs, mirrors on the walls, drum lights and more. Even though it’s 60’s style it has a modern feel too as décor from that era seems to be making a comeback in recent years. If you visit on a nice day, be sure to check out their patio, there is plenty of seating out there for you and all your friends!

If you are a beer drinker (and 21 or older) be sure to go when you can indulge in all the different beers! They have a wall with eight different beers on tap. You are able to use a credit card and pay by the ounce. Try one or try them all! (Please drink responsibly). If you aren’t into beer, don’t worry they do have a full bar or soft drinks available and the food is great too!

IMG_6200I happened to visit the Cozy for lunch with some coworkers. I ordered “The Popeye Spinach Salad” which is a spinach salad with bacon, tomato, egg, Parmesan cheese and red onion (I had them leave off the onion) with a decadent bacon dressing! It was perfect! My mouth is watering now… yes, for a salad! We also ordered the cheese and crackers appetizer, which was somewhat unusual but we all loved it! It was deep fried pimento cheese cakes served with crackers. It was so good, that several of us thought we’d try the Pimento Grilled Cheese the next time we visit.  The menu has some unique items on it such as the Deviled Egg of the day, Today’s Mac and Cheese (a different version every day for both), Domestic Lamb Rack, Duck Sliders, deep fried guacamole and salsa and fried green tomatoes. They also have things like burgers, steak, roast pork sandwiches, other salads, meatloaf, pot pie, etc.

Mac N' Cheese!

Mac N’ Cheese!

So grab a friend and give this old standby with a new twist a try! Ashley Gregory, Group Tours & Meetings Manager, shared this blog. Please note this tavern is 21 and older.

Ice Cream Mecca: Silver Dipper Ice Cream

IMG_0515Silver Dipper is our go to dessert place. I’m not a big drinker so to me, Silver Dipper is like that neighborhood bar, where everyone knows your name. Over the years we have gotten to know the owner, Dave, pretty well. He knows my whole family, my friends and we always shoot the breeze while there. It’s just a very friendly place.  I remember one night I was in there with one of my friends when she was still out in the dating world and he was giving her all sorts of advice on where to meet great guys and listening to her stories on her funny and horrible dating experiences, her list of qualities she wanted in a guy, etc. and Dave giving feedback and sharing his own funny stories (It was a slow night for Dave).  Some people tell all their problems to a bartender, we have Dave our ice cream scooper.

Mini Monster

Mini Monster

Now, don’t forget about the ice cream though!  I love ice cream; it’s probably my favorite dessert! Silver Dipper ranks pretty high up there on my favorite ice cream list, maybe with the only thing topping it being gelato from Italy, although, Silver Dipper’s Raspberry Italian Ice comes close to that too.  They have the best variety of ice cream with around 40 different flavors. I have so many favorites; it’s so hard to choose! I’d have to say my very favorite is Zorreo, it’s a rich, deep dark chocolate ice cream (what they call Zanzibar Chocolate) with chunks of chocolate, brownie pieces and marshmallow swirled through it! I can just taste it now!  Another favorite would be the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. This is the best of both worlds if you are a fan of cookie dough ice cream and like peanut butter! It’s your typical cookie dough ice cream with ripples of peanut butter in it. I was skeptical at first but I truly like the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough even more than the regular. If you are more of a fruity flavor sort of person, I’d recommend the Black Cherry ice cream. It’s black cherry flavored but also has large chunks of black cherries in it. They also have seasonal ice creams; two I always look forward to are the Root Beer Float (I love root beer floats too but this is just as awesome!) in the summer and Egg Nog in the winter. Wish they would carry both year round, but then I’d have an even bigger decision to make when we go in!  Go for the waffle cone too, you won’t be disappointed that you did!IMG_6818

IMG_1626Now, if you want to sample a few or want a variety and aren’t hungry enough for multiple scoops, they do offer mini scoops. Three mini scoops are the size of one regular scoop.  It’s a great way to try multiple flavors and not over do it!  Or if you have the opposite problem and are super hungry or want to try them all, you can do that too with the Mini Monster! This is one mini scoop of every single flavor of ice cream in the store! I did this for my birthday a few years ago and I had 5 other friends with me and we still couldn’t eat it all (we did a pretty good job though)! It was great to try some that you wouldn’t try otherwise because you knew if you don’t like it maybe someone else will. I hate seeing wasted ice cream! LOL!

