Craft Beer, Unique Sandwiches & Great Customer Service Equals Lafayette Brewing Company

Lafayette Brewing Company- OutsideDowntown Lafayette is home to many unique family owned restaurants. Located right on Main Street next to the Lafayette Theatre is a microbrewery owned and operated by high school sweethearts Greg and Nancy Eming. Lafayette Brewing Company opened its doors in September of 1993. Locals and regulars may refer to it as “The Brew Co” or “LBC”.  LBC has a family dining room, a bar, and an upstairs party venue. The upstairs hosts many private parties, comedy events, and the occasional local band or dance group. Local entertainment seen upstairs in the past few months has included One Size Fits All (an improv comedy), James Moon and the Third Floor Invention (a local band), and Cap’n Dangerous (a local DJ). The upstairs also features a pizza kitchen that is a favorite to the “Brew Crew” members.

SONY DSCLet me tell you about the main attraction, the beer. All of the beer on tap is brewed right in house at the Brew Co. Typically 12 beers are featured at any given time. Four flagship beers are always on tap and are definite favorites. They include the Black Angus Oatmeal Stout, Star City Lager, Tippecanoe Common Ale and the 85. Something really unique about my personal favorite beer, the stout, is that it is made with 10% oatmeal. Currently featured on tap are many darker beers, as it is wintertime. (Cold weather drinkers usually like the darker and stout beers.) Something really to get excited about is the cask conditioned beers that are featured at LBC for limited times. Most recently was the Dastardly Dark with added vanilla beans and cocoa nibs put on cask. A cask beer is one that is fermented for a second time in the vessel it is served in. The results of a cask-conditioned beer are more creamy and smooth. All of those flavors are combined beautifully to create a sweet and delicious unique beer.

Black and Blue Burger

Black and Blue Burger

Amongst all of the hype around the beer, taking a look at the food menu is really important when dining at the Brew Co. The menu is in the form of a newspaper. The centerfold features the food selections. From large salads, to unique sandwiches to burgers, the menu has a little something for every palate. My personal recommendation is a sandwich called the Chicken Meltdown. Layered between two jalapeno cornbread pieces are chicken, bacon and lots of homemade beer-BQ! It was quite the explosion of flavors. Other regular favorites include the queso covered chicken nachos, and a large platter of fish and chips. They also offer three different seasoning to be put on the fries including ranch, Parmesan and Cajun.

Lafayette Brewing Company is one of the most welcoming places downtown. The staff ensures that every guests leaves with great experiences. All of the servers and bartenders are extremely knowledgeable about each and every beer on tap at all times. They will work with you to find the perfect beer for each and every person, over the age of 21 of course. Next time you go out to eat, try supporting the local economy by visiting the Lafayette Brewing Company. Whether you are bringing your young family or a group of 20 friends, the Brew Co. has something for everyone.

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The Downtowner is Here to Serve a Piping Hot Breakfast!

10348369_10153411211218154_1225216350651767572_nDo you find yourself hungry after shopping at Market Square and wanting something for lunch? While Market Square offers several wonderful options, you might check out The Downtowner. Located in the alley at Market Square this is a nice family diner where you can find anything from breakfast food, sandwiches, soups and salads.

I have lived in Lafayette all my life and have always heard about the Downtowner and know many people that frequent it often; but I’m a little ashamed to say that this most recent visit was my very first time there. It for sure will not be my last though!

When you walk in the restaurant it’s hard not to notice the large wall filled with license plates. It’s interesting to look at and wonder or dream about where all those cars have been. Next time I go in, I’m going to see if there is a story behind them, surely there is a reason why they are all up there.  Anyone know?

10474646_10152914543783154_1311074299567394922_nAnyway, the food was great and they were very quick! When I visit a diner for the first time, I usually like to stick with breakfast food, not really sure why but an omelet is typically what I will order. That is exactly what I ordered this time and it was great! Came out piping hot and filled to the brim with yummy fillings. My Dad, a somewhat regular at the Downtowner was with me also and he got a sandwich, boy did it look good too! I can’t wait to go back and try all of their other options!

