Check out Lafayette’s Newest BBQ Restaurant: Crabby Mike’s BBQ

Pulled chicken sandwich and sides!

Pulled chicken sandwich and sides!

Ashley Gregory, Group Tours & Meeting Manager, shares her visit to Crabby Mike’s BBQ.

Located off of Schuyler Avenue in Lafayette, near Interstate 65 and Legacy Sports Center, Crabby Mike’s BBQ is a great place for anyone attending any events at Legacy, traveling through the area or locals just looking for a great place to eat!  This restaurant is fairly new, opening in July of 2015, and it is a great addition to this part of town!

Pulled Pork BBQ

Pulled Pork BBQ

Crabby Mike’s has a variety of items to choose from including wings, rib bits, nachos, BBQ sandwiches of all kinds, loaded potatoes, hot dogs and sausages, soups and of course sides!  With this being my first time visiting Crabby Mike’s, I had to try out their BBQ! We pulled up and immediately saw their smoker out in the parking lot, working away! It smelled great as we got out of the car! My friend and I each got a sandwich and decided to split it. I got the pulled chicken, and she got the pulled pork. The pulled chicken was perfectly juicy and full of flavor! It came without sauce on it, but there are sauces to choose from at the condiment station, although, it was pretty good just by itself. The pulled pork came with a little bit of sauce on it, but again, you could add more if you wanted. It was also juicy and flavorful. We also got mac n’ cheese, green beans and baked beans as our sides. All were delicious! The mac n’ cheese was super cheesy and made a great addition to the BBQ. The green beans were cooked with bacon and onion, that is perfect with BBQ. I’m not sure how the baked beans tasted but my friend ate them all so it must have been good!

IMG_7303I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu items but especially their super loaded spud! It’s a potato with butter, bacon bits and sour cream, covered with cheddar cheese and your choice of meat (pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket or sloppy joe!) Definitely not for those dieters out there, but man does that sound good! I’ll for sure add it to our list of take-out places. They also have family packs that include meat and sides based on how many people you have. All the prices are pretty reasonable too! A great place for families to get a delicious well rounded meal!

Be sure to check them out! They are open Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm.

A Purdue University Tradition – Triple XXX Root Beer

DSC00692Located halfway up Chauncey Hill, lies a Purdue University tradition. Triple XXX is one of the most historic landmark restaurants in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area. Founded in 1929, Triple XXX is known for their delicious root beer! If you head to their website, you can find the complete history of their root beer which is quite the story!

Opening at 5:30am everyday, you can come to Triple XXX and get one of the best breakfasts in town. It is one of the hardest decisions to choose what I want to eat each time I go! When you walk in, all you will see is one long turning countertop with bar stools to sit in. When it isn’t too crowded, which is rarely, you are welcome to find your own place to sit down. Most other times, you will have to be put on a waiting list to eat and wait outside. Don’t let this scare you away; they get people in and out of there extremely quickly.

IMG_4639The atmosphere at Triple XXX is casual and upbeat. The servers are all super sweet. First, you have to order their famous root beer. It comes served in an ice-cold mug. Next, you have to make the difficult decision of what to order. Since there are so many delicious choices, you’ll realize that you will have to come back again. One of the most famous items is the Duane Purvis All-American Burger. This is a thick burger with peanut butter and lots of other delicious toppings. Definitely a classic.

One thing you should know before you walk in to dine at Triple XXX is that they only take cash! However, there is an ATM inside just in case you forget.

DSC00696Triple XXX is a favorite for locals, Purdue students, and even the Food Network! It was featured on the show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. Take home a 6 pack of their root beer with you when you leave for only $7.50. I promise, once you experience what Triple XXX has to offer, you will come back again and bring someone new with you!

Purdue University Student and Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Intern, Rachel, shared this blog. For more information about this restaurant and others in the area, visit our website at

Out to Lunch Dining Divas Visit Mi Cabanita

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

We all know not to judge a book by its cover but does that rule apply to a restaurant? In the case of Mi Cabanita the answer is yes.

Our latest lunch outing took the Dining Divas south of Teal Road to Mi Cabanita, Mexican Taqueria Y Restaurante. If you frequent Yelp or other online review sites, you would know before arriving that the humble exterior and lack of “bells and whistles” décor are no indication of the outstanding food and super friendly staff that await you inside.

My curiosity took me on an online translator to learn that “Taqueria Y Restaurante” means a Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos. Kay and Bev, who both had tacos, gave them rave reviews, so read on!