IMG_6823If you like to get a little fancy with your ice cream they can cover you there too! They offer shakes made with any flavor ice cream you’d like and have a wide selection of sundae toppings. My mom and I have been getting a banana split on Mother’s Day every year since I was very young and Silver Dipper is now our go to spot, every Mothers Day! They also have amazing ice cream cakes! They can customize the cakes and you can have either white or chocolate cake with any flavor of ice cream you’d like on top, and then it’s iced as well. My friends got one for my birthday party one year that was half Zorreo and half Peanut Butter Cookie Dough! Yum! Best of both worlds!

If you love ice cream and haven’t been to Silver Dipper, be sure to stop by! Be sure to take cash though! They only accept cash or checks.  Enjoy! (And leave some for me!)

Group Tours & Meeting Manager, Ashley, Gregory, shared this blog.

O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers Pub

IMG_5768O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers Traditional Irish Pub serves up traditional Irish pub fare in a lively, tavern setting. With locations in both Lafayette and West Lafayette (West Lafayette being the original), everyone has a chance to sample of of their delicious, hearty food. In addition to the charming wooden interior, with most of the decor coming straight from Ireland, handpicked by the owners, the restaurant also features outdoor patio seating. The thought of enjoying a glass of Guinness in the open-air lures in many passerby.

The mood at Nine Irish is always high-energy. Servers (some dressed in kilts) will make sure your cup is always toIMG_5773pped off with your favorite frosty beverage or amber-colored whiskey. Nine Irish has a wide selection of beer, whiskey, wines and draughts. Some of these beverages, like Guinness are deviously added to some of the lip-smacking menu items, such as the Guinness Stew. The stew is a combination of slow-simmered beef, Angus pot-roast and of course, a dash of Guinness Stew. My personal favorite menu item is the warm, crispy, battered fish, served with a side of pub chips, and a cup of lobster bisque. The bisque makes for a decadent, rich appetizer. I highly recommend this dish if you’re looking for a great place to get fish n’ chips.

Every dish at Nine Irish has an unique flavor combination that artfully combines the recipes of old with some modern inspirations. Nine Irish proudly serves several Irish-American classics like, Bobby’s Corned Beef and Cabbage. This plentiful portion of slow-cooked, melt-in-your mouth corned beef and steamed cabbage is heaped over a mess of champ-mashed potatoes. Whatever you decide to try at Nine Irish Brothers is sure to please your palate. A warm, full-belly of delicious Irish-American fare is a guarantee when you visit O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Pub.

Beef Manhattan

For those of you who are wondering where the name comes from too… it’s an interesting story. The family is originally from Cork (hence the Irish theme) and Jerry O’Bryan, the principal owner of Nine Irish Brothers is the youngest of nine boys. He also has 5 sisters and honors them with an inscription above the bar that says: “& Five Irish Sisters”. To read more about the family visit their website: http://www.nineirishbrothers.com/family-history

Ashley, Group Tours and Meeting Manager for Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette, shared this blog.

Childhood Memories and Tradition at Dog N’ Suds

Ordering at Dog N' Suds

Ordering at Dog N’ Suds

There are moments in life where we sit down, take a deep breath and wonder what it would have been like to grow up in the same decade as our parents or grandparents and experience the same little things that they did. It’s funny how we seem to take advantage of the fact that we were able to actually experience little things that can bring us back to our childhood days or even our parents childhood days. Little things like drive in movie theaters, roller skating rinks, and the best of all, drive in restaurants are just a handful of some of those bittersweet opportunities that we don’t explore enough in our lifetime.