Looking for a great place for a group? They have a couple large rooms that would be great for a group of friends to meet and chat the morning away! Be sure to check out the Downtowner the next time you are in the area.

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Southside Diner offers Omelets, Pancakes, Burgers, Tenderloins, Salads and More!

Vanilla ShakeLooking for a great meal at a reasonable price? Check out the Southside Diner. Omelets, pancakes, burgers, tenderloins, salads, soups, pies, milk shakes and more! You are bound to find something you will love at the Southside Diner!

Located off of Veterans Memorial Parkway it’s a great location for those that live or are visiting the south side of town or a nice stop before or after a trip to some of our Southside attractions like Monster Mini Golf, Exploration Acres or Wea Creek Orchard.

Chili with Chicken Tenders

Chili with Chicken Tenders

If you are in the mood for breakfast, I love their omelets! They are a nice size, filled with plenty of vegetables and meat and the eggs are fluffy but thin at the same time, just how I like them. You can actually taste the filling and not just all egg. They are served with potatoes (I like the hash browns) and choice of toast. If breakfast isn’t your craving of the day try one of their salads, soups or sandwiches. They have great burgers and tenderloins. I’d recommend choosing the potato salad as your side; it was fabulous! My husband is also a fan of their chili and, no trip is complete without a peanut butter milk shake for dessert! It is awesome! Beware though; even the small is pretty large. It is so worth it though!

Tenderloin with Potato Salad

Tenderloin with Potato Salad

The atmosphere is fun as well with the black and white tile floors and a counter just like you would expect to find at a diner, although booth and table seating is also available. They just recently expanded as well so now you can take even more of your friends with you! They almost doubled their seating space! The restaurant does have quite a few regulars that the servers know by name and will automatically know their favorite drink and sometimes meal. I know my Dad and his friends are some of the regulars. They are retired now so many “local joints” around town know them.  The group enjoys eating and chatting with friends and what better place to do that than a restaurant where you don’t have to clean up the mess. Ha! They know many of the local area restaurant’s best specials and which day to visit those restaurants to get that special. Oh, to be retired!

Peanut Butter Shake

Peanut Butter Shake

You will see people of all ages in the Southside Diner and they all have a big smile on their face by the time they leave, a sign of a well-enjoyed meal and friendly service. Check it out sometime! You won’t be disappointed.

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Out to Lunch Divas Visit Mama Ines Mexican Bakery

Mamas inside 4If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the wonderful scent of baked goods that greet you at the front door of Mama Ines Mexican Bakery should be worth five thousand or more.

Mamas pastries 1Our lunch trip to Mama Ines, 518 Sagamore Parkway N in Lafayette, was not our first. Bev and her husband Jeff are regulars and she convinced us to pop in several months ago on a scouting trip. We heard all about the fresh tamales, cornbread, melt in your mouth cookies, and custom cakes. We also learned about the beautifully remodeled former Ryan’s Restaurant by architect Jose A. Roman Marquez and new retail space since moving to their new location in March of this year.

Can I just say one thing? (spoiler alert) Corn! Bread!! Yes, imagine a cornbread that will change your life. I kid you not, it is that good! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The scouting trip paid off and we agreed to come back hungry and willing to try new treats and familiar favorites. On the day we returned we started in the recently opened gift shop and party/event room while waiting for Kay, our diva photographer. When she arrived, it was down to business.The blog group2

Sidebar: I think it is important to explain, especially for someone like myself who is new to the experience, that the expression “A treat for your

Pregnant cake!

Pregnant cake!

senses” could have first been used to describe a place like Mama Ines. The fragrance the moment you walk through the door, the beautifully and authentically renovated interior, and brightly lit display cases of new and unfamiliar treats can leave you (well, me anyway) awestruck. But do not be intimidated, the staff and owner Rosa Montoya are as warm and welcoming as you can find anywhere … so back to the shopping.

Mamas pastries 3As in most authentic Mexican bakeries, the shopping trip starts with a tray and tongs at the door. Next you serve yourself from display cases full of every imaginable cookie (galetas, marranitos), roll (bolillos, cernos, and empanada) and loaf (conchas).