Owners Jesus and Maria Macias, our charming and friendly hosts, have been serving authentic Mexican cuisine from their location at 2601 Teal Road for over 10 years. With its cozy dining room, able to seat a couple dozen people, and busy take-out business, Mi Cabanita has quietly made a big impression on first time visitors and loyal regulars alike. One online reviewer wrote;

“…If you are looking for Mexican food to make your tummy happy, this IS the place! …”

Not to be upstaged, here’s what the Divas have to say:

Kay had a combination plate with three different tacos: pescada (fish), lengua (beef tongue), and camaron (shrimp). Ranging in price from 1.79 to 2.35 each, served with cilantro, onion, and a lime wedge. Kay’s review, “Very authentic and the flavor is fabulous. It distinguishes the place to have a tongue taco and it was amazingly good. Tender and well-spiced. They were all good but the lengua was my favorite.”

Kay's meal

Kay’s combination plate

Bev ordered carnitas (roast pork) taco for $1.89 and huevos rancheros. “The taco was great! The hot sauces were truly hot– not diluted. Huevos rancheros is one of my favorite dishes and these were well done in a nice sauce. Everything tastes better in a tortilla in my book– and so did these huevos. It was a treat. The tongue taco Kay had and my carnitas showed off the chef’s cooking ability.”

I chose a gordita with cactus instead of meat, with beans, cilantro and cheese, $2.99 and horchata to drink, which tasted homemade. Everything was very good. I’ve never had cactus before; it was very tasty. I was pleasantly surprised with the bun. It looked like a lot of bread in the photo but was just a little thicker than a tortilla, grilled crispy, which made it delicious.Margys goritas with cactus2

Jo had tacos dorados de papa, fried potato tacos served with cabbage, onion, tomato sauce and special hot sauce for $5.89. “It was good. I loved the potato in a crispy tortilla with the sauces on it. The filling was mild and carried the hot sauces well.” Everyone agreed, all three sauces were great (one came specifically with Jo’s tacos.

Mi Cabanita Mexican Taqueria Y Restaurante has a generous menu selection with prices ranging from $1.79 tacos to $13.75 dinners and includes a kids menu. But true to its name, “specializing in tacos”, your filling choices are impressive and include diced steak, steamed or ground beef, Mexican sausage, grilled or roast pork, pork head, chicken, beef tongue, potato, and tripe.

Jo's Meal - tacos dorados de papa

Jo’s Meal – tacos dorados de papa

“It was a five napkin meal for me,” said Kay referring to her three taco lunch. Translated I think she meant, “Muy bueno!!”

As a footnote to our lunch; I returned for dinner a couple days later to order the flan because they were already out the day we ate lunch. I went with my husband Jerry who ordered the grilled pork dinner served with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato and guacamole on a tortilla. Of course it was just as great, and Jerry thanked me at least three or four times for asking him to go. He made me think of another of the online reviews I saw because it was so honest and simple, just like Mi Cabanita’s outward appearance …

“Visit. You won’t regret it.”

 Next up, Town and Gown Bistro

Kay Conner, photographer, seafood superstar
Margy Deverall, author of Lafayette articles, dedicated vegetarian
Beverly Shaw, author of West Lafayette articles, bring on the beef (or chicken or pork)
Jo Wade, founder of this food blog, very veggie

Decadence Awaits at Jane’s Gourmet!

IMG_5006Looking for a great restaurant with outdoor dinning for a nice sunny day? Give Jane’s Gourmet a try! They have a very nice patio that is always surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers in the warmer months. Although this restaurant isn’t just for the summer, it’s open and just as delicious year round.

My first experience with Jane’s was when I was probably about 13 years old, I had been helping my great aunt and she took me there as a special treat. She loved going to different places and especially liked supporting local businesses. I believe Jane’s was fairly new at the time. My aunt had been there with her friends but I had never been to a place quite like Jane’s before. I remember as a teenager, getting my salad, taking one look at the weird shaped lettuce and thinking, why are there weeds on my plate? (I was unfamiliar with other lettuces except iceberg and romaine for the most part, so this Spring Mix was pretty unusual to me). Well, I ended up eating it and those “weeds” were pretty good.  I remember my Aunt Maryella really enjoying her meal and telling me a story about the great experience she had with her friends there.

IMG_5005Well, fast forward about 8 years or so to when I first started working at the Visitors Center, which was probably the next time I experienced Jane’s as she is only open for lunch and I was in school most days. By this time my taste buds and food experiences had broadened quite a bit and the visits have been slightly different, but every time I visit I am wowed by the food. The entrees are always presented beautifully, they almost look too good to eat, but the smell always makes me want to dive right in and savor the first bite of my food.