Dog N Suds 2012.4JPGOne of my all time favorite places to go that brings me back to being the tiny little brown haired girl sitting in the back of my parents van is the infamous restaurant, Dog N’ Suds. The restaurant always caught my eye, (I mean, who wouldn’t love someone coming to your car to take your order without having to get out of your car seat?!). Going there with my mom and dad was always a special treat, not only because of their divine root beer floats, but also because of how the tradition of pressing that red button to order has carried on so well and how nice the customer service has stayed throughout the years.  Fortunately, I had the treat of getting to eat there once I moved to West Lafayette and carry on the tradition with my new college friends.  It seems to attract just about anyone and every spring when that opening weekend comes, there’s always a police officer escorting cars into the parking lot to avoid the inevitable traffic jam caused by the hungry customers craving their first spring hot dog and root beer from Dog N’ Suds that they’ve been waiting for all year long.

DSC_0460My newest experience (I visited opening week in February!) at the restaurant as a 20 year old hasn’t changed a bit since I was a child.  I still received that giddy feeling as I reached out my car window to order into the old-fashioned metal speaker-looking thing and then pigging out in no longer the back seat, but the front seat as the driver of my own car.  It may have still been in the low negatives because of Indiana’s interesting weather but leaving my window down to prop my tray onto the edge was well worth the little bit of shiver that came with my meal on the side.  I had a chance to try something I’ve never tried before which just makes me want to travel back there as soon as possible! A melt in your mouth, addicting drink called a “Root Beer Freeze” appeared in my hands one second and what seemed like 10 seconds later it was completely gulped up into my stomach.  Yeah, you’re probably thinking it’s just like a root beer float, which I’ve mentioned a couple of times already but think again. You know at the very end of your root beer float when you have that perfect amount of melted ice cream and root beer mixed together to create what seems like the best concoction your mouth has ever tasted? Did you ever think you could get an entire drink of that magical flavor that you’re able to drink out of a straw? Well guess what, YOU CAN. I never thought I would see the day come where I could taste something better than the original root beer float but I was completely and utterly wrong.DSC_0467

Don’t worry; the cheeseburgers, hot dogs and other menu items haven’t changed a bit.  There’s just something so tasteful about an experience coming with your meal that makes it so much better. Dog N’ Suds never fails me and I never come home upset after sitting in their parking lot and time traveling back to when drive-in restaurants were popular and everything seemed a little more simple in this crazy hectic world of ours.

Maddie, Visitor Information Specialist and Purdue University Student, shared this blog.

Weekend Update: Beer, Blues and BBQ at the John Purdue Room & Right Steps Run

A Chef at John Purdue Room plating scrumptious delights!

A Chef at John Purdue Room plating scrumptious delights!

Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

It's beer tasting time at John Purdue Room!

It’s beer tasting time at John Purdue Room!

It’s a culinary night you cannot miss at the John Purdue Room this Friday, April 10. Enjoy delicious food, listen to sweet Blues music and taste a wide range of craft beers at the Beer, Blues and BBQ Reception. Purdue’s HTM 492 students, with award winning Chefs Lulay and Conway, will prepare BBQ styled foods that will be paired in People’s Brew Co. draft stations. This reception will have musical performances by Queen Delphine and the Crown Jewels. The cost is $50 per person (plus) tax. Space is limited so we encourage calling the JPR reservation hotline to guarantee entry at 765-494-6845.

Work off all the calories from Friday night’s event the next day at the Right Steps Run at Prophetstown State Park. Right Steps Run is a 5K Run/Walk /10K on Saturday, April 11, at 9 a.m. at Prophetstown State Park. Not only will you burn calories but you can feel good about knowing 100% of the profits will help families afford high quality child care, in support of Right Steps Child Development Centers’ mission to provide and advocate for quality child care and early education. Right Steps Run is a family friendly event. Feel free to bring the children. Children under 16 who do not want to be timed, do not need to register. Post race awards ceremony and snacks will be provided.

For more information about these events and other special “happenings” in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.

Dining Divas Experience Indian Street Food at Shaukin Indian Fast Food

Dining Divas visit Shaukin

Dining Divas visit Shaukin

If you think you’ve had Indian food but haven’t had Indian street food, then you’ve had an incomplete experience. The Dining Divas were thrilled to munch their way through the menu at Shaukin; Indian Fast Food in River Market on River Road. Street food is popular throughout India but most especially in the west where a huge variety of small snacks can be found, often for very reasonable prices. Luckily for our community, the owners, Himanshu & Minal Bhatt, brought street food to West Lafayette.