The choices are many and the prices very reasonable (.75-1.20 each). Experiment! Try one of something new, like the jalapeno and cheese roll; or load up on your favorites, like the previously mentioned cornbread. You may still spend less than $10. Because there were four of us, and we share well, we tried one of almost everything including dozens of baked goods, three types of tamales (prices range from 99 ChamPurradocents to $1.50) and burritos served hot and fresh at the checkout counter, a chicken and pepper sandwich, two fruit and veggie drinks ($4.50 for 16 oz., $5.25 for 20 oz. and $5.75 for 24 oz.) made to order at the juice bar, and a hot chocolate drink. In reality we had enough food for 6 or more people and only spent a minimal amount.

The one part missing from the experience was a café at the bakery to sit and eat our purchases. Luckily the conference room at Margy’s office was available and we took our order packed “to go”. The atmosphere there was as near a party as you can imagine.

Our mess at Lafayette City Hall Annex!

Our mess at Lafayette City Hall Annex!

The Dining Divas enjoyed a real cultural experience courtesy of owner Rose and Mama Ines Bakery, her mother’s namesake. And, if the mess we made of the meeting room is any measure of its success, then we can rate this dining experience a 9 out of 10 and a great way to round out our 2014 line up, see you again soon in 2015!

Our next stop is Shaukin (Indian Food), located at 138 S. River Road, West Lafayette.

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Romantic Night at Bistro 501

Bistro 501 Brent Russell 2014Check out Visitor Information Specialist, Marlene’s blog about her delightful visit to Bistro 501.

I recently went to dinner at Bistro 501. I had been there a few times in the past. The most memorable time, until now, was when I was in high school. The French Club took a field trip there for dinner. This was years ago, right after the restaurant had opened. Then and today, Bistro 501 is still one of my favorite restaurants in the Lafayette area.

The service is always pleasant and prompt. The atmosphere is perfect. I especially like the natural light that comes in through the large windows at the front of the restaurant. I also greatly enjoy their rooster themed decorations.

DSC00485I had perused their menu online so I knew in advance that I wanted a glass of wine to go along with the Wild Mushroom Pasta. I am not the best at pairing. I asked the server if he could recommend something. He quizzed me about what wines I liked and took into consideration my meal choice. He pointed me to the Willamette Riesling (from Oregon). This was a fantastic wine! So much so that I went on a hunt for it at a few local liquor stores.

Bistro serves some wonderful white bread and whipped butter while you wait for your meal. We had a choice of soup or salad. I had their well-known French onion soup while my boyfriend had a salad. He doesn’t normally get vinaigrette dressings but when the server mentioned that they were made in house, he decided on the honey mustard vinaigrette.  He shared it was fabulous!

We went on a holiday evening and they were just starting to get busy.  I would highly recommend making reservations anytime that you would like to go to Bistro 501. You never know how busy it will be, especially since many local businesses meet with clients, partners, and have meetings there for lunch and dinner.

Our meals arrived more quickly than I would have anticipated. The wild mushroom pasta was perfect! It was penne tossed with sautéed wild mushrooms and spinach in a Marsala cream sauce. It was creamy and the mushrooms had a great flavor. My boyfriend ordered the New York Strip. It was fantastic! It was a 12 oz. New York strip steak, crusted in pepper, and served on a bed of french fries (pommes frites) with a brandy shallot sauce.  I was about to take his dinner away from him, but I didn’t want to let go of my wild mushroom pasta.

Even though we were thoroughly full from our tasty dinners, we couldn’t celebrate the holiday without dessert. I LOVE the dessert selection at Bistro 501! I would be tempted in the future to go back just for wine and dessert! Hint, hint, boyfriend, there’s a future date suggestion when we play the “what do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do game?”)

I have always been a fan of Bistro’s bread pudding. It’s warm bread pudding with melted chocolate chips and walnuts baked in a caramel whiskey sauce. I got it with a scoop of their Mexican ice cream. My boyfriend decided on the Tiramisu Chocolate Cake. It was chocolate cake soaked in espresso liquor layered with mascarpone cream and cloaked in chocolate ganache. The mascarpone cream was amazing! Of course he got a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go along with it.