My all time favorite is the fruited chicken salad sandwich. It’s chunks of chicken breast mixed with celery, grapes and toasted pecans on a croissant. Oh man! What am I doing for lunch again? I think I need to change my plans! The sandwich is delicious and large enough for a meal in itself but I just can never pass up the sides. I love the sides almost as much as the sandwich itself it’s hard to choose just two. My favorites are the Potato Salad (some of the best potato salad I’ve ever had- sorry Grandma, but yes, it is better than yours) and the soup of the day- it’s always different but they are all good! I especially like the creamy soups- the creamy asparagus I remember being particularly good. I also like their fruit garnish- it’s just cut fruit but it’s always so bright, colorful and beautifully arranged. Surprise, surprise, I even order that small “pile of weeds” they call the small garden salad, I tend to even prefer “weeds” these days over the typical romaine or iceburg lettuces. If you get a salad, be sure to get one of their homemade dressings! I love their Fat Free Raspberry or the Apricot-Poppy Seed. My second favorite sandwich is the Panini Rustica, fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto and field greens (there’s those weeds again) on a Panini and served warm. Perfect for a nice sunny day!

IMG_5004Whatever you get, it will be delicious! Don’t forget to save room for dessert! All of them are decadent and delicious but my all time favorite is the raspberry, white chocolate dessert bar. Yum! Ok, gotta go, my stomach is growling now, time for lunch! I’ll see you at Jane’s!

Ashley Gregory, Group Tours & Meeting Manager at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette, shared this blog.

EMT Food Truck has a Mobile Prescription for all Those Diagnosed with Critical Hunger!

EMT2014.7You are driving down the road in Lafayette and suddenly something catches your eye. It is a big black truck with forks, spoons and squiggly red lines all over it. What?! Yes, that is the Emergency Munchie Truck. Never fear, the EMT food truck has a mobile prescription for all those diagnosed with critical hunger! Both quickly and with fresh ingredients, the EMT can satisfy cravings off all types. From vegetarians to vegans, stomachs are saved one at a time!

EMT Triple M Sandwich

EMT Triple M Sandwich

In 2012, “Munchie” the food truck was born. In Munchie’s former two lives, he was an ambulance and then a food truck traveling in Pennsylvania. He is now happiest with his current family and loves his name. He enjoys cruising downtown Lafayette and getting second looks from all the ladies.

The EMT food truck features a seasonal and weekly changing menu with some staple items that always have a new surprise element to them. One of the staples is a munchie melt. A munchie melt is a sandwich of homemade waffles for the bread. The innards can range from veggies, to fruits to cheeses and even mac and cheese. You never know what will be featured! Munchie bowls are homemade chili variations and baked casserole variations. EMT realizes that everyone enjoys a good deep fried dish. They always have hand-cut french fries and sweet potato fries. They each come with some delicious dipping sauces!

EMT Sweet Potato Fries

EMT Sweet Potato Fries

I know your stomach is rumbling now that I gave you a glimpse of what the EMT has to offer. You can always track down where the truck will be on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Typical places you may find it include local Lafayette festivals, farmers markets, and outside People’s Brewing Company for dinner.

I don’t think there will ever be a restaurant or food truck that you can find a strawberry bruschetta grilled cheese at again! You better get the fresh meals before they are gone!

EMT Food Truck.1JPGFrom salads to black bean burgers to asparagus fries, EMT will never disappoint. Eat and shop local by supporting Lafayette’s own Emergency Munchie Truck at its next appearance in town!

Intern and Purdue University Student, Rachel, shares this blog.

A Date Night in West Lafayette!

Heisei Jose Crunchy Roll

Heisei Jose Crunchy Roll

My husband and I have many favorite places around town (we eat out a lot more than we probably should!) but my favorite date night includes sushi at Heisei Japanese Restaurant, a walk around Cumberland Park (visiting the farmers market if it happens to be open during the warmer months) and Silver Dipper Ice Cream for dessert.