Himanshu & Minal Bhatt

Himanshu & Minal Bhatt

They came from India to Orlando, FL where they started as dishwashers, moved on to cooking and opened a restaurant there. Their son was a student at Purdue and he let them know there was nothing like Indian street food in our area. They moved to town, opened Shaukin, and we are so glad they did.

Colorful photos of the menu options–plus numbers if you’re shy about uttering foreign words– make ordering a breeze. We started with Hot Masala Tea, which was sweet and milky like a spicy hot chai.

Next up, the Chaat Platter #18 ($7.99) featuring sampler portions of five chaats which means a savory snack. The word is derived from a word meaning to lick, to devour with relish, to eat noisily. The Divas are too polite to lick or eat noisily, but we did devour the delicacies with relish!

Bhel puri

Bhel puri

Here are a few more vocabulary words for you. Puri is a flat crunchy bread and sev is a seasoned crunchy noodle. Mix those with spices, potatoes, onions, chutneys, chickpeas and yogurt in various combinations and you have a multitude of chaats to enjoy, each with a distinct flavor and texture. #14 Papdi Chaat is Kay’s favorite. “The combination of colors and flavors and the solidity of the chick pea and the crunch of the chips—there’s really a lot going on in your mouth!” All the Divas liked #15 Samosa Chaat ($5.99). Under all the goodness of chickpeas, onions, chutneys and yogurt, there’s a piping hot samosa (fried pastry typically stuffed with savory things like potatoes, lentils and peas) waiting for you.

Samosa chaat and chaat platter

Samosa chaat and chaat platter

“Samosas alone are delicious, but samosas swimming in yogurt and sauces are even better,” said Margy. The samosa is crunchy when it’s served so eat it right away to enjoy the textures.

We moved on to #6 Idli Sambar ($5.79), which consists of steamed rice cakes served with sambar (a spicy lentil-based vegetable stew) and coconut chutney.  We loved the coconut chutney, which is not the sweetened coconut most Americans know. It’s creamy and delicious. We put it on everything and would probably order a side of this even if we didn’t get the idli!

Aloo frankie

Aloo frankie

Next up, the #9 Aloo Frankie (($5.79), a flat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes, onions, vinegar & chutney. This is spicy hot and one of Margy’s favorites. She says it freezes well, but we didn’t leave a scrap so we’ll have to try that another time. You will have noticed a repetition of ingredients by now—onions, potatoes, chutney, yogurt—but in the hands of excellent cooks with great knowledge of spices, no two dishes taste the same.



#17 Dabeli ($3.99) was a selection that we might not have chosen based on the description—mashed spiced potatoes in a bun. In the U.S., we don’t often eat potatoes on buns—but served with 3 chutneys, onions, nuts, sev, cilantro and—get this– pomegranate, it was amazing! Wow! Spicy and every flavor of these varied ingredients danced in our mouths.

Curry paneer

Curry paneer


Another of our very favorites is #19 Curry Paneer ($7.99). Cubes of tender paneer (a fresh non-melting cheese) in masala sauce are served with rice. It is incredibly savory with a complex blend of spices. This can be ordered with chicken instead of paneer. We don’t want to know the calorie count of this creamy goodness.

The #20 Chilli Chicken ($7.99), made of bell peppers, green onions, soy sauce, vinegar and chicken (paneer can be substituted) had nice complex flavors and is very different than the other dishes.

Dessert cake balls

Dessert cake balls

When we were too full to appreciate it, we were given a complimentary portion of Gulab Jamun, a dessert of deep-fried balls of dough soaked in a sugary syrup. Happy sigh…

The Bhatt’s son has graduated now but they are staying put and have just signed a lease for another five years. They expressed thanks to everyone in West Lafayette, from the building inspector and fire department to the students who love Indian fast food, all were so helpful when they started their business. Since Bev works with the City of West Lafayette, she ate that up as happily as the Dabeli!