Bistro 501 is the perfect restaurant to celebrate special occasions or to just meet friends or family for a nice lunch. I must admit it is pricey, however, it is well worth every penny once you enjoy every bite. I have also heard that I must come during their Beaujolais Nouveau celebration. What is this celebration you ask? It’s wine! The completion of  fermentation of the wine in France is a huge celebration. They only ship a few cases from France to the US. and Bistro has the “in” to get them every year. They make a celebration of it by having a fife and drum corp parade to the restaurant and offer a five course meal. Reservations must be made in advance for this fabulous evening of fun!  Check out the UTube video here: 

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Star City Coffee and Ale House is Tucked Right in the Heart of Downtown Lafayette

IMG_3197The semester has started back up, and boy, is that an eye opener. After a full break filled with relaxation, movie binge watching, reading, sipping hot chocolate by the fire, and being surrounded by family and friends, transitioning back into the fast-paced world of college and work is quite the transition. The to-do list has started back up and seems never-ending sometimes; however, when it all becomes a little overwhelming, I have found my small escape to relax and rejuvenate. My secret getaway happens to be right in downtown Lafayette: Star City Coffee and Ale House!

Cappuccino at Star CityStar City Coffee and Ale House is tucked right in the heart of downtown, giving you a beautiful walk through Lafayette before entering the quaint coffee shop. Once inside, it is instantly comforting, smelling the fresh brewed coffees and pastries. With many items to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a treat you like. They feature a supply of breakfast items, panini sandwiches for a simple lunch or dinner, and even delicious cupcakes for dessert! The drinks are plentiful and made with care and high quality. They even feature a drink for those sleepless nights of studying or hard work titled “Insomniac,” which comes in handy sometimes; trust me! Their drinks come either hot or iced and vary from coffees, teas, smoothies, hot chocolate, craft beers and more! Grab it on-the-go or avoid the cold temperatures by dining in. For those who choose to stay, you are served your beverages in charming mugs to make you feel right at home.

One aspect that stood out to me was the atmosphere and vibe of Star City Coffee and Ale House. The employees are extremely genuine and put effort into making your food or beverage just right with high quality ingredients! The customers they attract even add to the ambiance. Many locals gather here to chat, study, or simply catch a break from life, and they are all so welcoming. Every time I enter Star City, there are smiles all around. Occasionally, you’ll be surprised to find live entertainment inside! During the Christmas season, I was able to study at Star City while listening to relaxing and original acoustic Christmas tunes sung and played by local artists. It’s safe to say I was in a tranquil bliss.

IMG_3196Locals, who were born and raised in Tippecanoe County, own Star City Coffee and Ale House, and it shines through their outstanding work. They sell local beer and native fresh food while also promoting local artists and true “Hoosier Hospitality.” It really is an excellent example of what Lafayette is truly about. Next time you need a nice escape, head to Star City Coffee and Ale House to reward yourself with the relaxation you need and deserve!

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Lafayette Staple: Mary Lou Donuts!

donuts-225x300Happening Now!  Planning a stay in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana area? Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana is sure to satisfy. Right now the locals are talking about Mary Lou Donuts, a local donut shop offering fresh, delicious donuts that can be purchased via counter service, carry-out and/or drive-thru!

Mary Lou Donuts is a Lafayette staple in the donut business.  They offer every donut imaginable from the bear claw to coconut crunch to cream horns.  This donut shop has been a breakfast favorite of my father’s ever since I was a kid and I am sure beyond.  My dad is a salesman and travels the northern part of Indiana.  He works in the Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana area every other Friday.  He always makes a quick stop into Mary Lou Donuts to get his favorite donut; glazed yeast with white icing and nuts on top.

A funny story comes to mind when I think of Mary Lou Donuts.  A few years ago my parents were on a pretty strict diet.  (It was probably right after New Year’s!).  Donuts were not on their list of items they could eat.  (Although, I always say a person can eat anything as long as it is in moderation!).  Well, my father lost his cell phone one Friday morning.  Guess where he left it??  Mary Lou Donuts!  A waitress called my mother and my poor dad was caught!!  We always tease him about Mary Lou Donuts.  He said he just can’t stay away, but he tries to stop at eating just one donut!