Heisei New Spider Roll and Ocean Roll

Heisei New Spider Roll and Ocean Roll


First dinner, Heisei is one of our very favorite restaurants! Lately you can find us there almost once a week.  It is different as they actually have floor seating. You sit in a room on the floor but they do a nice job dividing the tables so it still feels private. If you prefer, they also have tables and you can sit at the sushi bar. We recently sat at the sushi bar and it was very interesting watching them make our food and chatting with the sushi chefs about different things, it was a more personal experience. Besides the experience, we love their sushi! We aren’t too adventurous and don’t really get any with raw fish in it but what we do get is delicious!  My very favorite is the Jose Crunchy Roll. It’s asparagus, cucumber, kampyo, and avocado with both a spicy and a sweet sauce. A new favorite of mine is the New Spider Roll, it’s soft shell crab tempura, masago and a spicy sauce.  It comes out and has all kinds of yummy crab like what’s in the filling piled on top. It probably stands at least three inches tall!  If you are looking for something a bit different, try the Boiler Maki; it’s a large, deep fried roll with eel, crab, avocado and masago with their amazing sweet sauce drizzled on top.  A couple of our other favorites are the Asparagus Roll and the California Roll. Lately we have also tried and really enjoy the pork dumplings and I love the mushroom miso soup. We are always so full when we leave but it is oh so good!

West Lafayette Farmers Market

West Lafayette Farmers Market

After dinner we need to work off a little bit of dinner so we go around the corner to Cumberland Park for a short walk. I like Cumberland Park because it has a mix of walking trails. You can walk around the outside of the park watching people play basketball, baseball/ softball or sometimes soccer, walk through the neighborhood or you can walk in the woods if you’d prefer or a mix of all. I especially like going May-October on Wednesdays when the weather is nice as the West Lafayette Farmers Market takes place there. It’s great to get some of our grocery shopping out of the way while supporting local businesses and farmers!

Mini Monster

Mini Monster

After a walk, we go to our favorite Ice Cream spot, Silver Dipper. There are two Silver Dipper stores but we always go to the campus store because the owner, Dave is usually at that one and we are there on a regular basis and we like chatting with him. He of course knows all our favorites too, he can practically scoop our ice cream before we walk in the door. My husband loves the Praline Pecan and we both love the Zorreo ice cream. He usually gets one or both of those. I on the other hand like to switch things up a bit and get a little more adventurous with my ice cream.  The Zorreo is for sure my favorite; it’s a rich, deep dark chocolate ice cream (what they call Zanzibar Chocolate) with chunks of chocolate, brownie pieces and marshmallow swirled through it! I can just taste it now!  I also like to vary between the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Black Cherry, French Silk, Ultimate Oreo, Salted Carmel, Zanzimint, Raspberry Italian Ice, Haley’s Comet and seasonal flavors especially the Root Beer Float and Egg Nog flavors.  There are over 40 flavors and if you are like me and can’t make up your mind, don’t worry, they have mini scoops (3 mini scoops make up one regular scoop) so you can try several flavors. I really love their waffle cones as well. Plus, when you order your ice cream in a cone you are being earth friendly as you reduce the amount of waste you have, right? That’s what I tell myself anyway, it’s enough to put me over the edge and splurge. They only accept cash or checks.

When you are looking for something to do with your friends or significant others I hope you will consider doing these, some of my favorite things. Enjoy! (And leave some for me!)

Group Tours & Meeting Manager, Ashley, Gregory, shared this blog.

Perfect Mixture of Class and Casual, the John Purdue Room

DSCN1138The perfect mixture of class and casual, the John Purdue Room is a must for your dining bucket list! With the John Purdue Room being a classroom setting, it is often overlooked as a restaurant; however, it is one of the finest in West Lafayette! Located within Marriott Hall on Purdue’s campus, the nationally renowned Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) students run the restaurant with many of them learning the dining world for the very first time. However, what better way for a customer to experience a restaurant than from students who study the hospitality industry every single day and are the future for this field!

Diners can watch their food being prepared!

Diners can watch their food being prepared!

As a student myself in HTM, I can ensure to everyone that there is a large amount of effort and care put into each and every dish that comes out of JPR. Students are in HTM for a reason; we sincerely care about delivering excellent service to others and thoroughly enjoy providing irreplaceable experiences to all.  Whether you’re feeling lunch or dinner, the John Purdue Room is open for both meals throughout the school year with a new menu each semester.

The lunch option features students who are experiencing the lab for the first time. The majority of the students are sophomore and junior status. They are introduced to creating dishes in mass quantities, different types of equipment, and how to properly serve diners. If coming in for lunch, please keep in mind that many of these students are learning for the very first time, and they may be nervous. However, they work diligently to give the best possible service they can and take full advantage of the opportunity to learn. The practice you, as the customer, are providing the students helps them grow more towards their professional career. Leave a comment and grade on the comment cards so the students know how they did for the day!