On an Indian food high, Bev reached out to friends who know plenty about the cuisine. Sundeep Rao said Shaukin’s Batata Vada, Bhel Puri, Dahi Batata and Sev Puri are simply phenomenal and extremely authentic. “Their Frankies taste just like what I used to have near my house back home (a spot renowned for local foods) in India,” he said. “They have, by far, the best Bombay street food (“Chaat”) that I’ve ever had in the US.” That’s high praise!



Still on a mission to keep talking about the food even though she was too full to actually consume anymore, Bev wrote another Indian foodie, Richard Fudge, who said, “Recently, I had a masala dosa from the ‘specials’ board. A South Indian specialty, it’s more substantial than a snack: enough food for a meal. The dosa is a large (15 inches or so) crispy crepe made from rice flour. It contains a mildly flavored potato filling and is served with sambar (a flavorful vegetable and pigeon pea soup) and a side of coconut chutney. The sambar at Shaukin was superbly flavorful and fresh tasting. The crepe is cooked just before it’s served, so it tastes freshly cooked–unlike too much Indian food in restaurants.”

Sundeep also recommended the vada pav, another potato/bun combination with a blend of chutney and spices so on a return visit, Bev picked up an array of savory treats to go and headed across River Road to The Pint, a craft beer bar with an open food policy. Great idea for a date night, the vada pav was as good as Sundeep said it would be, and it was the best $3.49 she spent all week.

Shaukin exteriorCurrently, Shaukin is open Tuesday to Thursday from 4-10 PM, Friday to Sunday from 12-10 PM and is closed on Monday. Himanshu said they plan to add staff so they’re open more days for lunch in the near future. The Divas soundly approve that plan!  In the meantime, it’s a great stop on weekends or to pick up an easy and wonderful dinner on your way home from work. Step away from the rut you’re in and give Shaukin a try!

Romance Abounds at Happy Hollow Park & Parkside Seafood & Oyster Bar

Parkside 2015Marlene, Visitor Information Specialist, shares her special engagement to the love of her life! Check out their romantic day with an engagement at Happy Hollow Park and a celebration at Parkside Seafood & Oyster Bar.

On a cold morning in January, my boyfriend asked me to go for a walk at our favorite park, Happy Hollow. It has the best trails! My favorite is a paved path that goes through the woods. On the left is a stream and on the right are wooded hills. There are all kinds of critters and birds scrambling about no matter what season you go. We bundled up and started our walk through the park. We walked the trail and giggled at the woodpeckers and tiny squirrels. Half way through our walk, he got down on one knee and proposed! I was so shocked and excited and shouted, “YES!” It was nice just to have it be the two of us in one of our favorite places to visit in the area.

Parkside 2015.3

Monk Fish

Monk Fish

Although it was hard to not call or text our friends all day long, we had plans that night to meet friends at the Parkside Seafood and Oyster Bar. We felt it was the perfect time to tell our friends and celebrate our engagement! It was our group’s first visit to Parkside Seafood and Oyster Bar and we enjoyed the décor and ambiance of the restaurant. It is very quaint and felt like it was a restaurant that could be found along the East Coast. The food was delicious! They served bread and sweet butter prior to ordering. They poured us water from a clear glass bottle with a wire bail lid and a few of us asked our waiter for his opinion on what wine and beer to order. He made a few Parkside Breakrecommendations and we were delighted with our choices. The 2013 Fire Road Sauvignon Blanc was a real hit and a complimented the fish selections perfectly.

The menu has many great options. I wish I were more of a seafood person because I think I would have been more adventurous and tried the King Crab Peel N Eat or the Lobster Pot Pie. Two of the guys in the group ordered the pot pie and exclaimed at his richness. I decided on the Monk Fish that came with a tomato saffron sauce, mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. It was light and refreshing. All of the seafood is delivered Parkside Key Lime Pie 2daily making it incredibly fresh. My fiancé got the Bourride, which is Italian monkfish and blue crab stew with sour dough bread and garlic aioli. The garlic aioli on the bread certainly made it something to come back for! We ordered key lime pie for dessert and it was also something to rave about! It was the perfect way to end our celebration with our friends.