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The Perfect Dining Experience at McGraw’s Steak Chop & Fish House

Seared Ahi Tuna

Seared Ahi Tuna

Happening Now! Right now, the talk around town is about the upcoming holidays and the unique restaurants around town to enjoy a night out with friends and family. One such location is McGraws’s Steak Chop & Fish House, where diners can enjoy succulent steaks, fresh fish, fabulous appetizers and the best customer service. If you are looking for a one of a kind restaurant, McGraw’s is the place.

McGraw’s; when I think of this restaurant my stomach does a happy dance and I smile from all of the wonderful memories I have eating here. I don’t know which is better; the food, ambiance or service. Everything is top notch! I will share some of my favorite dishes, but please note everything I have tried has been delicious.

Appetizers:  I recommend ordering their crispy shoestring onions. They are super thin, lightly battered and served with a thousand-island style sauce. Their shrimp martini is another top pick.  The shrimp are huge and the cocktail sauce is hot, but not too hot. These appetizers are perfect because they are not super filling and wet the appetite for the entree to come!

Soup:  One of the BEST French onion soups I have ever tasted can be found at McGraw’s. The dark beef broth with sweet onions smothered with Gruyere cheese will make your mouth tingle. It is a messy soup dish, but well worth it.  (Sometimes if I am not super hungry, I will partake of appetizers and order soup for my meal and then nab a bite or two of my husband’s steak!)

Entrees: My friends and I like to each order our own meals and then share. It’s fun because then we can sample a bit of everything. My favorite entrees are really hard to pick. One can’t go wrong with their filet mignon, which is always perfectly cooked, lightly seasoned (just the way I like it!) and you can cut it with a fork. The seared scallops with salsa verde are a refreshing and lighter choice. The south river pork chop is a huge chop wrapped in bacon, served over pulled pork and topped with Korean bbq sauce. I was hesitant about the sauce at first, but it is amazing!

Every entree is served with a salad, side and bread. Their mashed potatoes are superb! The great part is the last time I visited mashed potatoes were not on the menu, but they made them special for our whole table. Please note I believe they use heavy cream, which makes them light, fluffy and decadent so if you are trying to watch the hemline, I would suggest ordering one of their fresh vegetable choices. (But they are hard to pass up and well worth a cheat night!) Everything at McGraws is delicious down to the fresh bread with sweet whipped butter on the table. YUM!!

Dessert: Ok, so truthfully, I am usually so full I can’t order dessert. 3 or 4 years ago, I did order Crème Brûlée and shared it with my mother in law. It was the first time I have ever in my life tried this type of dessert and it was sweet (but not too sweet), had a crispy sugary coating, and was utterly delicious!

McGraws5Ambiance: Overlooking the Wabash River, there is not a bad spot in the restaurant. Subtle lighting and candlelight make it a great date night location for a romantic dinner.  It also offers visitors a unique dining experience, as the building that now houses McGraw’s has been part of the history of Tippecanoe County for nearly two hundred years. Originally, the property was going to be part of a small town-in-the-making called Cincinnatus. One building was erected, but the rest of Cincinnatus was not. That single building still stands today as McGraw’s Steak Chop and Fish House.

Service: One word: Wonderful! If you want a night where you can sit back and receive great customer care with a smile, this is the place!

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Perfect Stocking Stuffers from Kathy’s Kandies!

Mini- PIzzas!

Mini- PIzzas!

Chocolate Legos, Hello Kitty chocolates, candy, popcorn and more! Kathy’s Kandies offers a diverse selection of specialty treats that will make your taste buds soar with happiness.  Marlene, Visitor Information Specialist for Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette and Head Outreach Librarian at the Tippecanoe County Public Library, shares this blog about Kathy’s Kandies.

I work in Downtown Lafayette during the week. When I need to get out of the office and stretch my legs, I take my break and walk over to Kathy’s Kandies to get a homemade snack to cure my sweet tooth.