DSCN1137Advanced senior level HTM students manage the dinner portion. The guests will experience a more upscale dining atmosphere with high-quality food surrounded by skilled students. The seniors are introduced to managerial experience in a fast paced restaurant environment and sharpen their skills in areas such as marketing, dish creation, menu engineering, and more. Ask your waiter or waitress about the special created personally by the students; it changes daily! Again, let the students know how they did. We are not able to improve ourselves without criticism from the most important part of the industry, our customers.

The John Purdue Room is even open this summer for their lunch menu! Opening June 22 and carrying on through July 30, the summer students will offer a brand new menu with the most contemporary dishes in the restaurant industry, Monday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. I will be working there myself this summer for my senior lab and encourage you all to come out and support my fellow students and I as we work hard to create an innovative menu with the highest quality of service. We appreciate the opportunity to learn and sharpen our skills to prepare for our future careers. We won’t disappoint!

IMG_5312If you’re looking for a quicker meal with cheaper prices, check out the options available right outside the doors of the John Purdue Room within the Marriott Hall Atrium. For a quick lunch, the Boiler Bistro is open for a quick bite to eat with a variety of options, featuring a new daily special every single day. Coffee is also available at LavAzza Coffee Shop to provide an excellent start to your morning or give you a pick-me-up later on throughout the day. There are many gourmet coffee options produced with care.

IMG_5321The relaxing, inviting ambiance added with students who are passionate about the field that strive for dining excellence is the perfect equation for an experience that will leave you wanting to come back for more. Not only do you obtain a high quality meal with exquisite service, but you also are helping students expand their knowledge and gain more real life experience to prepare them for what is to come in their successful futures. Your presence is greatly appreciated, and the service you receive in return reflects that. Call in to make reservations at (765) 494-6845, but walk-ins are always welcome! On-the-go options are also made available. I hope to see you this summer!

Kaley, Purdue University Student and Visitor Information Specialist for Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette, shared this blog.

Weekend Update: Hearthfire at Nine Irish Bros. & Regional Authors Fair

Battlefield Museum

Battlefield Museum

Weekend Update! Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway? Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by? Check out the endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Hearthfire returns to Nine Irish Brothers in Lafayette for a start to a great weekend! On Friday, June 12, head to Nine Irish to enjoy a mix of contemporary Celtic rock and traditional Irish tunes. Hearthfire is a fun, upbeat band with an extensive and fun playlist. Bring the family as this music is appropriate for all ages. Plus, savor the taste of delicious Irish cuisine.  We recommend the goat cheese fritters that are rich and creamy and served with a sweet raspberry vinaigrette!

Hearthfire at Nine Irish

History Store

History Store

Looking for an unique Father’s Day gift this year?  The Tippecanoe County Historical Association invites you to celebrate regional authors who have a passion for history at their Regional Authors Fair. Visitors will be able to meet the authors and buy a signed copy of their book this Saturday, June 13 at the Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum and History Store. It’s a great opportunity to find a Father’s Day gift or a fun summer read. Admission to the event is free.

For more information about these events and other special “happenings” in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at

Unique Food, Beer Wall, 1960′s Decor; Where? Cozy Tavern!

DSC01015Looking for a new place to eat? Why not check out one of the newest restaurants in town, The Cozy Tavern! If you have been around the area for a while, you may recognize the name or remember driving by the Cozy at one time or another. It’s located on South Street IMG_6196between Steak and Shake and Mar-Jean Village on the north side of the road, tucked in by the railroad tracks. While the name is still the same, The Cozy Tavern has recently reopened under new ownership, has had quite a facelift and a new menu!

Inside, you will notice that they have updated everything but kept the 1960’s feel keeping with the history of the restaurant. They have the red tufted booths and upholstered chairs, mirrors on the walls, drum lights and more. Even though it’s 60’s style it has a modern feel too as décor from that era seems to be making a comeback in recent years. If you visit on a nice day, be sure to check out their patio, there is plenty of seating out there for you and all your friends!

If you are a beer drinker (and 21 or older) be sure to go when you can indulge in all the different beers! They have a wall with eight different beers on tap. You are able to use a credit card and pay by the ounce. Try one or try them all! (Please drink responsibly). If you aren’t into beer, don’t worry they do have a full bar or soft drinks available and the food is great too!