Parkside Lobster Pot Pie

Parkside Lobster Pot Pie

Parkside Seafood and Oyster Bar is one of those hidden gems in the Lafayette area. I highly recommend making reservations as it may be hidden, but people are learning how wonderful their food is and the place is really busy! It is located right next to Columbian Park on Scott Street. It was the perfect place to celebrate our engagement with close friends. In the future, we plan to go back, have a nice dinner, and take a stroll through Columbian Park.

March Madness! Head to Harry’s Chocolate Shop

Photo taken Purdue Homecoming 2014!

Photo taken Purdue Homecoming 2014!

It’s Final Four time in Lafayette-West Lafayette! Sixty-eight schools start off March dreaming of Final Four glory, but only four teams make it to college basketball’s biggest weekend. Head to Harry’s Chocolate Shop to take in the big games with co-workers, friends and fellow Purdue Alumni!

Harry’s! When I say Harry’s Chocolate Shop what do you think? To most Purdue Alumni, Harry’s Chocolate Shop it is an integral part of their college days. It is a gathering place to meet up with friends, have a burger, watch sporting events and drink beer. My husband, Marc, is a Purdue Grad and I asked him what this bar/restaurant meant to him.  He shares, “Harry’s means, “Tradition” and “Purdue”. When he was in college he and his buddies would meet up at Harry’s for appetizers and to relax after their busy college schedules. Marc said it was the perfect gathering spot because there was a laid back and welcoming atmosphere to Harry’s that made everyone feel like they were a part of the Purdue spirit.

Breakfast Club! Another Purdue tradition where students dress up in costume during home football games and Race Day of Grand Prix (mark your calendars for April 25!) Harry’s is hopping with undergrads at 6am in the morning cheering on these major Boilermaker events.

There are so many rumors and different stories of how Harry’s got its name and mantra,
“Go Ugly Early”. Marc’s version is Harry’s used the front of being a “Chocolate Shop” during prohibition but secretly ran a bar.  The code word to enter was “Go Ugly Early”. Rumors are there are secret tunnels that were used to bring alcohol into the bar during this time. Is there a story you heard about how Harry’s received it’s name?  Please share!!

This March visit Harry’s and make your own traditions! Do not miss the exciting NCAA Basketball Tournament and cheer on your favorite team (BOILER UP!) For more information about this bar and others in our area, visit www.HomeOfPurdue.com.

Purdue Family Traditions – Triple XXX, Mackey Arena, Jane’s Gourmet & Greyhouse Coffee!

DSC_0371Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette is excited to announce new blogger, Maddie, to our team of bloggers! She shares her lifetime experience visiting Lafayette-West Lafayette and now as a Purdue University Student, what living here is all about!

As a child I always seemed to find myself sitting in the back of our family van, road tripping to West Lafayette, home of the Purdue Boilermaker’s, my dads favorite past time, and the place that I now call home as a 20 year old college student. I wouldn’t consider myself a “newby” per say, but I will say I’m new to all of the opportunities that West Lafayette has brought me.  My faint memories involve me holding my dad’s hand in Mackey Arena listening to the band followed by a trip to Triple XXX to get a root beer float, which was the size of my head at the time while my dad chowed down on his favorite burger (the Duane Purvis!) smothered in peanut butter. Little did I know I would be spending four years of my life living in this town and experiencing more than just root beer floats with Dad on basketball game weekends.

10377388_10203780419809215_1745586004360782109_nAs a sophomore now at Purdue University, I’ve had my fair share of experiences when it comes to eating and dining around the ever-growing Lafayette area. Coming from a fairly small town in Indiana, I will say that I’m used to the hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, (who doesn’t love that?), but I have to say that I have a handful of recommended places that I find myself revisiting time after time. I seem to always find myself sitting in the places where I have about 3 feet of leg space, soft music playing and a small table with just enough room to lay my laptop down and study for my next exam (or… let’s be honest, explore Pinterest or my latest blog post findings.)