Kathy’s Kandies is a locally owned, homemade chocolate and confection store. My favorite is the gourmet popcorn. There are several flavors to choose from that make it almost impossible to decide, but my top picks are the cookies and cream and triple chocolate. The sweet and salty flavors of the popcorn and chocolate are the perfect blend and the best mid- afternoon snack! Beer and popcorn – try Kathy’s Original Gourmet Hopcorn!!! Featuring a selection made from Lafayette Brewing Co.’s finest beers, this is an original Indiana classic!

Peppermint Popcorn

Peppermint Popcorn

Each season, Kathy makes specialty candies to celebrate. This year she is making some new and fun treats that are perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas. Ever heard of Hello Kitty? If you have a little one, I am sure this is a “hot item” on your holiday shopping list. Kathy has created Hello Kitty Chocolates that will fit right into a stocking. Legos are another hot commodity this season! Your little one will be doubly amazed to receive chocolate and their favorite toy with Kathy’s homemade chocolate Legos! A unique gift for all ages is a mini chocolate pizza that will fit into a stocking. Pizzas come in different flavors from Christmas sprinkles, chocolate-peanut butter, cookies & cream and more. Treats from Kathy’s Kandies are perfect to give to family or friends when you go out of town for Christmas. There are sugar free options available as well. They do special orders and premade baskets that are perfect for gifts too. If you have time to call ahead, you must order the chocolate fondue. It’s delicious!

If you have a sweet tooth, you can pretty much find something to cure it at Kathy’s Kandies. They have a zillion things that are covered in chocolate; pretzels, nuts, Oreos, animal crackers, and espresso beans, just to name a few. They also have other items that are hard to resist; hard candy, gummies, ice cream, shakes, Italian sodas, cookies, and cakes. The list goes on and on! And each item is always served with a smile and a thank you.1618619_730469986970843_460393547_n

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Crave Candy Canes?! McCord’s Offers A Plethora of These Sweet Treats!

Mccords Candy Cane Making2014With the winter season just around the corner, McCord Candies becomes a tradition for many families during winter break & Christmas time. McCord’s is known throughout the year for their delicious chocolates and old fashion sodas, but during the Christmas season it’s a new show. During this time McCord’s is known for candy canes & anything & everything that goes along with candy canes.

First off, they have their homemade candy canes usually averaging to around 32,000 canes during this short month and a half span!! They sell them locally in the store, ship them globally, and always keep people coming back for more. What’s so unique about these canes?! McCord’s candy canes are like nothing you have ever tasted before. They look like normal canes but are soft once you start eating them, like a mint. There are NO preservatives in the canes & that is why they get made daily. The process of making these canes is very unique also. They are the only place in Indiana that still makes this process completely by hand!! No machines are used! That is why each and every cane is so special and it’s also why two canes never look the same. Just like snowflakes! It’s also the same process and recipe Ivy McCord, the original owner, used himself.

During the month of December, McCord’s has public tours on Saturday & Sundays for the customers to see how this unique process is done; also gaining an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into a single cane. Most importantly you get to make your own candy cane yourself & see how difficult & special it is! Second, during the winter season candy canes will be made into every shape and form possible. We have our candy cane milkshakes if you want a cold treat or we have our homemade candy cane hot chocolate if you crave a warm treat. The candy cane hot chocolate can also be purchased in mason jars for gifts or individual sealed packets to pour in your mug and go! McCord’s has candy cane peppermint bark, candy cane Oreos, candy cane pretzel sticks, candy cane stir sticks for hot chocolate, and other candy cane creations!

I have worked at McCord’s for over 4 years now and although it is crazy busy, this is definitely my favorite time of the year. It’s always special when someone comes in to get a candy cane for the first time or to hear about the customers coming back each year as their family tradition. It’s always funny to see their reaction when they ask who makes the canes and you reply “I do” because they always think a machine makes them or they get shipped in from another company. McCord Candies owner and employees take pride in their hard work at the candy shop everyday but especially during the Christmas season. To us, we are bringing families and friends together, remembering the old times (but you can still use your I-phone & take pictures of our cute store & candy canes- who wouldn’t?! ), starting new traditions & keeping old ones going. Come see us soon!

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