IMG_6200I happened to visit the Cozy for lunch with some coworkers. I ordered “The Popeye Spinach Salad” which is a spinach salad with bacon, tomato, egg, and Parmesan cheese with a decadent bacon dressing! It was perfect! My mouth is watering now… yes, for a salad! We also ordered the cheese and crackers appetizer, which was somewhat unusual but we all loved it! It was deep fried pimento cheese cakes served with crackers. It was so good, that several of us thought we’d try the Pimento Grilled Cheese the next time we visit.  The menu has some unique items on it such as the Deviled Egg of the day, Today’s Mac and Cheese (a different version every day for both), Domestic Lamb Rack, Duck Sliders, deep fried guacamole and salsa and fried green tomatoes. They also have things like burgers, steak, roast pork sandwiches, other salads, meatloaf, pot pie, etc.

Mac N' Cheese!

Mac N’ Cheese!

So grab a friend and give this old standby with a new twist a try! Ashley Gregory, Group Tours & Meetings Manager, shared this blog. Please note this tavern is 21 and older.

Ice Cream Mecca: Silver Dipper Ice Cream

IMG_0515Silver Dipper is our go to dessert place. I’m not a big drinker so to me, Silver Dipper is like that neighborhood bar, where everyone knows your name. Over the years we have gotten to know the owner, Dave, pretty well. He knows my whole family, my friends and we always shoot the breeze while there. It’s just a very friendly place.  I remember one night I was in there with one of my friends when she was still out in the dating world and he was giving her all sorts of advice on where to meet great guys and listening to her stories on her funny and horrible dating experiences, her list of qualities she wanted in a guy, etc. and Dave giving feedback and sharing his own funny stories (It was a slow night for Dave).  Some people tell all their problems to a bartender, we have Dave our ice cream scooper.

Mini Monster

Mini Monster

Now, don’t forget about the ice cream though!  I love ice cream; it’s probably my favorite dessert! Silver Dipper ranks pretty high up there on my favorite ice cream list, maybe with the only thing topping it being gelato from Italy, although, Silver Dipper’s Raspberry Italian Ice comes close to that too.  They have the best variety of ice cream with around 40 different flavors. I have so many favorites; it’s so hard to choose! I’d have to say my very favorite is Zorreo, it’s a rich, deep dark chocolate ice cream (what they call Zanzibar Chocolate) with chunks of chocolate, brownie pieces and marshmallow swirled through it! I can just taste it now!  Another favorite would be the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. This is the best of both worlds if you are a fan of cookie dough ice cream and like peanut butter! It’s your typical cookie dough ice cream with ripples of peanut butter in it. I was skeptical at first but I truly like the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough even more than the regular. If you are more of a fruity flavor sort of person, I’d recommend the Black Cherry ice cream. It’s black cherry flavored but also has large chunks of black cherries in it. They also have seasonal ice creams; two I always look forward to are the Root Beer Float (I love root beer floats too but this is just as awesome!) in the summer and Egg Nog in the winter. Wish they would carry both year round, but then I’d have an even bigger decision to make when we go in!  Go for the waffle cone too, you won’t be disappointed that you did!IMG_6818

IMG_1626Now, if you want to sample a few or want a variety and aren’t hungry enough for multiple scoops, they do offer mini scoops. Three mini scoops are the size of one regular scoop.  It’s a great way to try multiple flavors and not over do it!  Or if you have the opposite problem and are super hungry or want to try them all, you can do that too with the Mini Monster! This is one mini scoop of every single flavor of ice cream in the store! I did this for my birthday a few years ago and I had 5 other friends with me and we still couldn’t eat it all (we did a pretty good job though)! It was great to try some that you wouldn’t try otherwise because you knew if you don’t like it maybe someone else will. I hate seeing wasted ice cream! LOL!

IMG_6823If you like to get a little fancy with your ice cream they can cover you there too! They offer shakes made with any flavor ice cream you’d like and have a wide selection of sundae toppings. My mom and I have been getting a banana split on Mother’s Day every year since I was very young and Silver Dipper is now our go to spot, every Mothers Day! They also have amazing ice cream cakes! They can customize the cakes and you can have either white or chocolate cake with any flavor of ice cream you’d like on top, and then it’s iced as well. My friends got one for my birthday party one year that was half Zorreo and half Peanut Butter Cookie Dough! Yum! Best of both worlds!

If you love ice cream and haven’t been to Silver Dipper, be sure to stop by! Be sure to take cash though! They only accept cash or checks.  Enjoy! (And leave some for me!)

Group Tours & Meeting Manager, Ashley, Gregory, shared this blog.