Located just up the hill from Triple XXX where I drank root beer floats with my dad is a small coffee shop laying right on the corner of State Street and Northwestern Avenue. Greyhouse Coffee is just the place to visit if one is trying to relax on a Sunday afternoon or winding down from a long day at work. Each time I visit I try and get something new to expand my horizons a little bit but I always find myself going back to the same drink each time. Ever had coffee with a hint of orange flavoring and a dash of cinnamon? I bet not! Yes, the first time my good friend recommended this drink my thoughts were probably the same as yours right now, “That’s just about as weird sounding as peanut butter on a hamburger!”  Dr. Strangelove, the infamous name of this divine coffee, is not just your basic drink. It’s got a flavor that really nothing can compare to.  My mouth waters just thinking about the hint of clove, cinnamon and citrus flavored coffee. At just $4.75 for their basic mug, you’ll get a drink that absolutely will not disappoint you. I highly recommend trying it!


Farmhouse Ham & Brie

Coming to West Lafayette I never knew that I would have so many places to choose from while picking a place to eat with my friends. From Greek food to Mexican, the variety of places to pick lies all across the border. Like I stated, my favorite places are the smaller ones that you’ve most likely never heard of, or even seen lying in-between two different buildings, for that matter.  I’ve had a variety of different cuisines in a variety of different environments and I have to say that the one place that my mind always wanders back to and the first place that comes out of my mouth when people ask for advice is Jane’s Gourmet Deli and Catering. There’s something about little deli restaurants that always catch my eye! If I were to suggest one of their menu items for people to try it would be their Farmhouse Ham and Brie. The sweet honey baked ham on a warm toasted French baguette will melt in your mouth and leave you craving more (which is crazy because the sandwich is huge and filling!). Jane’s offers a great environment, delicious sandwiches and soup. I still have yet to try everything but so far I haven’t been disappointed!

Although my heart will always belong in the places where my dad would bring me as a small girl, exploring this town will never get old. I cannot wait to get out and share more of my dining and travels around the area.  Watch for more blogs to come from Maddie, Purdue Student and Explorer of the diverse and eclectic Lafayette-West Lafayette area!

Latea: Hidden Gem of Wabash Landing

We loved Latea specialty teas!

We loved Latea specialty teas!

Calming, warm, and friendly, these are the three words I would use to describe Latea, one of West Lafayette’s newest tea lounges. Latea opened late last summer and has been a great addition to our area. Tucked into the shops at Wabash Landing Shopping Center, Latea, is located in the Wabash Riverfront downtown district. As an avid tea lover, I had been dying to try out Latea and I must say I was not disappointed.

DSC_0360The ambiance of Latea immediately sets you at ease. The peaceful lighting, natural tones in the décor with pops of color, and relaxing back corner lounge, make the perfect setting for either unwinding or studying the day away. Even better than the relaxing atmosphere is the amazing customer service. When fellow Visitor Information Specialist, Maddie, and I stopped by we weren’t sure what to expect. Neither of us had tried bubble or milk tea before so there were a lot of questions to be asked. The staff went above and beyond our expectations to say the least. They let us try multiple different flavors of teas, explained the process behind the different types of drinks, and gave us recommendations based on what we told them we usually enjoy. They were never impatient with what seemed like, millions of questions we had and reassured us if we didn’t like what we ordered they would make something else totally free! When it comes to exceptional customer service this place is doing it right.


Carmel Iced Milk Tea

After finally deciding, Maddie ordered a Carmel Iced Milk Tea and for myself a Lavender Iced Milk Tea.  We were not let down. Although each had totally different flavors they were equally delicious. Maddie said, “My tea is like sipping ice cream through a straw. Sweet but not over powering, with just enough kick.” My drink was also perfect. With a subtle yet bold lavender flavor I can see why it is one of the most popular items on the menu!

Aside from endless options of tea drinks, Latea also offers a variety of cupcakes and pastries. I wish I could say we did not let our sweet tooth win but we had to find out if these cupcakes tasted as good as they looked. The answer? Yes! The dense creamy frosting and rich cake batter made to be the perfect pairing for our drinks.


Decadent Cupcake – Jelly cupcake

The next time you are looking for a place to relax, grab a friend and head down to Latea. From their specialty tea drinks to the friendly staff we promise you won’t leave disappointed. Latea is the hidden gem of Wabash Landing I am glad I found, and hope for you to discover sometime soon!

Terese, Visitor Information Specialist for Lafayette-West Lafayette, shared this blog.